The Attentive Way

8yyhIn dreams it is us, as the main character, who is usually being pursued. In this instance, the main character is doing the pursuing, but real connections can’t be made that way. In our outer life we may pursue our goals, but higher connections cannot be chased down or forced to surrender. And that’s a big idea to understand, because the skills we have learned in our life are mostly useless and counterproductive when applied to our spiritual life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well I feel frustrated because I almost feel like I didn’t dream. I felt like for some reason I was going over some mystery I’d read, and I couldn’t figure out, in a sense, who had committed the crime or whether there was two of them.

So it was like I was trying to pursue them to figure it out, and I never quite could get it pinned down because they were kind of dark figures, and they kind of stayed ahead of where you were. And I was struggling with it, and it just felt like I was stuck there, so it didn’t feel like I was really dreaming. I just kind of woke up feeling restless.

John: You learn by processes of doing something in the wrong energetic, too. So as you were trying to resolve a mystery, you were trying to do it in an outer way. You were trying to get it to come through in terms of perceptions – outer perceptions. And whenever you do something in that way you shut something else off.

You have to let go of that way, and learn the other attentive way, and that’s what is real. Otherwise you get caught up in the neurosis of whatever it is that you’re doing in outer context, that has the reflective outer context. And when you’re trying to make more out of that than what there is, your energy is actually squandered and dulled when it’s like that.

And so you lose the acuity, and can lose the access that’s normally there. And yet it’s just a very simple thing. In other words, like the theme of the dreaming was: the inner always flows into the outer. And your approach to denoting that is to take a good gulp of what it’s like when you step back and lean on the reflective mechanism of things, or mannerism. And that’s a dulling down thing. That puts you to sleep.

Jeane: It does.

John: So that’s an interesting way of answering the memo.

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