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51282The world is full of advice on how we should proceed in our lives, and what we should listen to, and what we should think. Yet here is an example of how our unconscious can give us advice about where we are in relationship to a certain life process, and that advice is unbiased – it’s not even a suggestion, it’s just a looking-glass view of what is unfolding. It gives us a chance to see clearly for a moment, and that can be all we need to make the best next step. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My first dream, it’s a little hard for me to sort out exactly what the issue was, but it’s like I’ve gone over to a house and it feels like there’s a bunkbed. And I feel like there’s some kind of maneuver I need to make to get up on the bunkbed, and I have with me two kids, a boy and a girl. It seems to be my maternal grandmother’s house I’m at.

So as I try to figure all that out, then my grandmother comes into the room, so I’ve gotten down off the bunkbed. I’m kind of sitting on the bottom bunk, and then the phone on the upper bunk just makes a little blur sound. I mean, it’s just like a little one note, and I realized it had done that a couple of times and she tells me that’s actually what her telephone ring sounds like. It doesn’t ring a lot, it just makes one little sound, one little, “beep” sound, or some kind of a little sound that’s not like a normal ring at all. So I hadn’t even realized it was ringing when it was ringing.

So then I look at it, figure the light’s on, there must be messages on it. So I pick up the handle. It’s an old-fashioned phone with a cord and everything. When I pick it up, the operator—it was a real old-fashioned phone—the operator starts giving me instructions on what the code is to pick up the messages, but it’s almost like a word code rather than a number code. I guess it was something that worked for my grandmother that, you know, certain words and certain sequences and that’s how she knew to answer her phone, but it’s pretty bewildering to me because I’d never do a system like that.

So I didn’t quite hear the words or I didn’t quite know what they meant, so I have to kind of put it aside and look at my grandmother and see if she can explain to me, because I feel like it’s important to get the messages, but I’m not quite sure how you do when someone gives you these words. And that’s all I remember of that first dream.

John: What the phone represents is the connection, and what the grandmother represents is like the teacher. What the words represent, instead of the numbers, is like the name that unlocks; it’s like the name of things. It’s unlocks by knowing the essence of something, how to touch it. It opens up and reveals to you. So it’s a dream in terms of how to merge. It is a dream about merging. Taking and coming closer in order to be able to access it.

What the dream portrays is that you and parts of yourself, the boy and the girl, are able to go up and be in an area in which all of that is possible, where it’s receptive. But in terms of trying to grasp it, you have to pull it back down into creation. You have to bring it down from up above. In other words, you have to take it to heart in life, which is the merging, which is the greater teacher. And it’s a path about losing one’s self into the essence of everything that exists as the greater teacher.

So you have the grandmother that’s the facilitator. She says, well, that’s how it is for her. That’s what her sound’s like. But it has you in your grandmother’s house, or the teacher’s house, or the go-between, so to speak. The teacher of the teacher of the overall. It has you having to come to grips with a quality of merging, which causes you to know the names of everything that exists in creation, so to speak. Which is another way of saying how to touch everything that’s in creation, which is another way of saying of how to be in a space in which all of that is open and receptive to you and it’s not a surprise to you. It’s all part of you.

What’s interesting is the dream also portrays where you’re at. It portrays that you’re reaching that zone. And that you have the qualities inside of yourself that are with you, the little boy and the little girl; the softer qualities inside of yourself. In other words, you’re not just as an adult, kind of linear. In other words, you got the both halves. You’re able to work with the both halves, but you then have to in almost a grown-upish way, take this into life. You have to be able to know what is there to be heard. And you reduced it to the sense of hearing, but it’s also the sense of merging as a hearing, as a recognition.

In that regard, it is like the ring and the connection that the grandmother has, and you have to experience that for yourself. In other words, you’re in your grandmother’s house, so it’s your grandmother’s presence that is emanating out. And from that, you’re answering the phone, so it’s you that has to bring this through. It falls upon you to bring it through. She can tell you what it’s like, what it sounds like, essentially, you know, so to speak, show you what it is, point it out or something, as the teacher would say. But it’s up to you to go through that, to experience that.

What is the experience, then? It’s the experience that has to do with something that connects with all that there is. In other words, when you really hear it, as if a part of your heart that becomes receptive to all that there is.

It’s a dream about the completeness of something, in terms of one’s self, in relationship to all there is. It’s kind of like a dream that, if I were struggling with it in terms of ideation, I would be looking at the dream as if it were saying that some part of myself isn’t quite doing it. However, when you look at it in an overall, in which there is no imposed judgment, it’s indicating a process that is unfolding. It’s portraying where you’re at in that process that’s unfolding.

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