The Hidden Daughter

0be2Today we have a dream image which brings together many elements that are part of our long history of fairy tale stories, comic books, and movie plots: we have magic and sorcery, a powerful amulet, gangsters, a chase scene, a missing daughter, even a big mansion. And it’s all about one thing: connecting to the true power inside. If we look at the world today we can see that everyone chases money and power outside of themselves, which is today’s version of sorcery. But there are no shortcuts to our true power, because if we could attain it without the work required, we couldn’t be trusted to use it in a proper way. That’s why it’s called a “development” journey. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night, so I just remember part of a dream from this morning.

And in this dream, I’m a man who’s maybe affiliated with gangsters, and I also have a daughter somewhere. And I almost feel like, at one point, she was locked up in the second floor of this mansion building – but I’m not sure about that.

And what happens is that the head gangster is trying to take over the city and, to do that, he needs to harness certain types of power, and he’s doing it with a certain type of power. Now I have an amulet around my neck. It’s kind of hidden under my shirt. It looks like pewter or silver with kind of a violet ray in the middle of it that, when it’s actually activated, that ray comes out and has a lot of power and can activate other powers like it.

The gangsters, they know that I have this power. They want to align it with their powers to take over the city, so they mean to capture me. They don’t realize it’s right around my neck initially, but it feels like just when I want to get away from them, some people come into the building that do know that it’s there. But I use it in a way to activate some power to get away from them, or trick them around some money or something, sort of distract them with money and the power.

I manage to get away. I get out in the street, but now you never know the people that are chasing you, who’s good or who’s bad. I actually resort to flying a little and I go by this mansion, maybe because it was where one of us was held prisoner before, I have the feeling they won’t think to look for us if I go there, but I’m not sure.

I’m looking for maybe a room that they’re not as aware of to hide in in that mansion, if I decide to go in it, because they’re chasing me and it’s like I want to keep this power away from them at the same time I want to find my daughter before leaving there. And that’s when I woke up.

John: So, the three components of your dream is that there is something of a preciousness that’s hidden, that’s reflected as a depth inside of yourself – in terms of it being like your daughter that you have to find.

Then there’s this object, that is hidden, that is part of you. It’s the catalyst. It’s around your neck; that triggers something. And then there is this force that is trying to take that object.

Well, the thing is, you have to solve this Rubik’s Cube that involves this object, and your daughter, and that force. You have to solve all of that simultaneously. And the problem that you had, that’s keeping you from recognizing how to do that is that you’re conducting yourself in some way that is not acknowledging, recognizing, and adhering to that which needs to wake up, to be recognized, to be seen for what it is. And that’s the daughter that’s inside.

So, instead, this thing that you wear around your neck is like a sorcerer’s stone. It’s like you’re trying to function, but not going into what it truly is that you’re all about, which is this place in which that true power, that sweeps through all of your being and goes into everything that exists. If you were to go and access that, then this other that is haunting you to try to figure out how to function in some limited perceptual way, in an external sense, goes poof.

But otherwise if you don’t find that inside of yourself and it is sitting there percolating, then you’re going to suffer because you’re going to be haunted by your senses and mind going through this, that, or the other as you try to thread and maintain some sense that you’re holding onto, which is an in-betweenness, rather than an innerness. And you will suffer, then, the consequences.

And it’s good that it works that way, because the flip side of that is you could use this amulet power and do horrible things with it, instead of taking it and utilizing it as the true inner power inside of yourself, or the hidden daughter of your being, that you’re supposed to catch up with, that’s connected, that’s intertwined with, that is this pearl of great price.

But the reflection that’s in between, that is being vied for instead, that your mind is involved and your senses are involved in, that works within a reflective of the outer that sits there nerdling along, refusing to give in to this quality that is hearkening from within.

The condition that you’re in, because you at least have some sense that you’re not going to use this amulet in a sorcerer way, is that you’re going to sit there trying to protect and hold onto that which is precious because you have a sense of that something at a deeper depth inside, but you’re not able to quite adhere to it, and open it up, and locate it, and live it, so you then suffer instead. You’re haunted by this preying upon you.

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