In Defiance

maefaultA spiritual awakening is not a genie that can be put back in the bottle, or ignored. Just as any responsibility that we procrastinate doing will eat away at us until it is resolved, so it is with an awakening. The new possibility will have its own energetic insistence in our life, and pretending it didn’t happen can make for a bumpy ride. In fact, as John notes here, acting in defiance of it can be worse energetically for us than the original state of ignorance. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It’s like the scenario is trying to figure out how to handle, or stand, or be in-between a situation. In other words, how to take and conduct one’s self when the senses inside that there is something that is falling apart, or is not able to come together as one’s imagination might want to see it happen.

And so I keep sitting there thinking that it’s got to come together. In some sense I’m saying this, and yet at the same time it seems to have its obstacles or barriers that just don’t quite feel right to me in some deep part of myself. So, as a consequence, it’s like trying to take and respond in a way that takes into account this slight peculiarity that I notice, and the idea is to try to respond in a way that what I’m really trying to do is find a way of doing this such that I still get my way as opposed to hearing what that is really all about.

And so the image that’s created is, as I’m walking along carrying like this kind of garden hose that has got this attachment on the end that’s kind of swinging free, while I’ve got the main bulk of the hose, and I walk through an area in which there are people sitting, you know just kind of recreating, hanging out, as I’m about to try to do something.

Well, as I walk by this garden hose like swings around and goes around somebody’s throat – and I’m shocked. I stop and it gets somehow discontangled, and I say to the person, “So how do you suppose that happened?” And the person just kind of glanced or doesn’t say anything because I guess they didn’t approve of that sense of humor that still was not really sincere in terms of recognizing, acknowledging, and taking into account what it needed to be adhering to.

And what it needed to be adhering to is the recognition that deep down one can sense and can feel something that isn’t right, that’s kind of like in the nature, or in the bones, of something imminent, and to try and toy around when there is something like that sitting there, that could happen at any moment. This is just not good common sense. You need to take into account that vibratory nature that you can sense, and feel, and work with that in terms of the principle, a principle that takes and permeates into everything.

And that’s why you have this sense of what is going on, but when you attempt to try to thread the needle or do something and aren’t accommodating the sense of knowingness that you have inside, you’re inviting trouble because you’re not being true to what you know and can see in terms of your higher self.

And this is thus what suffers, and it’s one of the reasons why a person suffers is because there comes a time when this quality of their inner power and inner spatiality needs to come out, and so everything that one does that doesn’t take this into account, is turned against them – because some part of yourself is recognizing, is acknowledging, and is upholding this quality or note. And yet, if in the outer, you’re still carrying on as if that’s okay, you’re just asking for trouble.

So, this is also a dream that explains one of the reasons why people suffer is because they can come to a point where inside of them something has awoken, which needs to come out. Everything that one does in the outer that acts in defiance, as if it is still in the limited dimensionality of things, is something that is going to backfire in some fashion, some way, no matter how it may currently look – because you know better.

You now sense something more, and different, from within, and that’s where your attention needs to be, and that’s what you need to be upholding, and that’s what you need to be watching out for and safeguarding.

And so this is kind of a dream that fits with the seed thought that when something like this wakes up, and starts to come out of your nature, it comes with a price. Or, as the teacher said, true power doesn’t come cheap.

And if you’re running into that it’s going to tear at you, maybe more so than what life would be like if you didn’t have that, because you’re being commanded and demanded to have to adhere and to recognize that. And what it is that you’re trying to adhere and recognize is kind of like an inner voice, or an inner thought, of your beingness in terms of how it is meant to be in relationship to that which is impending. And you’re required to note that.

I sense the contrast of this, meaning what it’s like to be able to hear that note in the overallness and to factor that and yourself into that as a reference point, versus having a quality that comes up to a point, but then loses the heartfulness because you’re not honoring this wholeness.

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