Inner Leakage

Carl Jung

Yesterday we saw how the image of a person trying to get rid of a bag of garbage was a reflection, on an inner level, of not taking personal responsibility for the energy that we process – which is a fundamental capability in a spiritually developed person (see Inner Echo)Inner Echo). So the end of that dream offers a chance at rescue, but it’s not without its difficulties; it’s worth noting that the rescue comes from another version of herself. For there to be true resolution in a dream, and internally, the message has to be received. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So now when I go outside it’s almost like there’s a stream that runs in front of the whole cobblestone street, and it’s like I’m in this stream, on almost like something like a huge rubber tire, and I’m trying to get past that and back on the shore, or the bank, maybe even across the bank.

Well, it feels like I’ll go to step on something and somebody else pulls it out of the way. And so then I’ll go the other direction and I go to step there, and it looks like even another version of me maybe has a rope that now is anchored to the tire I’m on, and it’s trying to pull me ashore – but I don’t know if she’ll be able to. I think that’s when I wake up.

John: Well, you didn’t break through it all, and so you’re still searching.

And you actually kind of have a hint right at the tail end that somehow or another you caught some cue, but you combobulated about and combobulated about and it didn’t help in the second dream where you went and stirred up a whole new set of sequences again that was not part of the original format. You took it elsewhere.

If this was my dream, this is what that sort of thing would have done, is when you have something that you have to contend with and you let it leak out, or spill it over, into the outer instead of handle it inside, absolve it inside, so that you set off some sort of chain reaction, this is a form of self-betrayal, it’s a form of blinking, it’s a form of not being able to hold your natural key.

And, when you do that, what happens is you know it’s something like that because there’s always something that is generated as a reaction, and that’s why you did it. That was the intended deal. In other words, it’s like deep down if you were to really look at yourself you do certain things for reactive purposes. That’s my nature all the time, to see what pops up. And that sort of process is not holding its appropriate state of being on an inner level.

Another way of saying it is, if you take coyote energy, coyote energy in the highest way of using it has some useful ways of causing things to inflect. But coyote energy, in the lower-self way of using it, creates disturbances and seems to gloat over those disturbances. In other words, as if things around that need to take it. Now you’re not doing it to that extreme, but that’s how extreme it can get. What you’re doing is you’re just innocently going about thinking that you could take your garbage somewhere else, instead of keeping it in the place where it needs to be absolved – and you’re finding out that that was a mistake.

Now, the purpose of a dream like this is to gain a sense or an inkling of what went askew, in terms of the way the heart can inflect, because the heart kind of should have known where something went askew, and then stayed askew, so that everything that you did – no matter how it was that you may have purported your outer appearance – you were still askew inside, and so things still stayed askew.

The purpose is for you to tighten the recognition of where the waywardness happens, because once you miss a cue you dumb down real fast, and you miss one after another after another and pretty soon you’re a basket case. And then when you play act as if, okay, you’re okay, that means you’re reaching and clutching outwardly, or projecting yourself outwardly, and that is setting off other reverberations. That is setting off other aspects of karma.

It’s like a coyote energy in that it is creating responses, but they’re vent-like responses because they’re leakage from within, instead of the real creative part that touches, and awakens, and makes something more whole, and makes something feel better.

The thing of it is, is deep down you understand that that was a discombobulation because that little last part of your dream you didn’t need to follow it through. In other words, it took you right up to the point of rescue, or of becoming okay. You didn’t need to see that. It left you with the tone. You didn’t need to get all polished up again, because everything gets all hunky dory you’d be inclined to miss the main message, the main theme. It had to be left loud. That was the teaching. That was actually a good dream.

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