32e8How do things happen in the universe? Well, many things happen the same way they do between individuals: through agreement. The masculine and feminine principles need to work together, but they can’t do it any old way. The masculine has to make itself right for the feminine for an acceptance to take place. Throughout life there are rules of engagement. We can see that in dealing with people, but can we see that as we try to engage with the universe? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The other dream I had, as best I remember it, everybody seems to be more masculine in that dream. And it feels like, in this case, the masculine is trying to get into a country and he thinks it’s almost like either he can if not sneak in, there’s a room he opens and maybe there’s something in there that will get him like a pass into the country.

You know it might be like maybe you could do something like draw something in a lottery, but someone comes and says he has to go through this process instead to get into the country.

That’s the best way to summarize the dream. He might be able to get it passed with a draw, but he does have to go through the process to get into the country.

John: So what you dreamt is you dreamt it opposite than what I dreamt. In other words, I started off dreaming the masculine, and then I saw and looked at the feminine. You started off dreaming the feminine, then you took and you looked at how it is for the masculine, where he’s coming into a place.

You have to deal with how manifestation is, how ego is, how raw energy is that’s not grounded and not here. You have to get it codified, or accepted, or embraced. You have to become subtle enough so that you’re not a jeopardy, or a threat, to how it is that manifestation is – and that’s how, then, something is able to shift.

Now what is really, really interesting about this is when you start to look at those two things going on you could draw, let’s say, a philosophical spiritual question here, in which you take and you see things that are out of whack in manifestation, that seem impossible to rectify, and you can see a masculine energy in its raw state of just peering into this sort of thing before it can be codified into an even flow with it all, until it can become subtle enough so that it becomes a part of manifestation so that something can change or shift.

You can see this peering in, and you can see it having an attitude, or a reaction, and seeing that everything looks fairly hopeless because what is embraced in manifestation, or the feminine aspect of manifestation that has become polluted or contaminated in some sense, is set and changes very, very, very slowly. And so you want to smack it, or you want to do this, that, or the other to get it to snap out of it because as the raw energy starts to transform, or looks to transform, and looks to be absorbed into manifestation, how is this possible when it knows that manifestation is on a dire course?

And that it is being upheld by an aspect of the feminine energy in a set way, in an unchangeable way. And then the idea that the masculine is going to come down and allow something to come of all of this? Well, it has to be that way. It has to be that way, or otherwise it stays ungrounded in its mannerism.

So, what all of this means in terms of getting to a state where there is a nothing but a nothingness is very hard to see because you have to look at both the up and the down simultaneously. I can look at it still directionally in terms of how the masculine comes in and can cause a shift as the raw energy is transformed, and I can look at the feminine energy as something that has to remain fairly set in order for there to be an aspect of ego yet existing called manifestation. But how do you put the two so together that you have a nothingness, and can you still then have a manifestation? I don’t know how that can be, yet that seems to be in the next step or something, that seems to be in the offing, whatever that is going to be like.

Anyway, that part is mystery and confusion. I just point that out as to where I can see the one, I can see the other, but I can’t quite see how the both of them could be. And from the aspect of the masculine I can see where it gets to a point where it can recognize an aspect of feminine energy that you can’t go beyond, or otherwise you will tear some fabric of things to pieces.

And I can recognize that there is an aspect of feminine energy that has to accept a craziness of the masculine in order for a shift to occur, or otherwise she is upholding manifestation as it is, which isn’t appropriate. It has to change now. This is a paradox yet. I do not see that one through. I just see the two traits and how distinguished they actually are when experienced like this.

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