A Connective Corridor

highway-720The story lines in dreams often describe the state of a connection, whether a narrowly missed connection, endless detours and never making a connection, or the fluid ease of just what is needed showing up to lead us to a connection. In this dream image, the connection is everything, in fact it’s experienced in a way that erases the rest of the dream images. And, as we are all the characters in our dreams, making a connection usually means that inner relationships are no longer resisting each other, but are now working together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what I dreamed last night was that there was like this corridor, connective corridor, that existed, that’s kind of almost like, you might say, kind of the chest area. And it extended between you and me, and you could experience it from the back or the front, or however you’d experience it, either way, in other words.

I was looking at other windows besides this, but this was so obvious that even in my sleep, it was like I was trying to describe or tell you about how obvious this was. I mean, you didn’t seem to say anything, and I just seemed to be so loud about it in terms of how I considered it so predominant, and so obvious, and so undeniable.

What this corridor did is it lent itself to a type of linkage in which there was a natural awareness that existed between the two of us based upon this really, really obvious window or corridor, or however you’d see it. It was like a vacuum of energy that just existed there without any barriers at all that intertwined us in a way that—I mean it was so much so that in one sense, you couldn’t deny it. You know. It was like you couldn’t not notice it. There even came a point where I was starting to look at how all of this could be kind of used. Could it be something that had other combinations to it? I didn’t see anything that was as apparent as the combination that existed between us, and I was looking at other aspects or something, and this was so much louder than any of the other aspects that they kind of blurred away.

The sleeping dream seemed to be based upon the sensation of this natural connectivity that readily existed. It exists in such a way so that it was almost like you didn’t even need any sleep. In other words, the awareness of that was like in such a kind of soothing linkage that you could just reside in that and that was, you know, where your attention was at. In other words, you didn’t focus upon letting go or going somewhere to sleep, or anything like that. You just paid attention to this connection.

If there was anything that was odd or awkward about it, it was like, I couldn’t get you to energetically agree with me about the potency of it. It was almost like I wanted you to denote or to say, “oh yeah, yeah, yeah.” So it was a strange dream like that. Even though you didn’t say anything, you never broke it. You weren’t doing anything that would break it. You’d move away, almost as if you were trying to establish your space. But I could follow that. I mean it couldn’t go away. I could follow that. So it created its own kind of trance. It created its own kind of orientation that was an energetic in and of itself. A kind of bonding. And it seemed to go on all night long. It seemed like no matter how deep I slept or anything like that, or anything in terms of being, you know, unconscious and sleeping, it seemed like I was constantly aware of this preexisting condition that you didn’t lose, or break away from.

I think this is a continuation of the dreams that I’ve been having in relationship to being able to kind of touch something. In other words, there was one night I came to bed and I just naturally knew how everything touched, with the exception that this suddenly like fell into a deeper corridor of it. It went to an extreme in terms of the experientiality.

It was like a type of extreme in that it held one’s attention all night long. Anything else that may have gone on in terms of a dream, or any kind of process of following anything that might have else been going on, had the theme of this linkage that was always simultaneously there, that couldn’t be broken. I guess you build to this kind of crescendo.

I remember once, a long, long, long time ago, I got to listening to the sound that you could hear. I used to wear earplugs even. I decided to walk around and see how intense one can make this sound that you could hear ringing in your ears. And this only happened once, or maybe twice, but never again. Maybe that’s what this will be like, it’s hard to say, but what happened was, once when I was sleeping this sound inside of me was so loud that I felt like I was forcing myself to come to the surface and awake, because it was so loud that I thought it could damage my eardrums, or could blow my head to pieces or something. And so I had to wake up in order to break the intensity. That only happened once and maybe partially another time.

It just shows that one can almost do it too well. Get into something to such a degree that you just get lost in it. And so that was like getting lost in. It was like taking an attention that had to do with listening to the sound and suddenly falling into that to such a degree that it went to an excessive extreme without any typical barriers that stood in between in terms of the sound of the universe and one’s basic chemistry makeup in manifestation.

And so this was kind of a little bit like that, in that there was this loudness of the linkage that was so undeniable, and it was so, so strong in its corridor effect, it was almost like it blew back and forth. I mean, it was like some, whatever you could possibly imagine that could stand in between this, as a separateness, wasn’t there. And I can’t help but think that that’s probably taking what had been a buildup of a connectivity, taking it out and pushing it on an extreme, because that was, I think when we went to bed last night, having stayed up real late, we were really, really tired. When we slept, I felt like I slept really deeply, but this predominated during all of that as if it was all night long like that.

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