The Dance

318Are we supposed to be ourselves, or are we supposed to be in service to something higher? Well, as this dream indicates, it’s a little of both. We can’t be so much about what’s important to us, yet we each do have a uniqueness that is important to creation. The middle ground may lie in acting on behalf of creation, but doing it in our unique way, as an expression of our unique talents and abilities. No one else can see, feel, and react in the same way and, in the scheme of things, that matters. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have a dream where it feels like I’m living in an apartment… Or no, I have an interim dream first. The interim dream is I’m with a woman who’s my mother in the dream. She doesn’t look like my real mom, but she’s taking me over to another woman’s house and she knows this woman is looking for a… I’m younger in this, and this woman’s looking for a wife for one of her sons. I think she’s an Arab woman, and my mother’s telling me to not act like I’m as educated or smart as I am because the woman won’t like that, so I shouldn’t say too much.

So I get over to the woman’s house. I am kind of walking through the house and I think the moms are in another room, and I’m kind of curious so I go in another doorway and suddenly I find her children. They all seem to be about the same age. I mean they’re kind of like in their 20s or something. And there seem to be about six boys and a girl, but they all kind of come in a line one at a time – and they’re only half dressed, so they’re kind of introducing themselves and maybe they hold a pillow over their private parts or something. It’s like they’re trying to be a little bit modest, but they all want to kind of meet me. They all seem to line up behind each other. Like I said, there are six or seven boys and a girl.

And so there are all these boys and then there’s this girl, and they are kind of curious to meet me, too. And that seems to be that dream. I don’t seem to remember much more.

John: Well you’re playing with… you’re having to look at, you’re not playing with it, you’re having to look at a kind of dynamic in which you’ve been told that it’s better if you keep something to yourself or you hide.

In other words, the first dream had you just naturally getting somewhere and then not just staying there. This dream has you brought again to somewhere, but under the impression that you have to hide yourself a bit, or not necessarily be yourself. In other words, the reason for a dream like this is that the more you’re able to be yourself the more there is that can open up for you. The more you feel you have to hang out, or be in this memo note of holding back so as not to create some sort of ill effect or rejection. You have to look at that. You have to ponder that. It’s not saying that you have to do anything. You just have to note that, because where you go are lots and lots of possibilities for something to occur. There are six boys and one girl huh?

Yeah. Yeah, that’s the completion in terms of energy rising through, all the way through, and when it rises all the way through it realizes the wholeness, the completeness. So this is a very subtle dream from the standpoint that you typically look at energy coming down from the masculine and touches something that awakens the feminine, and the feminine rises up as far as an awakening occurs.

In this particular case, a part of you that awakens brings about more and more levels of the inner masculine until you are totally back at home as the feminine. So it’s an image of being inner and outer because at the top of all of this, at the top of the chakra of all of this, the top of the in-breath of all of this, is a true home and it is reached when there’s the full accommodation and appreciation of the opening up that is possible when you’re able to simply be. In other words to take a look at what it is that you hide.

Well, it’s important not to throw things around imperviously, but it’s also not to hide, so it’s kind of like a very, very unusual deep dream from the standpoint that you are rising through the energy levels as a quality of being met, in terms of who you are, and that being met and seen in terms of who you are has to contend with the impression that you have a tendency to hold yourself back because you have this idea that this is what is important in terms of not creating an alienation.

Yeah, I think you’re right, too. That’s a very strange dynamic, but I think that’s right because I think that would be true. If you were totally yourself, the mother would reject you. The boys see what the boys see in terms of it bringing something out of them, that causes something to go all the way to a completeness, but the mother sees something like that and she would shelter the boys from you. I don’t know how you work with that dynamic. That’s an unusual dynamic. It is kind of the way something is in life. That’s an interesting dance.

I can’t get a good answer for what you do about that because I can see the pros and cons. I can see if you were too much out in the open the feminine side of things in terms of the feminine being receptive and holding the space of something, there would be a reaction about that, it would be too forward. And yet at the same time, if you’re not yourself…

So you have to be yourself in a type of stillness, in which you kind of are. It’s almost like it’s put in motion. Maybe it is the same as the last dream, because in the last dream you just naturally get to where it is that you need to, get to but then you don’t stay there. You veer this way and that way.

In this dream you get to where it is that you are destined to go and you hold a space so that everything is exciting. The energy doesn’t get dissipated. It gets dissipated if it’s too something or another, like if the mother were to see that it would be dissipated in terms of how it would come across. But this way it holds its magnetic quality. It’s an unusual kind of dream so that means the mother… What is the mother now? What is the mother, and what are the boys? The boys are something new. The mother is trying to hold an order, a conceptual order.

She’s right in trying to do that, and yet there’s more. I mean, you don’t challenge that. If you challenge that then you would dissipate the energy and the other wouldn’t be as exciting and as magnetic.

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