Something New

Santiago Perez

This dream touches upon one of the great truths of life, in that we most often are trying to control events and outcomes and, when they don’t unfold they way we have planned them in our mind, we get upset or obsess on the disappointment. By carrying the energetic of “disappointment” into what we are doing next, we often lose out on what can be experienced there. In fact, perhaps we we’re supposed to be redirected for a purpose we don’t yet understand. We have to leave room for the universe to play a role in our lives. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well, in this first dream it’s in my hometown. Initially it’s at night and I’m just kind of observing things. And I’m observing that I’m not living in my family home right now, although I’m going to be returning to it shortly.

I’ve noticed there’s even some other people that have stopped and been allowed to kind of stay there for a few days, that were in transition, or whatever. What I’m doing, it’s nighttime when I’m observing all this, and I’m going down to a staging area on the outskirts of town a little, like five or ten miles down, and I’m going to take part in a kayak race.

So I go to the dock area, have my kayak there, there’s even someone there that had taught me to kayak, and I’m going to get into the kayak. And I have to get my supplies in there, and when I have all of the supplies in there in the little backpack I’m taking, there’s a bunch of people standing around on the dock. The person that I knew has left, and just as I’m about ready and I’ve noticed I’m careful about how I’m packing my pack and where that goes on the back of the kayak, and I get ready to get in, I realize I’ve left my paddle at home – and I don’t have a car.

So, I look around to see if there’ll be someone that’ll drive me home to get the paddle, and I look at several people, maybe there are some that are almost ready to volunteer, but no one will volunteer to drive me home and back. So I realize I can’t take part in the race, and I’m kind of disappointed about that because I was almost all there in terms of being ready.

And then because I can’t take part in the race, I get up and I’m kind of feeling a little hurt by all this, and I think I had done some things for other people and now they’re not willing to give me a hand by taking me home to get the paddle, and I realize I’m not sure I knew exactly where the paddle was at, although I thought I knew where it was but still I’m a little disappointed.

But then I seem to go from there and I go into a house, and in this house are four other people sitting around in a group including one of the women is someone that was there at the dock that didn’t offer to help, and then two other people. We’re talking about things in a group and we’re supposed to present something. We’re supposed to present an idea. I wish I could remember more clearly, but I’m presenting about something.

At the same time as I’m presenting about whatever I’m presenting about, or sharing about, I realize that part of me could get upset and even express to someone in the room that I was hurt by them not offering me a ride when, after all, without them even knowing it they’ve been one of the people I’d let stay at the house. But I realize it’s inappropriate to do that because whatever I’ve done in the room right now is becoming more interesting in a way, and if I do that it’s almost like I would be being upset about something which, if it had occurred, would have interfered with my being where I was then.

So then one of the guys is kind of talking over someone else and it’s like they’re trying to pull me into expressing that which I feel is like about getting caught in the past, when I want to try to be in the present experience that I’m having with them in the room of the presentation, and going over exactly what’s occurring there.

And so it feels like there’s this whole dialogue, then, about what is happening exactly then. So I have to concentrate to keep that focused on the presentation, about what it is that’s interesting about being in that room at that moment. And I can’t remember really about what the presentation was about, but it had become interesting, but I had to keep myself in the present and out of the past.

John: So the dream introduces something called timing in a kind of evolved, shifted change. In other words, what you were doing in the first dream was you were part of and participating in the unfoldment of an essential aspect as it was deemed to exist in relationship to life.

In other words, it’s a feminine trait to just kind of lay this thing out, and so you in your boat would have been paddling about in the lay lines, the energy lines, that more or less is the feminine way of trying to say that something is being designed, introduced, not designed. The masculine kind of designs it, but introduced into the overallness of life.

And so your focus and attention in this aspect of the dream is upon this thing that is deemed to be important, in needing to be part of the overallness in life. But something changes, and what changes is that something is affecting the moment in such a way so that what had been, so to speak, a flow, is now intended and meant to be adjusted, or shifted, and different now than how it had appeared or was designed to be brought through before.

Now, within the general overall design of things is kind of a collective schematic. In other words, it’s like what you had felt, and what you had noted, and what you had caught up with that is part of the wholeness of life, in other words, your feminine nature is part of the intertwined overallness of all of life, and to the degree to which you have caught up with that is an intertwined essence that is hard to not uphold.

However, within your overallness the aspect of a masculine clarity has apparently shaped something in terms of a hearing center, within this overallness, so that you can now distinguish between and make changes in the way something in an overall sense is to unfold. And these changes, this is a shift, it’s a difference from what had been that was clearly recognizable, but in a vibratory octave that was replaced or supplanted by something new coming into life.

And the more or less collective consciousness of your inner self is able to know the difference, a part of you is able to know, something about you is able to know the importance in the vibratory difference between the something new and what had been kind of a collective unfolding overallness that you were intertwined with. You are able to now factor in this something new.

It’s interesting in that this is kind of also pointing out the magic that exists in terms of how things unfold as well in the outer, in that there can be a shift or a change in the plan and in the schematic, and that a person can’t get overly indulged or caught because you don’t necessarily get the vibratory memo real clearly. You got the vibratory memo, but it did take a bit because initially you were looking around for a means to be able to do what it was that was deemed, by an inner awareness that you carried, to be essential and important to the wholeness and overallness of life – but you weren’t finding the natural synchronicity and mannerism that supports that.

And it was only as time progressed that you came to realize that there was a reason for why that was, and that there was something of a raw energy quality of importance that was louder, that had come in, and you could tell was designed to be the new way that something had to be done, and that the old way was in the way, and that you had to let go of that.

Isn’t this interesting? See, we’re into designing and shaping, except you’re doing the feminine aspect of this whole thing in terms of bringing it across, introducing it in, and in order to do this you have to be attentive to the change agent switching as if there is an aliveness coming into life that is constantly unfolding.

And even though you are a component that is following something that you hear inside yourself as set, then there are amongst this established way that you are created, there is a quality to your being that is meant to be able to channel the vibration, not necessarily in the areas which are not necessarily clearly established, and you somehow in your consciousness have come to a point where you can know the difference. In other words, that which is meant to be, and that which is in flux.

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