A Rooted Foundation

Krista Lynn Brown

Sometimes we dream about the most minute psychological incidence of our day, other times we can dream about the fundamentals of the universe. That is possible because we are a microcosm of the universe, and its processes are our processes, and vice versa. In this image we see a universal aspect of the feminine, one of upholding, or containing, the whole, and how it relates to the masculine, which can be the spark of new things emerging. It’s important to note that these two aspects work the same way within us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my very first dream when I woke up was just an image. It was like I was looking into this room, and I was watching; it was almost some dancing, and I was just totally focused on the fact that the women were wearing these long gowns that were made out of gold and silver that just sparkled. And it was just that image.

John: Well it’s an image, in terms of the dancing and what they wore, it’s an image in which the women are sustaining something as an overallness, that simply is a quality, a rooted foundation, of manifestation.

Without that being sustained, without that being held, without that being carried as a feminine focus, that aspect of feminine focus is a kind of perspective of the will that flows through from within. Only you can’t really call it an inner into outer, but it is. Only in this case it’s a oneness that is of a feminine nature, and without it you cannot have manifestation.

It’s actually, if you were to look at it, and you were to look at that act, and you were to ponder that as an activity that is upholding something, you could, there’s a way of looking at it, and say that that is an aspect of ego. It’s that aspect of ego, that fragment of ego that is there in order for manifestation to exist. It’s an aspect of the feminine nature as a container energy that doesn’t change; or if it does change, it changes to pure energy. And if it changes to pure energy, you have no manifestation, you have a nothingness.

So, is it important for manifestation to exist? And if so, then the feminine has to do its march, its dance, upon life to uphold this as a place, or a loci, because if it isn’t maintained as a loci, it all goes. And manifestation in the physical is feminine, if all goes, if that aspect of the feminine comes and takes place and occurs.

Well, first of all there’s a lot that has to happen before that can happen. Things get so fragile in terms of mother nature acting up and being able to be directed and guided as a quality of the feminine, to be this way or that way, that a lot, a lot, a lot of magic occurs before all of a sudden it breaks loose into a kind of big bang nothingness that’s pure energy

So is it important for that to be? We shall see. Now this has to be distinguished and I’ll distinguish it even though I do it in my dreams, I’ll distinguish it here, too. The masculine energy has a different purpose. The masculine energy is a raw energy, and that raw energy comes through and gets taken in, absorbed, by manifestation, by the feminine in manifestation. And in that process of feminine energy being the container that is able to take that in or, so to speak, give something to the masculine so that it is then grounded and rooted in manifestation, it is that process which causes the change, or the shifts, that are able to happen in manifestation.

The feminine upholds some aspect, always upholds some aspect of manifestation, and you can look at it and you can be kind of bonded by it by some tiny, tiny aspect of manifestation, if you’re a true purist, in a true purist masculine sense in which the raw energy is transformed into something really, really subtle. Then you can kind of almost go back and eat your own tail in terms of its subtleness and see that that little aspect, if that little bitty aspect were to go away, where would manifestation be?

That part doesn’t change, but the masculine does change. It goes into and it causes then something in and as a manifestation to change. So the masculine is dangerous from the standpoint that, yes, it can obliterate; but the feminine, if she abandons manifestation, there is no manifestation. Or the masculine just transforms and causes a shift, rather than obliteration, and that’s the process.

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