A Subtler Quality

6736_nAll humans are unique. That fact alone should tell us the universe has a plan for each of us – should we choose to fulfill it. And all the days of our lives our systems nudge, poke, remind, and guide us to awakening to this truth. Yet if we ignore it, suppress it, deny it, it will be a weight upon us all the days of our lives. To not awaken to our personal truth is one of the fundamental causes of suffering in the world. Because once we are off that track, anything might happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: The meditation dream that I had sets the context for why it is, and how it is, that it works this way. Why it is that when something is stirred inside, and is meant to come out in terms of its greater, overall higher-self context, that a person who hasn’t yet gotten the memo flash through has to suffer. And we find ourselves having to suffer; we don’t just suddenly have the light bulb come on and know it.

If a person has this light bulb coming on and just knows it, they don’t even have to meditate then, they just know how to be naturally. But we aren’t that way. We take and we do all kinds of misuses in terms of the understanding that’s inflecting inside, in which we try to orchestrate, coordinate, shift, and adjust our expressive outer life so as to take into account something that is moving and twisting around, that we’re trying to take it into account.

We’re trying to make the best of this in some limited external capacity, reflectively, instead of honoring it inwardly. And so when you do that, like what happened in your dream, when you’re still doing that you’re going to suffer. And when you are able to denote the something of great importance on a subtle level inside, but are still trying to make the best of things as they are outwardly, then you’re choking yourself. And when it happens, and keeps happening, and makes no sense that it keeps happening, you say to yourself: how do you suppose that happened? But you surely know the answer.

The answer is, you’re meant to take into account this greater, subtler quality. Now this greater, subtler quality has something that it needs to do in life – and you have to get on with that. You have to recognize that, and you have to proceed with that, and you have to unfold accordingly because that is what is destined and designed to unfold. And if you can do that, then this is something that you do in and outside of time, so to speak, because you’re doing it in cohesion with that note and that vibratory nature that takes into account the overall. And everything else that is happening, which normally throws one around and comes across as real loud, as if you’re haunted by this and haunted by that. In comparison to this note that you suddenly catch up with, all of that other becomes something like a type of white noise. It doesn’t have its viability.

So, the meditation dream, it went through all of that. So, in my meditation dream, I am contending with an issue that affects my orientation. What I perceive to be happening clouds what it is that I am able to know. In other words, as you’re working off your senses in the outer. I am not taking into account the subtle vibrational nuances of life whenever my attention goes askew in some limited capacity.

From time to time I would take upon myself the satisfaction of shutting off the overall awareness but, in doing so, the overallness that flows through me – although it kind of gets veiled in the outer – doesn’t really go away, it is still acting up because it’s meant to come out.

And I need this overall awareness to catch up with the subtle essence of the world’s soul. To shut off how I am puts me in a spell. The overall awareness I have requires space and a sense of how I need to be, so when the outer orientation is exaggerated by personal involvement, the indulgence breaks or veils that connection. It doesn’t do away with it. It’s still there trying to come out, but it can I suppose fall by the way boards and you can go up in kind of a self destruction.

But I go into spinning a nuance of the whole, instead. In other words, instead of falling apart I have this sense of something that is inside and I’m spinning with that in some subtle way, knowing that what I’m perceiving in an outward motif is a little departed from that, which means that when I spin with an indulgence I go into a spell.

To compress like this or, in other words, to shrink one’s self off or shut one’s self off from this overallness is to cause the heart’s natural awareness in the whole… It’s that quality in which you put everything and go into the depths of the heart in the meditation. That quality goes away when you don’t adhere to the heart’s natural awareness in the whole, which another way of putting it is, it’s the love principle for all there is in manifestation to connect to within. And redeems a person from their indulgences that send the person spinning in a spellbound way.

This principle, like I say, is heartfelt, and the more I’m able to be there the louder the vibration of the within resonates. This vibration also resonates loudly when I speed up within, or I am connecting more to the overallness.

When I lose this quality, which is like a sound of the universe that you can actually denote inside of yourself, you can actually hear this; in other words, it’s just one of the components of this inner essence. It’s like this thought of God, and so when one loses the sound of the universe, you’re also closing yourself down. And it’s one of the symptoms that you can use to recognize,  that shows you that you’re indulging in a spell that veils you from the inner overallness.

The lesson of such experiences, and being thrown first one way and then another, is so that one orients their beingness in the real; in other words, this quality that’s meant to come out as the true inner power, of which in the outer you may have these qualities that everybody sees and identifies you as having in terms of how you function in terms of reflections, but the reference to that something other than that is the teacher. And one’s limited consciousness loses that inner connection whenever there is the attempt to figure out what it is that you don’t know with your limited personal faculties, that in the outer buys into the reflections which just create and cause you to keep spinning one spell after another. You not only spin it upon yourself, but you spin it upon others if you’re not careful.

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