A Light Gone Out

Earth_from_RosettaIn our last post we had a dream that involved a societal breakdown that included vampires, and an attempt by the dreamer to fix the system and make improvements by uniting around a central idea (see A Reference Point). Today we continue to look at this dream image from the standpoint of spiritual evolution for the individual and for the human as a species. Though their futures are intertwined, the individual doesn’t need to wait, and can’t wait, for the collective to do what it has been designed to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: What if you were to take and look at it from the standpoint of you making a journey like that? Will that cause, or change, the outer from tearing itself to shreds or will that happen anyway?

In other words, is this more like a kind of rapture where a person is being rescued from within from the travails, and influences, and effect of outer consequences upon their being? And that you take everything that you see around you and you turn its focus back to an unputrefied condition and state.

In other words, instead of having a system in which you have vested interests that are personal and ego oriented in terms of their me, myself, and I separation which contribute towards tearing things down and impoverishing the outer reflection of things. Instead you have the quality inside of yourself that upholds what is important in terms of the overall motif of how something has to, and needs to be, in terms of it being what it really is – instead of what it has become twisted or misaligned into.

If you are able to do that, are you actually able to create the greater image of change in which something is able to actually shift? Can that dynamic break through, or come through? Can a society come out of its trance, its indulgences, and come back to an orientation, a singular orientation that brings out, or brings forth, that which upholds, or sustains and maintains the whole essence of manifestation?

In other words, manifestation is, in its highest form, a reflection of something from within, a hidden treasure from within, but a waywardness has taken place that has gotten more and more out of whack because man actually has a means to live out its imagination however that imagination is. In other words, it creates its own dimensions, its own planes, its own schematic, and that if one is able to let go of that, they are able to evolve back to who and what it is that they really are.

They still have the propensities in their nature that can go awry, but they have grown up and know that there is no purpose in life for them to act such things out, because they can’t go anywhere. It just puts you in a pariah and pariahed state, cannibalized state. And so for this to not be so requires the collective consciousness of a wholeness to predominate.

So the question then becomes: is this possible? Well, the image that’s been portrayed doesn’t make it sound like that it’s possible because the image that has been portrayed is that the light of the whole has gone out, so that a shift is not able to occur, and that things are destined to breakdown.

However, your image suggests that this doesn’t necessarily have to be so, which makes one, if one accepts the original premise that the light is out in the collective but not in the individual, then the individual can take the outer reflections and see them in a whole new light, instead of things that are happening around tearing at you and causing you great disturbance.

Instead you come to see how everything that is happening around you actually is part of an overall general inner design and challenge, in terms of the development within of what is real, the true light, and that through man, man has been the crown upon which everything has gotten disseminated in terms of what flows from inner into outer. And if that then flows back into the heart of man, then the true essence of how it is and who one is can come into being, and this way of looking at it, accepting the premise that nothing can really shift, this then becomes then the world that an enlightened person is able to live in unaffected by the nuances and deviations that exist around them. They are in the world but not part of it.

Could you have such a humongous contrast? Under the Yin-Yang principle that sounds and is implied as possible, because under that principle it is said that the greater the confusion and disorientation that there is in the outer, the more that almost is a counter banding or counteracting principle, the more that a light opening up as a potentiality is possible in some other way or regard. And that it’s almost as if it takes such times to invoke this other.

In other words, it doesn’t seem to just exist if everything is in a state in which what is reflective is what is real – although what is reflective can be what is real if the identification is purely to this essence and this essence only – then all that could reflect would be a divine principle and thread in which everything bows down or is intertwined with the will of God.

But if this is no longer possible in terms of the outer collective, because too much of the light has gone out in terms of the world, so to speak, that it is just the individual that can transition, and then how is it that that individual is going to progress? Is that individual going to be going back, like I said earlier, to a type of rapture or place inside of themselves that is at home, that is the principle of light, maybe one little dark speck left in it, so to speak, because it is in creation with everything this way and that way, but it is not touched by that? It’s not affected by those reflections. It has let go of those principles, those characteristics, because any identification with that would destroy it, or bring it back into the pariah state of things, and start the devolving from the whole all over again.

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