A Greater Reveal

open-doorsWe can see the pattern: there are times when we are connected in a larger sense, and then certain events or realities intrude and we revert back to our automatic reactivities and disconnect. That’s the just the way of it, as we learn to let go more and more of the personal and embrace the universal. It’s incremental, and we’ll keep shifting back and forth until, one day, we’ll no longer shift as far back and progress has been won. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I had basically three dreams last night. In one of them, I distinctly felt I wrote up and was continuing to write up inside and yet, I still had two more dreams that came in. When I grabbed my notebook, I was in shock because I didn’t have any of that other. And then somehow or another, I couldn’t remember the second. But anyway, I was able to hold onto the vibration of the three dreams, so I wrote it up like this.

I had three dreams that required me to set aside an established mannerism in order to access that response, which is behind the way that I respond or react. To be able to go behind what is going on to reach that which is being shaped, is to use the prima materia of the outer to reveal the inner therein.

Example: We often stress over a decision, and in sorting out, reach to a freedom. In other words, if we don’t sort it out we’re being pulled down vibrationally. So it is possible to find this freedom in the heart, which is a natural inner guidance.

The initial response, when the situation invokes a synaptic pattern—in other words, when you suddenly find yourself falling back into a mannerism, in your case using the mafia to find an apartment—is to respond with a defense mechanism that is fed by the mind. In other words, you remember this now. It’s fed by the mind. When this happens, the heart is pulled down. When the heart is pulled down, such a sensation denotes a problem. There is always something unknown and disconnected behind the scene that can even be disingenuous. In other words, you can’t take and use that approach anymore.

Whatever this is, that is going on, is keeping a door from being opened naturally. In other words, the greater expanse, the greater sense. To beat one’s heart up over this is counterproductive. The issue is not meant to happen. It can be just a deception or some change in which you’re supposed to be able to take on a greater responsibility of the whole.

This is not to be confused with the state of bewilderment that exists when a person is trying to sort out how to be. The misalignment is draining until the underlying vibration is meant to correspond to a focus is revealed. This is how you function in the bewilderment.

The thing that each of the three dreams portrayed is that what seems apparent is just a precursor to that which lies within. Or as the saying goes, take one step back from the apparent and find the truth.

For this to happen, the guidance of the heart that is in all that there is, needs to be listened to closely and honored. The basic energetic teaching lesson is that you have to create space from the issue. To do so, you have to shift to an uncontaminated, inner space that is free. That’s how the masculine does it. The feminine just knows that it has to take on more. It has to expand. It can find itself more inclusive in the whole. But as a masculine statement, would be the statement that Einstein gave: You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

The shift I saw within was to another level of existence, in which there was a buffering away from the room and floor where the problem resided, which, as far as I could tell in the space that I’m in, is not resolvable.

And so a containment is established instead, in regards to that space. An example in the Bible is where those who are in a wicked city are kept there, while those in a righteous city are busted up and scattered to other places. This is an example of taking a step that goes beyond a pent-up limitation. In your case, it’s a greater expanse. In my case, it’s like being able to not let one thing drop away from the heart, so that a greater freedom can be found in its simplicity and innocence somewhere else. I don’t remember the dreams that did all of this, but that was the significance of the dreaming.

Maybe it wasn’t important to remember them, other than to note that there’s two ways of doing it. The one way is that you have to let go of habituations and thereby take over a greater responsibility. And the other is that you have to recognize what is happening out there in terms of how it touches and affects the heart and you just drop that, because it’s not meant to.

Nothing is meant to dictate over the heart. And when that falls away, a greater reveal opens up. And the masculine uses kind of various tools that are more oriented to seed thoughts, which could be like shifting, containment, all of that, and the feminine is just all inclusive.

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