Strange Lesson

self-awareness-cThis continues the discussion begun with Loss of Continuity and Back on Track, which has taken us into the realms of how our systems are always working for us, in the sense of giving us information to help us keep in balance. And that information, as it comes from our dream life, is presented neutrally, without bias or an agenda – it is merely reporting back to us. So this raises a question: what is this part of us that has our best interests at heart, yet isn’t telling us what to do, but is only showing us where we are? What part of us has such clarity? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And in my particular case, I started off in the meditation dream and had an absolute bizarre scenario where the first thought or something that hit, and I hadn’t even the clue of how to get back, when normally it will pop back in.

And then when I came to bed, I couldn’t stay in bed because something wasn’t completed. Something was broken. Something was out of tangent. And so I was able to get up and move around a bit, and had some sense that knew how to kind of quasi-fix it, so that I would no longer be in the stress again. And then when I came to bed, it wasn’t like I was right yet. It was not like this is 100%, but it was something that appeared to maybe be potentially workable.

And so then I had this dream that, as I had the dream, had something that took something from me that created the balance that then caused me to have the loss. And what I lost, of course, was the means of being able to connect the inner and the outer together, which was most apparent in terms of the effect and the dramatic. I mean, you have it happen in other levels, but the effect when I opened my eyes and tried to remember my dream was that it just was off. It was peculiarized. I couldn’t pull the full context through.

But I was shown the epilogue, so to speak, just like you had the epilogue, where your parents showed up. I had the epilogue, in which I’m still able to get on the bus. Although you conduct yourself like that, as a general rule, you’ll keep missing the bus because everybody else will get on ahead of you. But I was still able to get on the bus, which means that I got my break, you know, just like you got your break after all of that chaos. And out of twang, you got your break because the parents did show up again, kind of unexpectedly, but they were there, which meant that you weren’t left to flounder, even though you didn’t necessarily know that was what was going on there, you were being rescued. Just like with me, the process is still working for me, although I gave myself a heck of a scare.

Now what can associate a dream like this? Cause a dream like this to happen? And each person has something that can trip this kind of effect. Is dark objects to do it? Especially if the dark objects cause you to get blunted or stunted in terms of your sensibilities to such a degree that you can’t function or think and correlate very well. Those dark objects can do that sort of thing. They can subtly do that to anybody who doesn’t somehow develop the means to be able to transcend that. And to transcend that, you have to go to a deep, deep depth inside of yourself.

And of course, there’s a lot that we have to transcend that works as a spell on us. I mean, just what we did to the American Indian here has kept a willfulness and a culture that works as a spell, that keeps a certain kind of amnesia or imbalance there, that permeates over society. And you see it most pronounced when you come across the Indians, when you go into an area where the tribal Indians are at, and you realize that they have insurmountable wounds in terms of how they carry themselves. You could feel that and, if you stayed very long in the presence of that in which that area is spellbound, you get pulled down by that.

But what got me was not necessarily those objects, as far as I could tell, although those objects can have that kind of effect. What got me was what I usually rely upon: that sort of thing tears at the flow and the fabric. I’m not inclined to be able to go backwards like that when I’m meant to go forwards. And so when I got hit with an energy like this, an energy that can’t be sorted out in terms of going backwards, and perhaps that’s like the dark energies are, but as a consequence, the result of that was that I got to the point where I lost the continuity, the connectivity.

Dark energy objects cause people to lose the continuity to a sense of self, whatever it might be, as fragile as it might be. It can cause them to lose the continuity. Of course, it’s always a culmination of things. It’s a coupling of things. It’s a multiple of things. Even though I’m insulated from that because something is speeded up, I’m still affected by that.

This is part of holding a spatiality, as well. In other words, the fact that this came up meant that I wasn’t necessarily holding a proper spatiality. You have to be able to hold a proper spatiality in order to involve yourself in something that requires energetic dexterity. You have to have your overall spatiality in hand, too.

And that was what made this thing especially draining is I didn’t have my natural, overall spatiality to work with. And I had allowed that to just kind of hang out. And now I can’t let that happen anymore.

So this was very teaching, but in a very, very, very strange way that caused one to think that they’re almost starting to lose their mind again. Although I have experienced this sort of thing over and over again, it’s almost as if it’s another part of a life lesson. Where I get into an energetic state where—it’s not that you’re drained, it’s just that you’re shorted out from an acuity that you normally have at your disposal.

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