A Natural Trait

tWhen we are unable to handle excess energy, anything can happen. Some will turn to drugs, drink, or sex – think of all the stories of artists of any kind who are trying to process an energy coming through them, but still don’t really know what to do with themselves at the end of the day. That’s why we can’t develop overnight, we must learn gradually how to handle higher and more potent energies, otherwise our systems get overloaded and we seek energetic release in one form or another, but usually not constructive to our end purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I don’t have a meditation dream per se, I just came to bed and broke it down with two dreams that look at what is going on in the whole of things, as a masculine energy role, and as a feminine energy role, or principle. And what changes, and what doesn’t change.

So, in the dream, wherever I go I have been carrying upon my person a knife, which cuts through whatever might get in my way. I don’t appreciate this knife, and have come to the conclusion that I am better off getting along without it.

First, I do everything I can think of to lose the knife. For example, when I discard the knife into a heap of trash, into the pile of mishmash of life, the knife still will not disappear. I mean I don’t see the knife, but when I look back at the garbage heap of it all I notice that that quality of the knife is still there. In other words, the knife isn’t quite really affected, completely disappeared or whatever.

In other words, it’s an energy that has to be there to do its thing, and it’s going to do its thing with or without me. As the knife bobbles about, even though I don’t see it, where it is at, I know it is doing what it does best, which is cut through the malaise, or whatever it is, of the place.

In other words, what I end up seeing is I see this pile or heap of whatever it is that’s the whole way that you pile everything up that you call creation, and then I see that there’s this thread hanging down here, there’s a thread hanging down here, and there’s a thread hanging down here, which means that knife, on an inner level, is cutting these threads loose, leaving these threads hanging. This knife still functions. It’s not functioning with me or through me, it’s functioning on its own, which is, when I look back, I see the knife keeps cutting, you know. And you could say, is it a willy-nilly way? Because it’s not doing it as me. It’s doing it as a quality, as an energetic.

So the fact that you see this knife doing this, lets you know that the garbage heap pile of life, and the knife, of which the garbage heap pile of life is the container, and the knife in relationship to all of that looked to be almost unrelated, but it is at that moment in time that I recognize and realize that a knife is a good thing to have. It never loses its edge, or central nature anywhere, in other words energy is neither created nor destroyed. In other words, it’s meant to go through a person. The masculine is meant to embody and carry that. Even when the most pristine and secure circumstances exist in my life, I am still served by this knife and its presence. I do not necessarily have to use it, just having it is now sufficient.

And the meaning is, I embody a quality within that never dies. No matter what I do I cannot get rid of it. It can seemingly disappear in the heat and burden of daily existence in manifestation, but even then a hint or sign of its beingness trait is apparent whenever you look.

For some reason, I had drawn the conclusion that this quality was interfering with my natural evolution, so I attempted to pacify it, or even kind of annihilate this trait from my being. Fortunately, this is not possible. This trait is designed to be a part of me, going everywhere I go. My problem is I did not understand this. I felt that this raw energy was getting in my way.

Over time I have come to learn how to work with such energy. It has evolved in me to be a trait that is no longer deemed to be stinking up the place, or completely offensive, or so off-the-wall that there is no way to codify it. This raw energy has become natural to me, and affects things in manifestation without there being any ill effects which used to reverberate everywhere.

That’s how change happens. That’s how the raw energy of the masculine manifests or brings about change. But, of course, before you can deal with the raw energy – that’s why a spiritual path deals with the feminine energy first, because it’s important to create the table setting of manifestation and work, then, with something that upholds or sustains something in some capacity of clarity of consciousness in that regard, although it looks like a state of complete confusion to the masculine at a certain point. It still has to be there in order for there to be an ego and a quality that is manifestation. You take it away, you have a nothingness.

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