Two Spaces

cc1It’s a lifelong process to go from living a pre-designed life, i.e., one that the culture and environment has herded you into, to living a life of human purpose, consciousness, and freedom of choice. And, of course, it doesn’t happen all at once. First we begin to modernize, or renovate, the older space of our life. But as we move onward along our path we will ultimately tear the old space down and rebuild, from the ground up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in the first part of my dream, it’s as though I’ve registered to go back to college, graduate school I think, and so I’m looking for a place to stay for the quarter. And I’ve gone to these homes that on the outside are somewhat like each other. I’ve gone in and I’m going to be renting a room in one.

These are like kind of more stately homes that, at some point in the past, were converted into apartments, and they’ve got a lot of that heavy wood inside. But more than that, these are actually areas I visited in dreams before, and so I know what they look like inside, except this home doesn’t look exactly like the home I’d stayed in before.

So I’m kind of trying to assess that and figure it out, because when I go in I have a little apartment kind of to the front and to the right, but what I remember about the home I had lived in before, or at least one time, and I visited these homes more than once in dreams, but what I remember about the home before is the landlord had kind of remodeled it in an odd way where he had taken the second floor that would be the living room and had put a bunch of beds up there, so that a number of people kind of shared that space, whereas this home is more remodeled so that your little apartments are more on the edge and then you have a common space and a kitchen space.

I’m kind of trying to figure this out, and later in the dream I become aware that the home that was remodeled the way I just described is actually down the block and this one is before it.

I’ve gone into the kitchen area and met the woman that must own the house, and her husband. It feels like there’s a man who’s going to be staying at the house, another student that I’ve kind of met but I don’t see clearly, and I’m just kind of getting to know my way around and kind of trying to think through what I’m doing because, at one point, I go into a bathroom. It has a bathtub there and I feel like I’ve taken a bath earlier and I’ve gone back to my room and I have returned to the bathroom.

It’s like I just want to step into the tub and rinse off my legs or something, and I’m watching some water kind of drain out of the tub and, as I’m doing that, one of the other men who’s going to be a student there has kind of wandered into the bathroom just in my peripheral vision. I don’t see him really clearly.

And that gets me to thinking about the college and what I’m doing there because I’ve remembered that I already have a degree, and I have the sense that I’m going there for one quarter, or one semester, because there’s something I want to focus on. And so I have to really do it in just that one time period. I won’t be going on past that.

And I look at him and what he’s studying, and it feels like he has this gift where he can look at these ancient writings on old tablets and he can decipher them and know what they mean. And I know that’s not quite my gift, but I’m kind of fascinated by his gift – like there’s a bond there between the two of us because of that.

And I’m looking at some ordinary classes I might be taking, like algebra, and I know that’s not quite it either, but I’m going to be there, and I’m trying to figure out what it’s about. And then the dream shifts slightly, and it feels like I’m outside.

John: So you’re comparing two spaces inside of yourself, and it’s kind of like something of the past where everything was just unfolding in some sort of designed manner that you just went along with the process, whatever it was, as you were attempting to get your degree and such. And that this was all that you looked at and, as a consequence, everything was just jumbled together.

In other words, there was no space or distinguishment in terms of the way something was unfolding. You hadn’t developed an orientation that recognized or acknowledged the cohesiveness that is important to life. And so you were just like in a complex in which all the beds were just all there, and each person just kind of held to their own little focus and attention to do whatever it was that they needed to do in terms of being there to take a step.

But now when you’ve returned the scenario is different in that you realize that there is a center and that everything revolves around that center, that people live around the center. The center might be the catalytic kitchen, and they can come together and share that in common. And it’s more than just that, in that that image in and of itself would still have the impression of something that is operating separately yet, in other words, where people just collaborate in terms of a common kitchen.

But what you also have going on in the dream is the recognition of how something is kind of intertwined. In other words, it’s like you see this one particular person who has an interest and a quality about them that you know is important, that intrigues you, that interests you, although it’s not you, when before you would have never given that a thought or consideration at all.

However, you still do carry some remnants of the past of which the idea of something coming into your space, even though there’s an intrigue to it that you are able to shift and identify with that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible and would have had you reactive. There still is the sense of things all meshed together that still can use some rounding and sorting out so that there is no self-consciousness or anything, that is all cohesive and functioning as an overall plan

And it’s like you’re catching up with this, but aren’t completely caught up with it because the thing that you see in terms of where you’re coming back to take the next step is still not fully as enhanced and as wonderful. It’s still in your mind’s eye down the street. You’re not quite there with it. You see this and hope to come back to something, and have imagined that you’re coming back to something that is like this, but not quite. But very, very close by.

You’re coming to something new. What you’ve come to when you come back to the university, the reason for a dream like this is to show the distinction between what was and what is.

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