Opening Things Up
Eric Roux-Fontaine

These dream images have all the elements of a modern day fairy tale: a woman underwater in a tub, a fancy dress gown, a sweet kiss with a young man. And that may tell us something about where so many classic images come from. In this case, it shows how something emerges from the depths of our unconscious, and how we relate to that at first, and then, over time, adjust to it, bring it to life, and connect to it with the intimacy of a kiss. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Then I have another dream and I think it kind of has two parts to it. In one part I seem to be in this bathtub. I’m sitting up in the bathtub with clothes on, and there’s a young woman who’s lying down underneath the water in the bathtub. She’s a redhead, wearing orange, and very slender.

I look at her. I’m a little concerned about her because she’s been under the water maybe 15 minutes, and I can even see that she’s breathing a little underwater, but I’m concerned that she needs air. So I kind of pull on her and set her out so she inhales air, but now she’s like a brunette wearing darker clothes, and it feels like maybe when she comes into the house she’ll even be like a servant. And then it feels like there’s a shift and I’m in the house…

John: So far what you’re doing there is you’re trying to align, or sort out, what is deemed to be appropriate or conducive in terms of probing the depths of yourself. In other words, when you do that things do change and that this stirs something up. And so it seems to be, in terms of you looking at this, a subject matter that has to be taken and looked at very carefully.

Jeane: I live in this fairly large house and it feels like there are some things I need to sort out. And I’m starting with some of the clothes and I’ve picked out actually, before I do the other clothes, I’ve picked out this kind of beautiful, full length, kind of midnight blue dress. It’s like a formal dress.

And I want to have a special place I hang it, and there’s a young male who lives in the household in his own little room. For some reason I want to hang this dress in his room, and if you go into his room it’s just like he has a simple little bed and he has a framework hanging up around a window, and a bathtub, and even though it doesn’t seem that appropriate, I seem to want to hang the dress in his room.

The woman servant seems like she’s around, the one I woke up before, and I feel like she may become united with him at some point. But I go into his room and I close the door behind me so there’s just him and I in the room, and I look around trying to find a place to hang the dress. And I decide I’ll hang it right in front of a window on that framework that goes around the bathtub.

I’m kind of making space for it. And right before I do that, he’s sitting on the bed, it’s like I give him a really light kiss. You almost feel like he hasn’t been kissed before. It’s very interesting. Then I get the dress hanging. I’m even kind of curious about why I’m hanging it in that room because it wouldn’t seem appropriate, but that seems like the place I want it.

Then I come back to him and I give him this really sweet kiss. It’s just really light and really sweet, but I’m aware he’s going to have his own relationship and, of course, I live in the house with my husband.

So then I open up the door and I go out and what I feel like the first thing I need to do is I seem to have taken all the clothes in the house and put them in all these little piles all around the room. And I’m separating out a couple of the clothes because I realize I’m going to have to separate them out according to color. I realize that I have the clothes representing the four seasons in the room, and I’m going to have to separate them out either now, or after they’re cleaned, according to the seasons.

But then I get distracted by this box I see. I pick it up. I open it up. It’s got like a Star Wars toy in it. It’s the most fascinating toy because it’s like a big battleship and there are different little friendly Star Wars characters on it – and they actually come somewhat alive and I get a little distracted by that. I mean I’m enchanted by how they can turn, or sit, on this equipment that is represented in the box.

And I feel like I need to set this aside somewhere special because it’ll either be great as a Christmas gift for kids, or it may be something that’ll just be great to keep, so I’m carrying it over to another room to put it aside. That’s that dream.

John: So those two dreams are correlated in that it’s totally natural for you to be able to take on an overview of what there is in terms of that which is able to be placed in the overall in an all-pervasive way. And you even know this in relationship to the seasons, which means the place, and you know it in relationship to the timing, and you’re able to do this as kind of a general overall quality or service of how it is that you are. And, in doing so, you’re able to lightly touch things as you go about this process.

In other words, you’re kind of doing this and seeing that it makes sense to do this, but you don’t really know why. In other words, it’s like the flip side of the quality of awakening something from the unconscious so that it now is able to function in life. It’s like a multiple step evolvement.

First there is something that is unconscious, that is barely alive, and then there is something about that that as it awakens it is a bit of a surprise. Then there is the way of going about almost in an amnesic sense sorting things out, receiving what needs to be there, and aligning it and distributing it accordingly to an overallness that you are in as you lightly affect this overallness.

And then once you realize that this is something that is important for you to do, and to be able to do fearlessly, effortlessly, that you can then add more focus and power to that like a quality that can then effectuate, instead of just making something more accommodational, providing something so that there is a greater overall disbursement of value in life. You’re now able to direct that. That’s the Star Wars. You’re now able to direct that or empower that in a way so that it isn’t just there in a quiet way as a necessary important service. You’re now able to make waves with it. You’re now allowed to make waves with it.

An example in the outer of this is that you’re not allowed to do things in the outer that are too big for a person to grasp and understand. You’re really not able to do things in such an outer without creating karma, because you don’t know the reference point upon which you are able to function. You don’t look to the divine principle behind it all.

And so you just go off on one tangent after another tangent after another tangent, and all of that has to be lived out, or sorted out, or dealt with at some point in time. And that when you get to the point where you have done that, then you can actually effectuate change around you. And that’s kind of what you’re condition is. In other words, it’s like you start off in which you are able to accommodate and be in a sense of yourself that is able to help facilitate something unfolding, but you do it very quietly and almost invisibly because you still see yourself as married, or somewhere else, and yet when you do this you touch something so sweetly that you know that this is important in terms of what is needed.

And then you’re introduced to the step in which, when you have come to recognize and lose yourself completely in terms of this as a process, so that no part of yourself then actually gets in the way of what is important and necessary in terms of how something is to be sorted out, so that it can properly unfold. When you reach that particular point so that you can be pure – in other words without the presence of a me, myself, and I kind of ego or something that stinks up the place – then you have a right to take on a greater responsibility. In other words, then you can actually take your actions and use those actions to effectuate something more directly, or to make a greater presence felt and known.

That then enables you to, instead of just doing something that facilitates the evolvement of the whole, you’re now able to do something that mirrors more directly what is needed in the whole in such a way so that it goes right through and beyond the qualities and the traits and the characteristics that normally veil it out. And that’s what a teacher does to a student. That’s what a teacher has as a right that they have reached inside themselves, to be able to do when it comes to working within creation with students, with what is in creation, because they’re in life, but not part of it, so to speak, to the point that they have bought off in it and have their own vested interest. And, as a consequence, all and everything that they do is for the whole, is for the benefit of something as a deeper reference point to all that there is, and that they are simply adhering to, and effectuating, that.

And that’s what you’re catching up with. This is what makes functionality in the outer being able to exist, and make decisions, and more directly relate in the outer. This is what makes it acceptable. Otherwise, it would be wayward. Isn’t that interesting?

But of course to begin with like I said you had a step by step approach. First of all, it’s in an unconsciousness that’s nine-tenths comatose, and then it comes out of this and comes more to a surface to where there is an aliveness that rises from the depth. And then from those depths that that aliveness rises to there is the ability to function outside of your normal relatability. And then as you become more natural in functioning in terms of what is the normal relatability that presides over others, you’re able to be a servant, or empty vessel, in that regard.

The next thing you know is you find out that that all connects to something much, much more that, when you catch up with that, enables you to now effectuate or to do something which prior to catching up with this, the doing of something as opposed to just the naturalness, you would have been a notionality or ego getting in the way. But now your naturalness, and the force behind it that comes out, are one and the same – and that can shift things then, that can make something different come into recognition. That opens things up.

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