A Screeching Halt

13847209_51nIt’s nice sometimes to appreciate the humor of the unconscious. Here we have a scene of kayaking near a dam, but our dreamer’s kayak is crudely made and, after a bit of travel, runs out of water underneath it. And we live in a world that, in theory, encourages individuality. But that’s not what the universe is encouraging. The universe has created us to be unique, yet joined to the whole. Going our “own” way will not lead us to greater connection, but to a dead end. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I have a dream in which I seem to have gone out from the house where I’m living. I go up a hillside, to an area that’s a recreational area near a dam. In this recreational area, they have an area of water that’s been contained like with concrete walls, and I want to kayak there. Other people have kayaked, but what I seem to have is a really short, hollowed-out log that is kind of crudely hollowed out, kind of like some of the early canoes that the people would make, you know, like with the little hand instrument, but it’s short.

I notice this group that’s together of some young women and men and they kind of look at me and they’re a little bit amused but, you know, because they’re going to be in their kayaks and I’ll be in this. But I get in it. I seem to know how to balance it a bit and get in the water, and am paddling around, but part of paddling around is to want to go over and go over some water that drops down in two or three levels to the bottom.

I go over there and I stop and I go down one level, but then I realize someone’s turned off the water. So in order to get down to the bottom level, where I’d like to go, it’s all concrete, there’s a couple of adventuresome guys that are thinking they might want to try it, but it looks like over to the side there is like kind of a spill gate. And maybe you could do that in a kayak that goes down level to level, but certainly not in my little log that tips over easily. So I kind of get my little log back up into the water and get myself back up to the even area.

John: This is a dream in which you’re rebelling. It’s like you have your own mannerism or way, that is different from everybody else, and it works. It’s not quite complete. It’s short, but it’s you. And so you’re holding on to this as an approach.

In and of itself, you could say that there is something wonderful and transformational and awakening about this, but that isn’t what the dream says.

If the dream didn’t have this other input, you know, you could easily misconclude what it’s saying. Because what it’s really saying is the self-stylized mannerism that you have is not going to stay in the flow. And you’re going to find yourself then struggling to find the flow. It’s just going to suddenly stop if you continue to keep going in this particular way or demeanor.

And yet it started off as kind of a wonderful idea. I mean, you didn’t have to have a great, wonderful kayak like everybody else. You could get by with this funktified, carved-out log, or whatever it was.

But in the end, you realized that what you had done was create your own conceptualization of things, as opposed to something that worked naturally and was more readily available, and was all around you. And yet, you refused to quite go along with what was all around you. And you were going to do it kind of your way. And your way always will end up in something just coming to a screeching halt.

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