The Convertible Zone

569Yesterday we visited the “museum of oneself” in the dream described in Another Place Within. Here, the follow up dream continues from there to the next step in the process: bringing what is of value from the museum into the outer world. The image doesn’t show that exactly, but it’s important to see how the images connect from one dream to another, and get a sense of how the imagery moves the story along, revealing more detail of how the inner-into-outer process is meant to work in a human life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next dream I’ve driven up in this, it’s actually a convertible, with my friend Sally and we’ve driven up to a motel of some kind that’s not too far from the museum.

And we’ve gotten an room in the motel, but also it feels like the convertible, it feels like I actually spend the night out in the convertible. It seems to have whatever I need to spend the night there, and I think she spends the night in the room inside.

And then she must move on because it feels like I come back to the motel with a tall, thin guy, and he needs to spend a night or two there. In fact, I almost have the impression that I’ve gotten him out of prison somewhere, and that he’s almost like out on… he was able to get out because there’s some evidence that will come forth, maybe from the museum or somewhere, that will set him free. But he’s not quite in that free state yet, so we have to stay at the motel a night or two.

So I show him the room where Sally’s staying, which also feels like it’s my room, but I have the option of staying in the car, so I’ve gone out and now I’m studying what it was in the car that made it comfortable, or what might be Sally’s and what might be mine, although it all seems together in a way.

I’m kind of studying the car a little to see what it was that kind of made the car comfortable to stay in, as though I may stay there that night again. And then I’m also reflecting on how there is maybe some evidence in the museum that will help him get free, and kind of letting him loose to stay in the other room, too. That’s all I really could pull out of the dream.

John: Good thing I cut you off on that first part because that was important, because now the car is what, a convertible? Which is a zone between the inner and the outer. In other words, you can kind of go both places.

Well, you can kind of see a little bit, in other words, of that which is the museum, but in terms of having to go through the malaise and the bullshit of things that still has to occur in the mixing pot of the outer, or the hotel. And so you have various people – you have various components of yourself – that are advancing, that are getting on with things, but still have to go through what they have to go through.

And, in that regard, that is like you, or parts of you, components of you, that are trapped in this loci having to go through outer experiences. And yet, at the same time, because of the convertible zone and the recognition that you can be free of all of that, because there are things that can be awakened from the museum of yourself, you’re not exactly lost in the hotel. Parts of yourself are still imprisoned in that regard. However, you have something triculating in your beingness that has a semblance of resonance to the museum or, in other words, the inner.

So what you’re doing is this: with the right focus and attention, and that right focus and attention is the convertible side of yourself, you go through the experiences, or the sojourns, in the outer with other parts of yourself that have karma and whatever that you have to contend with to get caught up with, but it is a different journey in that you are burning it out. You are making yourself free of the overindulgence of that upon, I guess you would say, your unfoldment of what is able to naturally open up – which is the higher self, or the museum of it all, in which you’re intertwined.

In other words, all of those objects in a museum are interesting to you because they speak of something that is part of the whole at some point in time. When you truly go into the essence you go outside of time or space. That’s why that’s meaningful, and you can’t take it even though you feel like you can take it, then when you do all that does is kind of throw you back into the lower self again for having taken it. The reason it works that way is the soul is universal and infinite and has to be realized in that magnitude, and when you are appropriating things, or reaching for things, or trying to cause things to happen in terms of a perception of separateness as a beingness, that is when you fall back into the small mud puddle. That’s when you have to experience the hotel of it all, the hotel of it all being the hotel of the outer, in which everything is reflectively separate.

But you have this other drive capacity in you that knows the comfortability of the convertible. Con vert ible, converting, the ability to convert, the stimuli, and then the aspects of the outer, to their true essence, the inner. Or, as you infer in the dream, revealing something of the inner to the outer because that’s how it really works. That, as you look at that which is in the hotel, you realize that there is something in the museum that can be made known, or the inner can make itself known to that which is in the outer.

That’s the transmission, that’s the direction, and that’s how it works. And you are describing yourself as in this convertible zone, in this awakening zone, as opposed to the malaise of the outer. Isn’t that interesting?

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Another Place Within

plate-higherselfWe don’t consciously think about our heart or cause it to beat, or cause our brain to think, they just do those processes all the days of our life. And it is the same with our higher self, which is always seeking to steer us to our human purpose, or trying to reach us through the imagery of our dreams. It won’t convince us to do anything, that’s our free choice, but it waits for us, always available for the moment we are ready to begin to connect. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream was a little hard to pull out again. The first part of it, I think, that I had more trouble pulling out, I seem to have been visiting a building that was like a museum. It had like an inner room with a lot of artifacts.

And I remember going into that room, and it’s almost like there are things that one could take, but I didn’t. It was more like I just wanted to see what was there. And then, when I come out, the part of the dream that’s more clear to me, the next dream that’s more clear to me, is I seem to be traveling.

John: This time we’re using the word “take” in a different sense. In other words, the theme of the dreaming is how to take and see, how to see, that which is outside of the lower self, but is part of the Book of Life, or the other side. How do you see that?

And so you went into a museum, and in the museum what is laid out before you is something that you normally don’t come across, or pay attention to, in the outer – and that’s why you go into a museum, to look at it, to see it, is because it is in another place within.

And so you don’t take it. You see it, and by seeing it it means that you are recognizing something in terms of how it manifests on the inner, or the other side. In other words, you’re living in the outer in manifestation, going about what you have to go about, and doing what you have to do, and applying certain focus and attention to doing that which you have to do, never knowing what is necessarily right and what is necessarily wrong, but having to trust a certain heartfulness of your focus and attention. And in doing so, something else is happening on the other side, in the higher self of your nature.

Now to begin with, you experience this as something that catches you up with the tool chest of a greater beingness. But if you take any of those tools on, you come closer to a dharma of beingness that still then lives itself out, and functions, and acts, in the outer, which is a step and a process.

However, an additional step is to not take on any, or take any, of the things that are in the museum because they’re not meant to be taken out of the museum. They’re meant to be noticed, they’re meant to be observed. And when you’re able to notice and observe those, that is when you see how it is that what you do here on this side, affects that, the museum, on the other side, how it stores up the artifacts.

And so that is made possible, jumping ahead in terms of how this works, that is made possible by a certain kind of observant listening center to the heart, on this side, that inflects, given that the soul is universal and in everything, that inflects into the essence of it all.

So as you adhere to what you have to pay attention to that feels right, on this side, in doing so you are shaping on the other side. You are working in what is seeing, how what is seeing the light that you don’t see on this side, hinting, or somehow perceptively catching up with that in the museum or in the book of life. Very simple, and right to the point.

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The Full Essence

6429736The idea of connecting to the universal, or the oneness of things, sounds beautiful, but it’s also very practical. Things that are separate from the whole can only contribute to the degradation or downfall of the whole – like a cancer or virus. The universe protects its own integrity by insisting that we learn how to be an integrated aspect of it. We still have free choice in the matter, as humans, but the universe will heal itself of cancers. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So the dream I remember from last night feels like I’m somewhere where there’s a singing contest going on those of us who are competing the singing contest, there’s a group of people and we would go into a large building, and there’s judges that sit there, and then you sing and then they give you an assignment of some kind.

Well, I watched one group perform, and the thing about this group was that they were all blue and they had all these synchronized movements that they did while they sang. They sang really loud, and then they were all choreographed. But most people came in and sang, you know, singly.

Well, when I go in to sing, the judges they hand me something that’s like an assignment and I see that they’ve taken this man, this blue man that was in the blue group, and they’ve kind of taken him out of the group and then they tell me I’m going to sing his part when we come back tomorrow. And I see they’re doing that with other people, suddenly giving them assignments and then the people that have been singing solo might be suddenly assigned to sing with a group.

Well, I feel like it’s kind of a dilemma for me because from what I can tell the group doesn’t really want anybody to sing with it. They have their whole thing down already, and I’m a little perturbed about what I should do. Should I even continue to go along with the singing contest? Do I go and sing with them? Do I go and practice with them? I don’t know. I kind of leave.

I’m mulling it all over and it feels like finally I go over to either be by or observe the guy that did sing the part, and realize that the group really hadn’t been that welcoming of him when he first went either, so I decide finally that as I drive home that I’ll take the part with me and his part with me and study it and come back and see.

But it feels like in the dream I’m still undecided because it’s still uncertain to me whether I can actually sing with a group or whether it really makes space for anyone to sing with it or not. It’s not clear that it does. It’s like I just have to go back and see.

John: The peculiar theme of the dreaming was that of catching up with what it is that one actually is. In other words, one sees themselves and conducts themselves in certain defined set ways and, in order to catch up with the larger overall essence of one’s self, you have to quit doing that.

You have to quit seeing yourself in a prescribed, set way. You have to be able to see yourself in the eyes of others; see yourself as them, because that’s actually closer to the truth in terms of the full essence of things. That’s actually closer to the truth of it, is that it’s only an illusion we maintain that has us seeing ourselves in some separate capacity that, if you’re able to actually see yourself in the eyes of someone else, meaning be in that person to do that, to be like that, to be like them, if you’re actually able to do that, then you are taking yourself out of the energetic that causes you to remain separate.

Where does all of this go? Well, where it goes to is a vibrational overall essence energy that is behind everything in manifestation, that you go into that. You have to be in that in order to be intertwined with all that there is that exists.

I mean that’s what has to happen, and also thus the conundrum of the statement in the Bible even that you have to love thy neighbor as thyself. You know, how is that possible unless you are able to be your neighbor, and know what your neighbor goes through in every regard? Which means that even that is ludicrous as a statement unless you go to the essence behind it all that makes and has to do with everything existing in manifestation, and your attention is upon that.

And when your attention is upon that, then all of the idiosyncrasies that are separate and functioning in deviated capacities in the outer, that a human being tends to relate to, is actually not even true. All of that is there as some sort of entanglement that a person who is truly free is basically an energetic of the whole. You become an energetic of the whole, so everything, as one has heard, everything is known, everything is omnipotent, all knowing, all powerful, all seeing, which means then, that if you were to pull back from the substance of how things are in the outer, if you could truly pull back from that, and by substance I mean there’s things that have animate qualities, if you were to pull back from all of that, so that the animal qualities do not maintain their identity as unique and different in some capacity where instead it’s all intertwined as an energetic, then you’re catching up with how and who you are.

So what you’re doing is you’re taking a dose of something as an object lesson to see if you can do it, if you can actually make this transition. You hear these stories, they’re kind of like made up stories where something happens, like It’s A Wonderful Life for example, which is a made up story and essentially behind all of the action of what’s going on is an expression, or a mannerism, that touches something that goes to the depths in the heart of a kind of magic in life. And that works because somehow or another there is the recognition of something more, instead of the same/same identity.

Imagine what it would be like if everything was like that. Well, then you would be just pure essence, pure energy, pure vibration. If you were to try to put a label on what it was that you were attempting to do in your dreaming, what you’re doing, that process, is the third aspect of the new energy. In other words, the outer is just a catalyst, and the inner is an overallness that sweeps through all things. So to the degree that there’s something a little catalytic when you bring in the essence of an overall vibration you’re just using the catalytic outer, some little nuance in the outer, to sweep through with this overall essence.

It is that amazing, and big, and different of a shift.

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