Rippling Out

dfeaThe human energetic aura generally extends about three feet outside the body, yet the energies that radiate from us can extend much further, depending on the potency of what we think or do. If we imagine this like ripples in the pond around us as we move through our day, we can get the idea that we are affecting many people and things every day. And as we develop, our energetic potency becomes even greater, magnifying the effect. This reality means we have to be more conscious of what we power. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I had just felt like a repeat of yesterday. It was like I’m standing somewhere maybe talking to someone, and then I notice that there’s maybe some little bugs or something on my hair, so it’s like I want to get all of that out of my hair.

It feels like a woman’s with me, like even a mother energy. I’ve stepped aside, so it’s almost like I’ve cleaned off my hair, and then there’s something on my face we’re trying to clean off.

But it just felt so much like yesterday that as soon as you let one thing bug you, then there’s something else that has to be done, and you feel like it will never be gone. So I think I just woke myself up from that because it felt like such a repeat.

John: What that is doing is it’s just saying that you absorbed a mood, or a tone, however you took it on, or however it came about, or wherever it came from, that left you in a state where you couldn’t feel yourself in the way that you’re used to feeling yourself because you’ve adopted something, you took on something, you reacted in some manner, you missed some cue.

However it is that led to an imbalance, and when you get imbalanced in the heart, that imbalance is perpetuated by things that are set off as shockwaves into the ethers. It’s set off and it’s supported then.

This is why we have to be very, very careful. As the teacher would say, there comes a point in time where, the way he puts it, you have to be careful what you think about. Actually, that’s probably an awkward way of saying it, but the deep point is you have to be careful about how it is that you somehow react to something that has happened, which means the way you take that, and how that sets something off inside then sets off a huge effect that permeates all around you.

And you can act, or you can conduct yourself, in ways that fight or oppose that, or even create a type of appearance-wise arm’s length distance from that, but that doesn’t change the reality. The reality is the discombobulated state that you have is creating discombobulation all around you, in terms of what unfolds or happens, and as long as you carry that you are creating that kind of reflective outer world.

So you had this dream just to kind of give you a dress rehearsal of how it was that you were feeling yourself yesterday, and then you carried it to an extreme, and when you take something like that into an extreme in the dream, that’s part of burning it out, that’s part of absolving it. And so your subsequent dreams can then unfold in a more balanced way.

Jeane: I wish!

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