Inner Echo

a42Yesterday we saw how our energetic radiation has an effect on everything we are in contact with during the day (see Rippling Out). The dream progresses to show that the better way is to process and clean things within ourselves, rather than let them travel to others and create problems for them. The fundamental idea being that once an energy is created it must be processed by things until it is used up. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My next dream I seem to have gone into a little, it’s like a café or something, and I want to sit down and then I realize that I have a little bag of garbage in my hand, just like a little sack, so I want to get rid of that.

So I leave. I do know where there are some garbage cans because I know someone that lives quite nearby, but instead I go into a place next door. And there are all these like little structures near each other, more like a European village where I am, like with cobblestone streets and whatever. But I go into a place next door and sure enough I spot some garbage cans near where some people are sitting even though it’s also a café.

So, I go over and then I see what I thought was a garbage can, isn’t. So I stop myself because, nope, that’s not a garbage can where these two people are sitting. And I see what looks like another garbage can, so I go over and I pop my little bag into it. Well, a minute after I popped my bag into it, some guy has popped his head up on the other side of what looked like a garbage can to me and I realize it’s actually something where he was serving food at.

So I’ve popped my garbage can right into something that was food. I think he’s like an Italian cook or something, and I know he’s going to lose his temper any second, so I kind of skedaddle out of there. I was going to try to retrieve it because it’s all in a bag. It’s just a little bag, but then I realize that that didn’t seem like the wisest thing so I kind of skedaddle out of there.

John: What’s interesting about this is, what you’re being shown is part of an imbalance that you’re carrying, in other words the rubbish or whatever it is that you stir up inside of yourself that’s garbage, is that you need to keep it inside yourself, and absolve it in the scenario in which it is unfolding – because when it spills over it sets in motion other things in the outer.

In other words, what you’re going through is different from what others need to go through, and what is garbage to you can be food to someone else, could be important to someone else. And so it’s all the more reason to know how to listen to the heart, to conduct yourself from the heart, in terms of the hint and the inner echo from the heart, and to take that into the present situation that you’re involved in and not try to go this way, or that way, with it.

Because what’s so very, very interesting is what you’re going through, and what you’re experiencing, we have this misconception that what we’re going through and what we’re experiencing is the same thing that everyone else is experiencing – but it’s not actually true. It just appears that way because we live in such a reflective world that we’re inclined to not notice the distinction, in terms of an inner process, because everything is so outwardly oriented.

And so, in your particular case, what it was that you needed to resolve, was for you to resolve, for you to resolve within. It needed to be dealt with, or done, in, so to speak, your place of service, your place of access to a depth of yourself, that is yourself.

It’s not something that you just splay all over the place, because when you take and decided that whatever it was could be taken outside of this domain, what you ended up doing is you ended up setting in motion a chain reaction of additional karma. And the additional karma that you set off was really, really interesting because where you now chose to throw away your trash was something that affected, and was part of, an unfolding creative process in this other area.

And it’s going to have to run its course, and had you stayed back and contended with it where it was occurring, then you would have gained something as opposed to setting off something more. So this is interesting. So you set off something more now.

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