Deeper Recesses

fb71Here we find ourselves in Medieval times, with kings, queens, princesses and castles. This is a good image to remember that we are all the characters in our dreams. What are our regal parts? Well, perhaps it has to do with our human pedigree, in that we are the highest form of life in the universe, and when we are working in the areas of our humanness, like our ability to connect to everything, our unconscious shows us that as royalty because that’s our true blood line. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: One of the odd things that happened in my dream is it felt like I would keep switching between a kind of ancient, medieval time, where there’s a castle, and then maybe a more modern time. It seemed to happen kind of seamlessly, so it was a little confusing in telling it.

But to start out, I think I was back in more ancient times, and it was like I had gone to work for a king, to be like a servant to the king in his household. And I remember that sometimes someone even was watching me because they wanted to see how I’d respond, because suddenly a country and western singer had come to visit and they wondered how I’d respond to that, because that’s not very regal or something. But I like country and western singers, and I think it was Merle Haggard or somebody, and I didn’t care. I felt like I even knew them. So that sort of thing didn’t phase me.

But fairly early in my stay at the castle, it’s like I go out one night and I almost feel like maybe they really don’t know what I’m doing there, and I think that someone maybe wants to get rid of me. I find myself on this hill that goes into these dunes in the moonlight. I don’t really know where I’m going.

At first when I’m kind of lost, it feels like one of the daughters of the king shows up on a horse, but she approaches me, but then she rides off. I just see her go over one of the dunes in the moonlight. And then as I try to find my way, I start sliding and I almost feel like maybe somebody has tried to trick me and, you know, they want to do something that will kill me and as I slide, I get right next to the edge of something and I feel like I’m going to fall off in an abyss.

And then another one of the daughters of the king shows up. It’s night. You can’t really hardly see and I know there’s an abyss there. I don’t know if there’s anything solid there or not, but she kind of shows me a way to follow her, but I don’t know if she’s going to lead me off an abyss, or whether I’ll be okay, but I don’t have any choice. But I follow her and there seems to be a path along this that goes through a cave, and then you find yourself going through the people… There’s people that live in this cave and then you’re going to come out in a castle, so. Even though for a while I had a sense that someone was trying to do me in, I seem to have ended up back in the castle.

And then the dream diverges a little bit more into modern times, where it seems like I again feel like someone’s pursuing me, so I leave where my father’s living to try to go stay with a family that’s nearby. And like when I get to their house, I’m kind of explaining, like I need to stay there. It’s like I’m looking for a place there where I can have a bed or something for a while. Even my family comes and visits because I need to hide where I am. And then I don’t remember much of that because I’ve gone back to the castle in the medieval times.

When I’m back at the castle, my focus now, it seems to be on locating the queen and making sure that she’s okay. Like I’m even looking for hiding places in case I feel like there’ll be a time when people are storming the castle and I want to make sure that the queen or her daughters are okay. And the queen only seems to be about six inches high, so I even hide her in the front of the dress there at one point.

And then I realize that people don’t know that I’m working for the queen. So sometimes I’ll go to an area and I’ll notice that, let’s say there’s a large door and maybe there’s a bunch of hay in front of it, and I’m thinking that the hay would be a good place to hide some treasure, and hide the queen if I needed to if things got rough. I need to find a few of the servants there and explain to them that my focus is on making sure the queen’s okay if there’s some upheaval. And then I seem to turn around and there’s a modern basketball game going on that I have to participate in, because I know how to play it. And then I kind of go from there again to focusing on the hiding place for the queen and the princesses, if they’re around. That’s the whole dream. It would just keep switching on me.

John: The theme of the dreaming was how to connect, or how to reach, an embedded energy, that’s embedded in—well, the way I would put it—it’s embedded in matter. But the way you’d put it, it’s embedded in the existence of the past, present, and future, as a natural knowingness.

Perhaps this explains why certain people can, for example, be taught speed reading by Evelyn Woods and suddenly can do it ten times faster than everybody else, and speak of the quality that they’ve reached as having accessed a type of knowingness, and that’s why they can go so much faster is they’ve accessed that inside of themselves, and that’s why they just suddenly are able to do it. It’s a great big quantum leap. And the way they explain that, their style of reading, is that it’s a process of remembering. It’s not a process of learning. They already kind of know it somehow.

What I take and dream in relationship to being able to touch an energetic or spirit in nature, or however it is, that’s embedded in matter, and know how to come closer to it, you dream it from the standpoint of being able to reawaken the memory that goes beyond time and space. In other words, you seem to have an orientation to something of ancient times, something of modern times. In other words, you’re given countless examples to show that you have an acuity in that regard. You can play basketball. I mean, they throw that one out at you in your dreaming, so that you can’t get caught in dwelling upon the idea of there being some sort of danger to this quality.

You seem to perceive that there’s a danger, and you put a new twist, however, on this whole thing of something stalking you, or haunting you, or coming after you. Where something bad can happen, or you could be misled, or taken down a different path that could be to your detriment. You put a new spin on this sort of thing, in that you denote this trait as something of kind of a defensive belief pattern that you can be harmed in some capacity, by having this kind of innate awareness. As a consequence, there is a certain lack of trust in where all of this goes. However, you find that that gets all thrown asunder by the example after example of how you can switch being from one modality to the next, and be at ease in doing this.

You’re shown this almost more casually at the end of the dream in order to help you get the fact that the central gist of what you were doing was coming to grips with an intelligence, and an awareness, and a consciousness that transcends the time and space of the physical. And that there’s nothing to be afraid of in being able to do that in that you just have to be able to catch up with this natural knowingness.

We each seem to have a way, you know, maybe it’s slightly different anyway how each of us threads back to that memory and that naturalness. Basically, the whole point is to realize that the quality of our dreaming is such that it is designed to pull us into a greater continuity in terms of being in Creation. Except for you, in terms of the overallness and the wholeness, you need to be able to have an acuity that can shift back, as if you’re not necessarily in the present. You can go into the deeper recesses of something in terms of yourself. Time and space isn’t a limitation.

For me, because the nature of my spirit energy is outside, you know, kind of like something I access etherically, I find myself being able to touch it as an embedded trait, that may have that whole past history and everything to it, but I don’t go about looking at it that way. I just look at it as a quality of how one merges with that.

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