Breaking Out


Marching in a dream is a perfect image to capture the idea of going along with the routine, of being in step in the same old way. But, of course, we don’t want to be stuck in our ways or in our energetic patterns, we want to give access to new energies and possibilities. In this imagery, we see how the unconscious weaves this storyboard for the dreamer to experience and understand. In this way, a dream can allow a dreamer to experience the risk of making a change, and thereby see that it’s okay and safe to do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I had some strange dreams last night. In one dream, there are many of us who are supposed to go and maybe gather together in small groups, and almost like march in some sort of procession, where then you’ll meet royalty, or whosever’s ruling the land.

And each small group, there might be a certain number that march in it, and they might be wearing a different color. And then I notice a couple of the women who at least the top of their outfit leaves their shoulders bare, you know like there’s kind of a strapless outfit on top, and that they have a blemish on the back of their left shoulder.

So I realize that if they do kind of finally meet whoever everybody’s marching to meet, or be inspected by, and you kind of get down or something, all one will really see is the blemish. It looks like either a sore or a pimple that’s large or something. I want to catch up to one of the women to let her know, but when I finally catch up with her, actually the blemish is starting to dry up or looking better, so it’s okay.

But then now that I’ve caught up with her, we have to decide where we’re going to march. I think we’re wearing blue. I’m trying to remember. And some people are hurrying over to one area, that I guess I’m thinking a little like you about how to get a more advantageous place to start, and how they’re lining up looks kind of chaotic anyway. And there are several alternatives, so I go straight ahead, and then don’t go too far straight ahead because I realize if you’re marching from there and they turn, you’re actually going to be in a bad position.

So I go over to my right and see that if I just kind of… after go right awhile and you turn left, that I’ll be in the right position to kind of march with people. And that it actually works best if you’re in a group of about 12 or so. That was that first dream.

John: The thing that’s triggering a dream like this is you’re looking at mannerisms, in other words, particular unfolded qualities. And out of all of that can come a particular way that you find yourself conducting yourself, or subordinated in terms of the whole, in terms of all of that, which means that you kind of have to carry yourself in a particular way.

All of that is adopting a kind of motif that supports something, but as you’re supporting it you also recognize that it is also set. And when something is set, then how it turns, and how it moves, and where it is going, well, it has a defined quality to it. Like the blemish on the left shoulder, it’s got a certain… the right is more unconscious, the left is more conscious. And so it has a certain orderedness to it, and therein lies the limitation.

And so in your dream you’re trying to break out of that orderedness and, in doing so of course, the blemish changes, dries up as you say, but something is more natural and more normalized when you can take your energetic into a new place, or out front, as opposed to in accordance with all that is in front of you.

And so it’s a dream that is still along the lines of having to work with the new energy, but you also have the old. You have the old patterns. You have each person’s particular dharma, or natural way that they have to be in life – and you can’t ignore that. You have to respect that. It’s something that’s important to honor, because there’s a depth in that in terms of life, and in terms of that.

But, at the same time, if you’re not careful that has you subordinated to having to march in a particular way. And the new energy requires you to flip that a little bit because something in relationship to that has to open up a little differently. And so that’s what you’re seeing yourself doing is, how do you take and conduct business as usual in terms of your approach and the way that you function as a support mechanism, as a container, as a holding space to it all, and yet interject a little wrinkle that supports it breaking free, coming into a more exuding quality of overallness that needs to, or is surfacing, or coming out at this time?

If you were to continue to maintain an orderedness in relationship to how you saw the image, very structured with a certain kind of carrying some motif that was never really addressed, it will go into a stagnation now, because the old energy can’t continue like that. It has to shift to something different.

The marching with the blemish and whatnot is one thing, and then as it turns around it can look good; it can have its freedom. And if it kept in that linear capacity of the old, it would really get nauseous. It would really get confused and twisted. It would take and it would put a burden that you’d feel on the heart like a veil, that you just wouldn’t be able to shake it off, and you’d be like under the plague of a spell. The new energy breaks you out of that. It has to break out of that because that other is a poison that has run its course. It has to come to an end. Something new is required because that can’t go anywhere anymore.

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