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As in dreams, so it is in life, as shown in this example where the naturalness of being in a soothing space risks being compromised by the dreamer’s idea of taking possession of what is offering that soothing quality. Of course it can’t work that way: once we put ego, or possession, on it, we begin to cause it to change. So the dreamer is shown to take the empty road, the route that doesn’t add anything to the experience of the moment. It’s an idea that can be applied across many aspects of our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dreaming had to do with the whole sensation of being kind of soothed all night long.

The soothing sensation was something that was just there. Just like a number of nights ago, it felt like there was like a certain kind of heart connection, or wind tunnel mannerism, that existed between us. This time, it felt like the atmosphere that one was flying in was totally soothed, totally at peace, totally quiet, totally calm, totally in balance.

So in the dream, there’s a soothing sensation that seems to exist all night long. I just seem to wallow in this space. I want to maintain it or capture it. Now the capturing of it is where I go astray, just like something’s haunting you. The idea of capturing it is the going astray. Wallowing in it, being in it, just, boom, in it, is the natural.

So in this dream, I’m in a motel. And it’s almost as if there’s another person or two in the room that I’m in, and there’s actually an adjacent bed, too. That adjacent bed is all messed up, you know, someone has slept in that bed, but not any of us from the previous night or something. And I could tell, as I glance at that, that that person’s not coming back or anything.

And there’s something special with regards to the sheets. They’re kind of neat, laying all scrumpled there, but not the bedspread. The bedspread is just ordinary.

And so, of course, the vibe that’s going on, of this all-night sensation, is wondering what can be done, or not done necessarily, but noting that I’m sitting in this special vibe that just goes on and on and on and on, that’s very soothing.

And apparently, some part of me must have wondered if this had to do with the environment in some fashion. It must have, because all of a sudden, one of the friends I’m with, suggests that we take the sheets from the other bed, because of a sheen and specialness to them. And I look at them and they do look… I can see his point. You know, I don’t have sheets like quite like that. And I could use a set.

And then I wake up actually contemplating doing that, and how one would do that, and so that one won’t be caught, because obviously the guy that slept there isn’t going to come back, and the motel room is not going to catch up with it until much later. And then how do I put it in the luggage, because it’s going to fill up the luggage if I take the sheets.

The end all of all of that is something doesn’t quite feel right to do it. In other words, you’re either in it or you’re not. You can’t take, and guide it, and streamline it in some fashion.

Then there’s another aspect of the dream. Again this time, I’m leaving the motel room to go somewhere, to the airport or something. I’m on the edge of town, and I’m again in this wonderful space. And to maintain this wonderful space, I leave by myself from a motel. And in order to maintain this space, I don’t go in the direction that everybody else is inclined to go. I go in the opposite direction. I take a road that skirts the border of the city and comes around to the airport, kind of in a back way, and it’s faster, actually, than the route that everybody else is going to take. No one takes this other route. In other words, it’s not much of a road. No one uses it. There will be no traffic on it.

So I don’t have to worry about anything taking or tearing down my space. There’s nothing going to be haunting me or following me, like you have, that’s a mood or a tone, that kind of undermines your ability to feel the full freedom. No one’s going to follow me. If anybody that leaves, and if they’re trying to go to the same place, they’re going to be taking and going the other direction. So that leaves me free and continuing to stay in my space.

Or, as I put it, the others are familiar as a habit with the other way.

So there’s something liberating about the sensation of being able to leave everything behind, and not be haunted by anything affecting the inner sense of freedom. That is what I’m experiencing within. I know this road is designed to skirt the chaos of the city and take me directly to the airport. I feel so at home and content over what has happened. If there’s somebody following me, I’d have to take responsibility for them coming behind me or something, whether they’re haunting me or not. Everything is okay, so nothing undermines that freedom, or that space.

The meaning is that you have to look at both dreams and their imagery. What they both do, they both have in common, is they accentuate an overall vibratoriness that permeates or prevails in the place and the space that I’m in.

A person, you know, may try to figure this out or try to understand it, instead of just being in it, which means I may look around for a way to capture the essence, but that isn’t going to work. You can’t capture this essence. If anything, you create another stigma.

Somehow I know that this is just a wonderful space that I experienced. I can’t define, which means take the sheets, and I have to appreciate as a freedom that knows no bounds, which means, I can’t be doing anything that has to do with the following, or the fettering, or the restricting of the presence.

What’s going on is—what the teacher would say was—when often times, when he’s interpreting a dream, he’ll see something that is going on that is not them. That is actually part of the environment. Well, of course, everything is you, but some things have a louder mannerism to you, that affect you. Like, for example, me being me, I meditate, and don’t have this issue at night, but there, I never not have it.

So is that me?

Well, it’s the environment, too, and I’m not allowed to snap through that because apparently that would be breaking defense mechanisms energetically. That’s probably why the teacher only meditates a certain period of time, gets up, and leaves, when he meditates quickly with everyone. You know, there’s a filter in terms of how deeply he can take people without discombobulating them.

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