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eeba9eHere is an excellent dream and dream analysis that shows how precisely the images we have can show us, and teach us, about ourselves and where we are in our lives. Because just like unseen energies determine our waking life, our dreams arise from energetic loadings that we are processing. Our unconscious helps us by reflecting those energies back in the form of images. If we can see our way back to the causing energies, we can know what we are being shown. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I seem to remember my dreams last night more in brief images, or bits and pieces of information about them, rather than in terms of a coherent story. The first dream I remember, I almost feel like I’ve been with someone. Maybe we’ve made love. We’ve done something.

I’ve been somewhere and then I’ve gone from there to travel with another woman, and there turns out to be other people I know there as well, to go to a steam bath in another country. It’s like a bathhouse anyway. And I remember at one point I see my dad sitting in one of the rooms, so it feels like a group of us want to go in, and we want to figure out how these baths work because there are all these little stalls.

I know it’s kind of an Asian country because I see some odd writing on the wall and there’s a big white board and I have a feeling it’s one of those countries where women can even get male prostitutes, from Thailand or someplace, because it’s written on a white board. And I look around and then I go into the room where I think the showers are. It’s past the waiting room. And there are all these little stalls and I see that you can have like regular showers, or you can have these odd kind of steam showers where you almost get into some kind of a container.

But I’m trying to figure out how the system works. My dad seems to be waiting patiently in one area. I don’t even know how much these things cost, so I take some kind of currency that I have and I go around to a counter where you line up, and other people are paying to use the showers, and then there seems to be a woman with me that knows how the showers work. And she’s decided we’ll get a steam shower. And I don’t even know if we have enough money for them, so I even just take a dollar or something and hand it over the counter and suddenly I get all of this colorful currency back.

That’s kind of exciting because I realize, of course, we can afford a shower now because just even a dollar or two in our currency seems to be worth so much money in their currency that we can definitely afford the shower.

John: The scenario for the dreaming is taking and looking at what occurred in the dream group in which the underlying thing that occurred was getting caught up in some sort of manneristic approach that has to do with ideas that one’s adopted, and taking those ideas as if that’s a means by which one proceeds – not knowing how to let go of those ideas. And, as a result then, holding one’s self back.

And so what you dreamt was you dreamt something that goes along with that kind of a scenario of a theme, and it seems less correlated to actually how you are, and more a consequence of that which occurred as the effect to which you are having to contend with it.

So what happens is it’s like an assumption or a presumption exists, in which you’re able to indulge or go into a steam shower area in which everything is able to happen. You can have male prostitutes at your disposal. So it’s almost like an over-the-topism of feminine assumptiveness – and the hint that there is something wrong is your dad is left outside.

And the figuring out how to afford it and whatnot is the kundalini energy. That’s the power. That’s the power, that’s the means by which something comes through that facilitates the flow.

In other words, you go through a whole process of this, that, and the other, but the reason behind all of it is for access purposes. The process is like an aspect that breaks away the rust, and breaks away this, and breaks away that, and if you’re not taking to heart the kundalini energy, which is very, very touching and brings you into a very, very sweet space, you can actually be in the epicenter of things and not have that quality, but have some other little manneristic trait that you’ve taken on in a way.

So your dream has kind of like a reverb to it. In other words, it has an aspect which almost throws you into the shower where all of that is taking place, and yet then again it has you now doing a second guess, a second question of yourself, because your dad’s in the waiting room and you’re wondering how you afford that. And you realize somehow or another, almost as an afterthought of it all, that you probably do not have the moneys at your disposal, of the energetic power or the kundalini energy to be able to go forward in this capacity.

And then you suddenly realize that, having recognized that was all you needed to really do, because when you pull out your dollar you find out that, in terms of what it’s really about on the other side, you have plenty. You have all that is necessary.

It’s kind of like the idea that you take one step back from yourself and you reveal yourself. And however you could have been, you could have easily you know in a feminine nature of having a certain grasp of an unfoldment that is in front of you, you could have easily been there in the center, in the epicenter of it, and seemingly been taking in the good old steam bath, but you would still have been missing out on an essential connection that is meant to be there as part of the process of being able to appreciate in that capacity.

If you don’t experience, and if you don’t touch that part of the process, in other words, the process goes on, but it’s not the process, it’s not what is at your disposal. It’s what you experience and you take to heart at the same time that you’re going through all of that. Your dad has to be there. You do have to have the energy that goes behind the position that you find yourself in.

Everyone knows that in a dream that every little thing in the dream is important, but what is essential to understanding of the dream is the energy behind that dream that touches the heart really, really deeply. Now you can be in a dream and you can grasp all kinds of this, and grasp all kinds of that, and if you don’t take on this overview inside of yourself, you miss it all. And that’s what I refer to as a kundalini energy.

But if you don’t have this other quality that pulls in that closeness, that touching, if you don’t catch that which is going on behind the scene of it, you miss it. And that’s what the outer world is really all about. I mean a person could sit in the dream and they could take and they can go through all of the idiosyncrasies of this, that, and the other, of which it all is entirely meaningful, but it’s a little bit of a waste of time if you don’t see that in the outer. Because that’s going on in the outer all the time, too.

And the means by which you see that in the outer is that quality in which there’s a part of the heart that is at a point to where it is touched by everything that happens around it. And when the heart is touched by everything that happens around it, then the process is working the way that it needs to work, and a person is sitting in the essence like they need to be sitting in the essence.

But when a person is sitting there and they’re cogitating why this is happening and cogitating why that is happening, they’re one step removed from being in the essence of where it is there, so they have to take one step and remove themselves from the process works that they’re noodling in order to see that the essence has a vibration of which all of the rest of it is aspects of reflection.

So even in the spiritual journey, and in the process, and in the dreaming you could have all of these kinds of things going on, and you could sit there and try to untwine all of those, and you won’t make any headway. You won’t make any headway if you don’t catch up with what is sitting there as the underlayment to the whole thing, if you don’t take in that underlayment to the whole thing.

Because something is striving so hard to come through, and then the variables of the dream all change, but you don’t go at this nits and grits – because that’s how the mind works. And you can go at that and you can noodle at this bits and grits until you’re blue in the face, and you won’t go anywhere. But all of a sudden you can just fall into a knowingness, have the essence, and it all is self revealed.

And that’s kind of what your dream was doing. In other words, what your dream was doing was it was showing you that if you go into the steam room and you could have all of this, that, and the other there, you’re still missing something. And for you, the symbolism is more greatly magnified whenever it involves your dad because you look out for his overall well being, and have the sense of this as a good daughter dutifulness. And so your dad was not there.

And, you know, he should be there. And then when you take a step back, you then see the difference between you being there, your dad not being there, what is it? It has to do with money. Money is power. Power is kundalini energy. See how that was teaching you? Very interesting trick.

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