Another Sight

thirdeyebrain0xeWe tend to assume that our most powerful processors are our five senses and our brain, but that’s not really true. Humans have instincts and sensitivities that are far faster and more accurate than the brain and senses. Yet there is still an even deeper level to our connectivity, which can give us access to universal intelligence which comes to us in the form of knowings. This happens with a certain state of connection and inner quiet, as we let go of what prevents us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had trouble pulling out my dreams last night. I remember one where it felt like there was this house that was almost like a station that people went to, and then they were traveling on from there.

And maybe a group of us were supposed to meet there and go on, but it felt like there was one young woman that came and then there was no one there when she came. And she kind of moved on, I almost felt like a little too early, because there are some things there that if she’d waited and traveled with the group that would help her. It’s like I almost want to catch up with her and tell her that, but then she’s already left.

And that kind of led almost into a daydream where it’s like suddenly I arrive in London and I realize I have limited funds, and I’m kind of trying to decide what’s the best way to be in London and have a certain amount of time, and kind of conserve resources and stuff. And I realize the best idea I can come up with, not knowing anyone, is to go to the train station and maybe get one of those sleeper trains to Scotland where I’ve been before.

That’s all I could really pull out from last night. It just didn’t stay with me.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night was the quality of being able to know something from inside of yourself by having some sort of sense that is able to touch it. In other words, it’s another kind of sight.

Our usual sight is where we see something with our eyes, we come to understand it with our mind in terms of what it is that we perceive, and we thereby know how it is that something is going to unfold – or so we think, in terms of the reflective that is in the physical way of going through life. But what your dream is attempting to try to get you to do is to use another set of eyes, another kind of eyes. In other words, there is a way of knowing. It is vibrating inside of you in terms of what can be, or is designed to unfold, or is going to become something that will be perceivable with your senses in the outer.

And that you don’t have to wait for it to be something that is perceivable with your senses in the outer, unless you want to live it that way, or go through it that way. Yes, you can wait, in due time it will happen. You can come to know these things by inflecting inside. Well, isn’t it better to be in that sort of presence straightaway, as opposed to have an inkling about it, and then having to wait for it to unfold?

So what your dream is about is catching up with this kind of sight that makes no sense in terms of it being portrayed or explained to others. If you try to, you kill it because it’s a kind of sight that’s almost like bashful or something. It’s a kind of sight that needs to remain hidden, or gets compromised, if it is thrown about in the same motif, in the same way that one conducts themselves ordinarily with the physical senses.

Only when it’s a sight like this is there true forgiveness. Otherwise, there’s always some sort of reflection, or representation, or way of taking something on that augments one’s expectations and physical senses. But, instead, a sight like this leaves you in a very tenderized place to where to have this sight you have to become very, very quiet in terms of your being, in terms of your nature.

So what your dream was doing, was it gave you two examples of how it is that something is to be, or is more or less laid out, as an unfoldment quality, and your perception of that in taking it to mind would be to take it into something that is the beginning of tearing it down. And then if you verbalize it, you stab it even more. And you can have this sight, this sight is possible, providing it’s a sight that operates or functions in terms of its innerness, or quality over all of life, that is not sustainable if you do anything to say no, and the way you say no is you try to turn it into something that you can put your finger on, that is knowable, and reveal-able, and describable, and something able to be transmuted to others in life.

You try to transmute this kind of sight to others in life, who are accustomed to only this other way of perceiving, and you will be cursing yourself. You will be stabbing yourself. You can’t do it. And yet this kind of sight gives you tremendous insights. You can have these tremendous insights, but you can’t take those kinds of insights as they come through, and they’re not something that you take to heart, those insights. You like to take everything to heart, everything vies for the heart, and any inflection of something we want to take to heart.

By taking it to heart, I’m also meaning you are taking it to a point where once it’s taken to heart you try to reflect it. You can’t. It has to reflect itself. It has to be left alone. It has to be something that you cannot answer. You can only be there in terms of it. You cannot explain it. You can’t describe it. You cannot put a formula to it. And yet, somehow or another, you can have access to it.

And so your two dreams, and they were like two dreams, is like being able to somehow be in somewhere, in someplace, at some point and it’s just that. The process by which you can come to stare at it, explain it, roll it around, define it, blurs it.

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