A Rootedness Within

2567426It is often pointed out that great ideas that are never acted upon are lost to the world. Why? Because they remain energetic potential and are not made real. The same is true for higher energies that we can’t ground into the physical realms. How do we do that? Think of it this way: when we connect to something higher, we can experience it and let it slip away, or we can take it into us and make it part of our life. The things we ground through our repetitive acts become the sum total of who we are. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have another interim dream in which I don’t remember a lot of it. But part of it, I come out of this huge warehouse-type building—there’s several levels to it—into the bright sunlight.

And I feel like right around the corner, there’s a quarry—a gravel pit—but it’s uphill a ways. And I feel like I have to go there and get some gravel and take it down to a lower road. And it feels like you come along and pick up the wheelbarrow to push it ahead of me, and I’m kind of looking at you like, well, I know how to push a wheelbarrow, but you seem to think that you have to push the wheelbarrow.

That was all I remembered of that dream. I’m sure there was more to it, but I didn’t pick up the interim dream as well.

John: So what your dream is indicating is something has risen up, that you have a depth inside of yourself, which hasn’t been lost either. And the gravel is in the depth inside of yourself. It’s down lower. It’s not up. So you have an access up above, but also a connection to a gravel or a rootedness down below.

See, you didn’t know that part of the dream. You didn’t have that information as if that’s kind of a scenario. It’s the first time I’ve seen you dream something in which the scenario seems to be something that I’m aware of, that I haven’t even talked to you about, that you almost incorporate.

And so it’s an image of being up above, or reaching into like an understanding of something in the higher self, and yet still carrying the rootedness within. And having a process or a means, a thread, by which to do that, the wheelbarrow is being guided there. And the place that you’re holding onto is a two-story house.

So you were bringing the treasure down from above. In this case, the treasure is gravel. That’s the opposite image of how it is perceived as a general rule, in terms of an understanding that is reflective in creation.

In creation, you always find gravel down below, and you have to take it usually where you need it, which is usually in some other place. It’s a place that’s usually, you know, at different other elevations. You’re able to do this in a counterclockwise mode. You’re able to go up and down, and down and up. And from the warehouse, where you’re storing it, you’re able to go even lower, go out on the roads.

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