Giving Birth

Frida Kahlo

What does it mean to get pregnant or to give birth in a dream? If we remember that we are all the characters in our dreams, we can see in this example how the dynamic works. Our main character meets a woman who is not ready to give birth, which means that an energy in the dreamer is not ready to emerge. But that creates a chase scene because that energy wants to emerge, and the feeling of being haunted represents the inner fears or resistance to the energetic shift. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the first dream, it’s like I’ve driven somewhere and parked my car a distance away, in a building actually, and I’ve gone to this other building. And this building seems very complex. It’s kind of on one level, and there are little areas where there are people, but it almost feels more industrial or something.

And Rab’s there and he’s taken me down to this one kind of area where a woman is occupying it, and it’s almost like a little open cubical in an industrial area. I mean, I don’t know quite how to describe it. It’s not like there are actually rooms like office rooms like you’re used to. It’s more a building that has kind of little open structures. Maybe that structure’s just supported by some beams in a floor and then an area that you sit. I mean it’s open in a way.

He’s taken me over to this woman because this woman apparently is the ideal woman to have babies with. She’s very bright, and she’s kind of different, and if she ever decides to she can really have brilliant babies. But we go over there and she doesn’t want to have a baby right now, but I do make some kind of a connection with her.

And then I’m kind of going about and looking in the building again, and then I realize I need to leave and I also realize that now I’m being hunted. And I have my purse and my money, everything’s in my car, and I know that the area that my car is in, if I go back to my car, I’ll be captured. So I have to figure out how not to get captured at this point.

So I go back and I find the woman, and she and another woman have a little van they’re going to be driving away in. And I still feel like maybe at some point in the future she could be convinced to change her mind and have a baby, so I want to stay with them, even though it’s kind of hard to just let go of everything. But I also still have to get past whoever might be looking for me.

So when I get in the van with them, like first I go to one area and then I realize it just has kind of like this little green scarf across it. I’m not sure it would really hide me if we have to drive by whosever’s looking out for me, who’s maybe watching my car. I have to find maybe another area where I can slide down even further in the vehicle so that I won’t be seen. I’m still not quite sure it will work, but that’s kind of how I’ve decided to try it. Anyway, that was that whole dream.

John: What you’re doing is, to begin with you’re kind of shown how it is that life is kind of somewhat put together as an experience. In other words, you’re going behind the scene, so to speak, as if you’re able to read the energy lines and the structure of a setting, the setting being creation.

And then you’re shown that once you have recognized the fabric behind it all, that this then as an alignment having come into place enables you to be at a point where you can bring forth, you can birth, what is necessary and needed to effectuate meaningful transformation, and change, and variability in creation.

Well, you’re amazed by that, but you aren’t quite fully there yet. You still seem to have to go through the school of hard knocks about things, in that you still have to contend with things that bug you, or bother you, and thus you still are haunted by something as if it can actually catch up with you, or in some way effect you.

Even though you’re getting closer to recognizing the importance of that quality that can have an effect in life, in which the newness, and the freshness, and the realness, and the aliveness can be birthed, and that it can be brought forth through you. And it comes across perfectly, wonderfully.

You see this more as a symbolic in your dream contrast and don’t acknowledge it because, at the same time, you are still feeling the vibratory peculiarities that can throw you around, and get you into this way, or that way, in terms of how you’re feeling about yourself and about the way you identify with the outer. And thus you still then have to contend with, and this is a type of awkwardness, a type of suffering, a type of lack of freedom in that that then becomes imaged as if something is trying to always haunt you. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

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