A Degree of Relief

dreams1Dream work, and connections to higher energies, are not instant cure-alls. As with anything in life, it happens step by step, as we move closer and closer to what we have aimed our life toward. In this dream, we see that something has opened up, but all the connections and freedoms are not there yet. That’s why it is said that these journeys never end as long as we live. There is only progress and a new elevation to be reached. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream it feels like I’m with… well, I end up being with my family. We’re visiting some place because we go through one room and it almost feels like it’s being set up for a movie set. And we go through there into another room, but there are windows where we can look back.

And when I look back from where I’m sitting, I notice that the actor, Kevin Bacon, has come and he’s on the other side looking a little bored, trying to get his cellphone or something to work. I’m sitting there on the other side of the window, looking right at him, but I realize that makes him a little uncomfortable. He’s kind of in a little grumpy mood or something, or wants his privacy.

So I move with the others and we go into an area, and it feels like there’s this strange, almost like blue tree that you can climb up in. It has really broad branches so I’ve made myself comfortable. My brother-in-law’s there, and I think it’s my mother. My sister might be somewhere nearby. And we started to play a card game, and the card game will require everybody to discard and I’m trying to figure out some of the rules.

I think I get to pick up their discards, but then I’m going to have to discard, too, and I’m excited because I must have been dealt almost every ace in the deck in my hand. But we have to get down for a minute, and I put my discard and the good part of my hand, which I’m still sorting out, down. It seems like I have to go do something.

Then when I come back, I can’t find my hand and I can’t tell what was discard and what’s my cards, so we move out of that area to another area where I think we’re going to sit down at this table to play cards again. But at a table will be a little easier, but then I think we’re setting it to eat. And then one of the people that almost is dressed like a stewardess comes up to me and hands me something, and I guess it would be something that would allow me to be introduced to, or connect with, Kevin Bacon, because she was thinking I actually wanted to hook up with him. But I explained that, no, I actually quite like his wife. She’s the actress in one of the programs I really like. I just was watching him.

That seems to be most of the dream. There wasn’t anything specific in it, in a way.

John: This takes the prior dream and it advances it to where you’re having to contend with, to experience and roll around in, the aspect or quality that is kind of a weight or burden upon you. So in this dream there is a sense of relief from being able to look at it, but you’re still veiled from it, you’re still looking from outside of a glass.

But the sense, the fact that you can acknowledge it, that you can recognize it, gives you a certain degree of relief, enough so that you could have moments of free flow in which the quality upon which you can absorb or handle things is more readily a part of your nature. However, you’re not completely out of the woods with the thing yet. I mean seeing it is one thing, living it is another. You can’t get presumptuous assuming that being able to look at it has gotten rid of it for you. However, there isn’t the awkwardness. Still, something is in the way, but it doesn’t have the thickness and awkwardness of the first dream.

The whole process there at the center was a big jolt to one’s system because it had such a depth and revelation to it, and introduced the idea of what one does to put spells on themselves, and that one lives, irregardless of how they would like to live, that you live in a state where that is what goes on. Because things come through wherever they come from as parts of yourself, or even as parts of something that can seem foreign to yourself that invades that space.

The teacher says that you can allow access to yourself in terms of something coming in and affecting you from the other side, that gets in the way of how you are, and takes on a life of its own, through you, which keeps you from catching up with the essence of who you are. In other words, it’s like everything is vying for the heart, and you were in everything. And some aspect of something interrupts or interferes with the process in terms of how you’re able to be properly, truly inclusive. It throws you a quandary, and it’s a quandary based upon that which is… the way I look at it, that which is repressed, that which is unconscious yet. And when you go through something as dynamic as what occurred yesterday, that opens you up and enables things to happen.

Some of that swallows you up again, that’s been repressed, that has to be dealt with, that has to be taken into the heartfulness of your being in a way that releases that from its overbearing effect upon you. However, because there isn’t enough freedom or love or quality of the heart to contend with that, you find yourself trying to sort it out. And in trying to sort it out, you are negotiating, using the mind, and you veil yourself, you create a coldness or a heaviness upon the heart as a consequence of that.

Even though you see it, doesn’t mean that you are relieved of it. But it’s a big step to be able to see it when before it was totally unknown to you, and unconscious, and was still steering you around and you were helpless to its effect. Now that you see it, it is, as the teacher would say, like something coming in from somewhere else on the other side. It was always part of your makeup. It was just more submerged or unconscious. Now that it’s more present, it has a more abhorrent energetic behind it in terms of what it’s doing to you as a kind of obviousness that hadn’t been there before.

This is why something like true meditation is so wonderful because as you take and you experience the principle of an opening and openingness of the heart and you hold that, you cherish that, the space around you is able to accommodate with a quality that resonates accordingly, that accepts accordingly, that exudes accordingly. And as something like this gets really, really present a technique in the breathing is that you can even stop the breathing for a second and pause and feel it triculate there.

However, any trying has you breathing and has you trying to feel it and being removed in some capacity or another, or aloof to it. When it’s really there, when you’ve really broken through, it’s a still point. Even in terms of the breath, it’s a still point; you’re holding a still point.

This is kind of like the bigger subject matter of it all.

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