Beyond the Density

343Today’s dream follows on the story from yesterday and adds further clarification to what is going on (see Two Places at Once). What is interesting to note is that the dreamer finds herself in a position that she is unprepared for – to give a talk on a subject she doesn’t know. This could be a recipe for disaster, both in the dream world and in real life. Yet here, everything seems to work out because the dreamer can connect to the essence of something and then just go with the flow of it. When we do that, things naturally seem to fall into place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The thing about the second dream, I would say, is it felt like the care of the two boys that is done kind of almost in secret seems to be in the background of the second dream somewhere, too. I just don’t pull out very well what all of that was about because they seem to be taken care of almost apart from the community.

And in the second dream, I’ve been called in to give a talk to a classroom. It’s a class that’s being taken for credit probably, more like on a university level, and the people come together. Now the problem that I have is I’m being called to talk about a woman author who wrote in the 1800s, who was kind of adventuresome for that time, but she wrote very mannered books kind of like Jane Eyre or that type of book you saw come out of that time.

And the problem is that I haven’t read the book the class is maybe doing the report on, which is not a biography of the woman. I haven’t read it, but I’m being asked to talk about it. The only thing I catch a glimpse of is I see a brief scene from a film that’s about her life, so I kind of catch her vibe by seeing her in that film.

And when I go into the classroom, the way it’s structured is that everybody sits around with their backs to the walls, all around the room so the center of the room is empty. In fact, it’s almost partly outdoors and indoors as well. And I may just give a brief talk because I realize the main thing is to get them talking somewhat about it because they should have read the autobiography, as well as maybe some of the books that she’s read, and I know a little bit about them.

And then I seem to be asked to do the same thing a second time. The second time some of the people show up for the class and, once they’ve reported in, they disappear. And so the people in the class that I have to talk to is much smaller now, but I notice one man who carries a lot of energy, that’s quiet, and I know that he knows the subject thoroughly, and that the only way I can really present on this with my not having read the autobiography, and only have gotten a glimpse of the author’s energy, is to get those people in the room that really know about it to dialogue.

John: So you just now made that dream that was a bewilderment make sense, because basically what you said is, okay, if you just look at it like that, in kind of a black-and-white, in which there is either the railroad line, or there’s not, and if there’s not there is an awareness, and if there is the railroad line the density of that is such that it’s kind of like one or the other. It’s like how do you cross between the two worlds?

And in this dream you pointed out how it’s possible. In other words, it’s possible to know something from the past on the basis of how the vibration of that is. And in that vibration, as you hold that vibration, you’re able to communicate that vibration across. And as you communicate that vibration across, even though you don’t have the physical tangibility of something there in front of you, you make it almost as real as if it is right there in front of you. And thus you are carrying an essence from an innerness into an outerness without having to get lost in the form and the substance of how things are.

Well, this is the meaning of music that can catch the lilt and the vibe of the soul in its own kind of way because it has more of a proximity to something etheric, as opposed to something that is set and died and true and dense. It’s also true of one’s ability to take and, say, look at a picture and suddenly find themselves transported to something that isn’t even on the screen, in terms of a value and an essence that is in the picture.

And, in that regard, you have gone beyond the density of the physicality of something in front of you, and you’ve gone to some quality of an innerness that bleeds through, that resonates, that is part of that. So, in a way, you could say that a type of merging has come about between the inner and the outer to where there is the aliveness that has quickened, that is there as well as the two have come together as one.

So your second dream indicates how it is done, even though your first dream told it in a very black-and-white way. It’s not quite black-and-white, and your second dream corrected it and pointed out that this is actually something that manifests energetically. Did you have more? You didn’t need anymore. That cleared it all up. That made it all smooth and okay, right?

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