Inner Acuity

galaxymeditationposeWe’ve been educated and trained to only trust our brains and senses, our eyes and ears. But as we develop on our spiritual journey, we will have to confront the fact that to be connected to higher things means that we are the dumbest part of the equation – and we have to let go and trust that things are unfolding for the best, even though we may not see it. That’s a foundational shift in our world view, but it moves us from doing everything our self (with limited knowledge), into being able to access universal support. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m not sure of the order of these dreams, but they kind of ran together. In the first one, I seem to be in New York City. I’m looking for an apartment, so I’ll be staying there for awhile.

In the past, I’ve kind of known my way around the city, but now it’s changed a lot. And I’m riding on one of the elevated subway trains, so I can look out the window of the train and I can see into all of these different apartment buildings, so I can kind of get an idea. I seem to be with some other people I’m talking to and I’m looking for a certain type of apartment.

Well, there’s some apartments that have glass windows around them and really modern furniture. They’re probably more expensive and the furniture looks kind of too big or heavy to me, too, besides being kind of modern and expensive, and I feel like I don’t quite want that. And there’s a lot of them and it seems to me they all look the same when you pass them by, that you see this same apartment replicated a lot.

And the problem I’m having, I tell my friends, is I used to know people in New York and I even knew some people that were kind of connected to the mob, or something, and they always knew where you could get apartments. But it feels like I don’t know those people anymore, so I don’t quite have the links or the connection to find the apartments as easily as I used to and I don’t want the ones I’m seeing. I know that there’s something else I want, but I can’t find it yet. So it’s like I’m kind of going by on this train looking at all the apartments, trying to kind of figure out how to make the right connection.

John: The theme of the dreaming is to take an energetic or a vibration that occupies one’s attention, that causes as a result, in which something doesn’t quite feel right. Because it doesn’t quite feel right, you note that it doesn’t quite feel right from a quality of the heart. Now, you could be overriding that heart in terms of a pushing of things with the mind, but if you follow the way something is—if you’re following a spatiality, so to speak, inside the heart—you can kind of trust in that as a form of guidance. You’re trying to sort something out.

So you don’t want something that’s blasé, that doesn’t have any flow to it, or any feature to it. In other words, your nature is such that it needs something to have a certain mannerism or pizzaz in order to fit with who you are.

Jeane: And then I used to have connections in New York.

John: And you used to have dependencies upon things, that’s like a checklist. You used to have your own systemology that you were caught up in, but that’s been taken away from you.

When you lose your systemology, when that gets taken away from you, and yet at the same time you know you’re trying to find something, and that you know that there’s something that you’ll know when you know it, but you can’t put your finger on it ahead of time, that is a condition called bewilderment.

And so, that is a condition that’s different than—that’s slightly different than the way the heart works, when you’re taking and trying to gauge whether something is your space or not, as you’re riding along the subway looking into the windows, so you’re seeing it all blasé. Indulging in terms of trying to make something happen in that way can drain—well, actually no, this isn’t that yet. These two are still the same. That they both have to do with finding an alignment and you’ll know it when you feel it, or when you sense it, or when it suddenly shifts.

Now, often times you could think that it’s something that you just come to grips with as a figuring of it out, as a seeing, or it comes to grips as a hearing. But at a deeper level, this really comes from the noun, not the verbs, the verbs to the thing. This really comes from—and the noun is the heartfulness—this really comes from a quality of the heart that resonates when it knows that it’s right.

So when you’re going by things, how you’re really feeling those things as you’re going by in the heart is you’re feeling them as blasé. And then the systemology that you have is a misalignment, and you can’t keep going up that same pattern over and over and over again, that you had that used to work once upon a time, for example, that seemed to be okay, but you can’t be utilizing that pattern. That pattern is an example of indulgence, where the mind is easily caught up into that, in terms of being able to figure out what needs to transpire. And you’d have to take one step behind that, in order for something to click, in order for the recognition to just be there.

On the same level, you have kind of a one, two punch. You have one, where something doesn’t quite fit because you actually somehow inside of yourself know the point that you need to be at, that is quickened for you. The other apartments are all blasé. And two, you know the means that you have used in the past to try to cope and get by with, but to follow and try to adhere to that as a means now would be limiting. It may not have been limiting before, but it would be limiting now, because it would be forcing your heart to have to conform to a certain kind of conditioned approach – and that limits your freedom.

See, the essence of the dreaming last night was to be able to take that which is readily apparent and before you—and some things are readily apparent before you in terms of synaptic responses. In other words, I would call it a synaptic response that causes you to react in a particular way when a certain set of things happen. You would call it a memory of that which worked, a familiarity to that which worked.

This is the wrong kind of familiarity. This isn’t a familiarity to a depth within. This is a familiarity that has to do with something that lies in between, you know, as a pattern in the outer. And you have to, as you feel that, as you go through that, there’s a way of—it happens almost instantaneously. You feel that it’s kind of like being in a state of—well, the only word I have is a type of bewilderment. It’s not sorting out like it did before. It’s almost like you sit with it and all of a sudden that pops. And what is really popping is this all got sorted out. It’s almost as if you raised the question inside as to a need. And the evidence that you offered up as the dynamics for the need was the way you were noodling about trying to get this thing figured out, and you went hither and thither in a kind of bewilderment.

The heart isn’t heavy as a result of you being on the wrong track. It’s just that it gets tired. It almost gets exhausted, but it’s not heavy. It’s not really exhausted either, it’s just scattered. The heart looked kind of scattered. And that’s why there’s the bewilderment. And then all of a sudden, something pops through and you know.

Thus the saying: Take one step back and reveal yourself. Also there’s the Einstein statement: You can’t solve the problem with the same mind that created it.

And so, even though this isn’t a problem, you can make it like a problem. In other words, you’re used to this pattern where you can go to the gangland mafia or however it was that has all of this stuff sorted out, and that’s a dependency. You can’t resolve this anymore that way. Where that was a type of approach or solution, that is now a problem. You actually have a level of acuity inside that works instead.

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