Function and Flow

i000To really be connected and in the energetic flow of life requires, if it is understood, a deeper sense of responsibility. That begins with taking responsibility for what we radiate into the world and around others (i.e., is it a coarse or fine energy because of our state: anger, compassion, kindness?). The next elevation from that is to make possible the energetic fulfillment of a given moment, which becomes possible when we are intertwined. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream just seemed to be like I was dreaming about elections, but elections in a distant country where people had been… maybe someone had been king, or people had been kings, and now they had to run in elections, which they didn’t always understand.

And I would say that sometimes a king might even be surprised if he actually got elected, but it just felt like there was this kind of rough and tumbling running for an election, and looking to see who got elected, and how it was odd when they had countries where you used to have one type of the way that someone ruled, and now that same person might have to run in another system. And sometimes they might win, sometimes not. That was the first dream.

John: That’s an image of coming down, energetically. In other words, it’s like you’re used to a scene. You used to have a scenario in which there’s a certain kind of natural aloofness and order to things. And so that means there’s a separation, a custom separation, and that conditions prevailed and prevailed and prevailed just the way they were in their set way and now, all of a sudden, you have to contend with the fact that you have to come down and you have to do something that enables you to be elected. You can’t sit upon some throne or something, up above.

But there’s also something more to this, and that is that you do this in a way that is able to be designed to the process. In other words, before you weren’t able to be resigned to the process. There was always something that was able to be aloof, and now you’re able to be resigned to the process. And even more so, it doesn’t matter. If you get elected, you get elected, and if you don’t, you don’t.

It’s not like it’s a big deal anymore, which means that technically the atmosphere of a stature has fallen away. And it’s almost as if like if you get elected or intertwined, you carry a responsibility. It’s not something that’s an achievement. It’s a responsibility. It’s a sense of being, but it’s not a kind of being that’s aloof.

Jeane: So the other dream I have it feels like at some point I’ve gone and visited this very wealthy man at his home, very kind of elaborate home, old fashioned almost like an old English home, lots of wood, and butler, and that sort of scene.

And I must have done something that angered him because I feel like he tossed me out, but I had been fascinated because of these Limoge coffee or tea cups they had. They were white with golden lettering around them, or pattern, Limoge pattern. And I knew they were very old. They were antiques, like even I think one cup and saucer might be even worth about $3,000, at least that’s what I seem to know about it.

Because of my fascination with these, I go back when he’s not there and the servants let me in. They even give me a cup of coffee in one of these Limoge cup and saucers. And I’m sitting there and I’m visiting with a friend of his that comes by, another young man, and we’re talking about the Limoge cups. He hadn’t really thought about them before, but I find them really beautiful.

But we’re talking about that and just visiting in general and relaxing there in this guy’s library, when I hear the guy come home unexpectedly. So then I set everything down carefully and decide I’ll hide behind a door, and maybe he won’t come in the library or, if he does come in, then I can dash out and get out of the house. But I have a feeling he’ll run out and catch me. I don’t really know because this is the point in the dream when I wake up.

John: What this dream means is that you find yourself in a setting in which there is something within that setting that you are able to embrace, or encompass, in a quality that is necessary to facilitate it being able to open up. In other words, every situation and every setting has a depth and a meaningfulness that is important in terms of the way it can come across and go into life. And what the dream is portraying is that you have a nature that is able to discern that sort of thing. In other words, you can be placed in a situation and come to know what is most meaningful in terms of how it is intended and meant to unfold.

The cups that you saw, a cup is used to serve and this serves in a very special, unique, high quality way. And so you are designed in such a way so that if you’re placed in a particular scenario, you’re able to see how that scenario is meant to unfold, and you’re able to accommodate accordingly in a way of holding that space. It isn’t just an over-the-topism. You are able to discern the poignancy behind the scene. The scene may have something that is over the top about it, in and of itself, but you’re able to draw out that which is most meaningful.

In other words, this is like information that’s giving you a greater meaningfulness of what is meant and is ready to open up.

And so you put the two together and you have, first of all, a type of flow that comes down that doesn’t just sit in a precocious way with things. It is able to bring it down into something that’s touchingly meaningful. And it does that in a way that isn’t forceful. In other words, it’s not about trying to reestablish a different kind of orientation. It’s part of an intertwining that you do that, from what had been a kind of hanging out aloofness that didn’t come down.

And when you’re able to function and flow in this way, then you’re able to support and accentuate what is meaningful in the environment that you find yourself in. Isn’t that interesting? It’s how that flows together. Wow.

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