In the Garden

imag2123esA garden is an intriguing image in a dream, because, of course, we know the story of Adam and Eve being sent away from the garden. And that idea may sit in our psyche because we tend to think that the “perfect” place is somewhere else, and that someday we might get there. Yet the truth of it is that we are always in the perfect spot, no matter where we find ourselves, because from that spot we can always find our way back to our connection to what created us and the reasons why. And when we do that, we’ll no longer be outside looking in. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What I found myself doing last night in the dreaming is that I had this sense that I was spending myself actively looking at, and being involved with, the dynamics of the process. I was going over the dreams from the night before, in which there was something that I couldn’t break through in terms of bringing something all the way through. There was an aspect that was still a mystery to me.

And so I was going back as if I can at this time get through that and, of course, when you press and try to do that sort of thing, that’s when you’re inclined to get caught in around and around and around and around kind of thing because then you dissipate the energy and the kundalini mannerism that you need to just suddenly have what is there, as an essence, that just pops through. That’s why it is so important to nurture the heart because that is where you rise that up to a level that just goes right straight through.

In order for this to be pointed out to me, I see myself having to stand outside of what had been the inner circle. It seems I was taking the connection too much for granted, or something, and a heartfulness went missing. Of course, I don’t notice that right away. Instead I feel like I got left out. And then something happened, and then I realized how this saying comes into place: take one step back and reveal yourself.

So in the dream, I’m standing outside of the process of watching, watching those who have the responsibility and the right to go into the garden to pick the fruit. And they’re picking this time the very last of the fruit, the fruit that ripens at the very, very end. And not much of it, and so there are not very many of them. There are like seven or eight of them that are going in, and they’re going in in a real focused way, a real pristine demeanor in terms of themselves, real quietly.

And I’m aware that the main crop has been picked, but I’m left out of being able to get the last of the fruit and, as I am sitting there and standing there, I’m just kind of standing in the corridor and behind me is a house and in front of me is the garden. I can’t go into the garden. Others are going into the garden to pick the last of the fruit. I’m able to see them picking the last of the fruit and realize how attentive they have to be to get the last of the fruit, because the main ripe fruit has already been picked, and it’s just a piece here and a piece there.

And so at first I could say well, okay, well at least I was involved in picking the ripe fruit – but that’s the wrong attitude. So like I say, at first one can realize if they are left out, but then I suddenly shift into my heart and feel an incredible connective closeness. And when I feel this closeness I realize: that was what was missing. Even when I was picking the ripest fruit, it was like I could take for granted that I am right there in the midst of what’s going on. And it’s just all obvious to me, and it’s just all right there, but that heartfelt connection is absolutely imperative, in that I had somehow or another, being in the midst of the action, had lost that, or took something for granted – and it got away from me.

Now it is suddenly there all over again. This is what needs to come through and is the essence of the process and journey.

Again, this is the theme and aspect of the whole thing that occurred in the dream group last night. You can take and go through, and you can pick and you can pick and you can pick and you can pick, and at some point you have to knock it off, you have to recognize that behind all of the picking and all of that little stuff, it’s just as imminently important as that is on the inner, it’s imminently important on the outer. But if you miss the main cue behind all of the epicenter unfoldment, you know, I know people that have really understood the importance of dreaming from the standpoint that it really reveals a lot in terms of themselves. And they have gone to Jungian analysts for years, and they have come to the point where they really have a fairly acute understanding about themselves – but it’s a little neurotic because it doesn’t quite have the heartfelt essence.

In other words, you got to go beyond. And the difference I guess is a kind of kundalini energy, and a kundalini energy is a certain softness, and touching, of the heart. Initially that energy can be raw, and it can be abrupt, and it can be too loud, but ultimately it gets to a point where it sweeps through and is in keeping with the unfoldment. And in doing so, it comes to know that the whole world rearranges itself as a consequence of that, instead of you trying to go at it backwards in a clockwise manner of taking and picking at every little scab, that this whole thing just makes it go poof.

And the interesting thing is because it’s a process in which step by step, and state by state, that you go through, that what goes poof in one way, becomes something else in another way, and you have to go through this whole contention all over again. Do you go into the dwelling on it, or do you recognize that you have to hold to something that’s coming from the epicenter as a vibrational essential note? If you don’t catch that, then it’s like becoming overfed, overfed with the minutia, and then lost in that.

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