Loss of Continuity

Salvador Dali

In this dream and analysis we can really get the sense of how our systems are working for us, because the imagery tells the story of being knocked off balance and trying to regain that balance and flow. But it begs the question: why are our systems and our unconscious making such an effort to keep us in balance and in flow during the night? It tells us about how important those states are to the optimal functioning of our design. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream, what I remember is I seem to be working in a medical setting. I seem to work in the basement of the building, in some kind of a lab almost, I have my little office.

And I know at one point, some people in there—probably early 20s, like I feel like I’m maybe in my later 20s, I’m not very old in this—come by my office to visit. It’s almost like they don’t work there, but they’re in some program that’s going on there. And I talk to the guy and the girl and after they left, I realize that she’s had hepatitis at some point. So there’s almost this feeling that I might have been exposed, so I make an appointment with one of the staff people to just have that assessed. I don’t think I was, but I think you have to be safe, so I make an appointment for about 6:00 or quarter to 6:00 to have that checked.

And then I’ve gone back down to my room, or office, and a man comes in. And it feels like we take off our clothes and then we’re sitting side-by-side almost, like in this large sink, and maybe initially we’re going to make love, but I don’t feel like we can or something. We’re just sitting there side-by-side.

Then we get up, and it feels like when we get up I realize that I’ve missed by 6 o’clock, or quarter to 6:00, appointment. The only thing I seem to have to put on is a dress that’s just like this long dress that goes down to the ankles. I’m just saying that because it feels like I don’t feel like I’ve seen the dress before, but it’s just there suddenly, and I put that on. And then I’m kind of asking him, since we’re leaving there, is one direction I’ll go and it’ll be kind of out of there and uphill in the direction of where my parents live. And he says it feels like he’s met this woman, but she lives kind of wild in the woods, so he’s going to go down and be there at night.

And I go out in the corridor thinking I’m going to walk home, and it feels like my parents, who are pretty young, and they don’t look like my parents in real life at all, but they’re my parents in the dream, and they’re kind of dressed in blue and they look very young. And they suddenly come in the hallway and it’s like they wanted to surprise me and go out to dinner with me, but at the same time, they’re kind of looking a little apprehensive, like maybe they won’t be welcome because maybe I’m at that age where you don’t want to do things with your parents. But they want to take me out to dinner with them, because maybe they haven’t seen me for a while.

John: So what this dream is about is, something’s affected you that has caused a loss of your usual sensibilities or awareness. We have this kind of loss whenever we’re blunted or shocked by something, where we have to suppress something, and it causes us to do a huge slam down or impact on our nature that normally is inclined to want to be able to free flow.

In your case, you create this huge, contractive, scary thing that causes you to go through a traumatic, reactive mannerism. And in going through this, it’s as if you tear synaptic functions of your own being. You tear a connectivity of your own being. You traumatize yourself in some fashion, or you do something that’s like a type of traumatization, but the way it affects you is it affects you on an internal connectivity mannerism. In other words, you don’t see the way things click or come together, like you intend to do before, because you’ve reacted to something and it’s caused you to develop an amnesia or shorting out.

So that when you then go into a place or a room, you can’t remember how it is, or what it is, in terms of what is meant to transpire, or how all of that is meant to be. But when you do get up from that, you’re able to put on a dress, but again it’s a dress that’s something that you’re surprised that you have, that you don’t really remember, but it is part of you. In other words, again denoting that there is a short-out in some fashion in terms of your energetic fluidity.

And so, when it’s like that, it’s like you have to kind of fall back into something inside of yourself so that it can be reached or awakened again. The hint that you have, that something that has stunted you, or affected you, is the fact that you can’t remember how it was that you came to be in this room in terms of whatever supposedly could have or was perhaps designed to go on there, but didn’t go on. And nor can you remember how you rose or pulled yourself up above all of that sort of thing in terms of putting on something, or taking on an attire that you have no memory or anything about.

Yet, as you’re doing that, the process of doing that is the journey back. It’s the process by which you’re starting to come back to your sensibilities. And in your sensibilities, you haven’t quite caught up yet. You could still be shocked or surprised by your higher self, you know, in terms of catching your continuity again.

Both of your dreams are strange dreams from the standpoint that you have affected—it’s as if you’ve encouraged some sort of blow, some sort of energetic thing that has shorted you out and caused you to lose a cognition or continuity.

And so the question is what could have caused that? In other words, what sort of thing could function as a contaminant, that is able to damage you in ways that cause you to lose a whole sense of self that you would ordinarily have, but have somehow lost track of, and are finding yourself having to come back to it. What sort of thing could have caused that?

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