Destined to Awaken

gdsIf we think that humans are evolving on their own, without assistance from higher things, then it’s difficult to see what is unfolding, and what has unfolded through history. On the other hand, if we believe that there is a higher process at work, then we can begin to grasp the concept that there are things in us that can awaken – when connected to the right energy. Evolution happens when the energies change, and that causes changes in us. The universe works from the top down; but it’s not completely passive, we have to be open to it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream, it’s like I’m going to take part in some kind of almost like a beauty contest, but maybe it’s not quite like that but it’s similar. A group of us have gone to the building where this is being held.

I have this really long hair that comes like all the way down to my ankles practically, this black hair, and somehow I’ve gotten suds in my hair, so I need to get my hair rinsed and looking better in order to compete. Well, because everybody’s competing, they’re not being very helpful. So I don’t know where the women’s locker room is that we could change in.

I walk into another locker room but it’s filled mostly with men and boys and just one or two women, and it’s not really a true locker room where you can shower or anything. Maybe it’s just a place where people are leaving their coats or doing other things, so it’s not really of use to me. And I walk out and then I walk into at least a restroom where there are some other women that are going on, and one of them comments like I still have these suds around the hair on my head, you know, it’s all white there with suds.

And they leave and I decide that I don’t really know where the other place is so maybe I’ll have to make due with where I’m at, and maybe there’s something I can do to rinse my hair a bit where I am, even though it’s just a normal restroom. And I think I go over to one of the basins, or I go in to one of the stalls and it’s actually like a double stall of some kind. And then a woman walks in, an older woman, and she comments, you know, I have the soap on my hair, but then she comments that she can help me because I realize that I don’t know what I’m going to do, can we braid it, or just wipe it down or what, because I haven’t given up. I just haven’t quite figured out how to do this.

John: So the suds in your hair is the unconscious, and the hair itself represents the feminine glory, and long hair is an ancient symbolism that comes out of the Bible and it has to do with the exalting of the feminine, to have the long hair. And then the others that you have to contend with, that don’t have the long hair, are competitive.

So what you have is you have a combination of energy in which you have something that is pushing to and fro to try to make something happen, which is our competitive, and then you have the exalted quality of your nature, which is the long hair, but then you have the suds in the hair that keeps the thing befuddled, and confused, and in a state of unconsciousness. And then you have the need to try to rinse that, or to bring that back out to where you can stand on your own.

To do that you’re finding yourself pulling yourself off to one side, but the confusing part of the dream is, who is the old lady that’s there to help you? You did need help there, because what you’d have done with trying to wipe the suds out would not have been as effective as rinsing them out, or doing something that brought back the sheen of all of that. That still would have been sloppy, and it would have left your hair stringy, or not stringy but dull.

And so the key is, what’s this quality of the old woman that takes and brings that back together? Now, what the old woman’s doing is sacrificial, you know, too, because that’s why it’s an old woman. In other words, she’s there to enhance something so that something as a process can come to the forefront again.

There is a quality of the light or something that, with the suds, and the unconscious, and in the competitive and whatnot, you have a blur. And then when you get the shine of the hair back and whatnot, and you get the quality of the feminine glory back, the competitive or all that other stuff doesn’t touch you.

And as far as the little old woman, she stays invisible. That’s why it’s kind of like sacrificial, because what she’s doing is about bringing out a particular quality – and there is nothing in it for her. She’s doing that for the benefit of something that needs to come through.

It’s another way of talking about the new energy, but it still leaves the question, what’s the old woman? What is that invisible helper, so to speak? What is that component? What is that kind of depth?

Left to your own unconscious devices you are going to just try to towel it down or something, which would have been a bit absurd. So there is some other depth that knows that toweling it down would have been accommodative, and it would have been still a catastrophe that went around and around. The bringing out the sheen and the shine would have just been holding a position, a resonance. It still would have been a competitive aspect of the others, but they would have fallen by the way boards because they couldn’t have stayed in that kind of glory. They would have just wilted. The energies would have been so much different that the other would have just fallen by the way boards.

It’s an interesting way of describing the new energy. The old energy falling by the way boards as something new comes in and supplants it. I mean you’re dreaming like that. Something that I’m seeing in the outer, the switches that I’m seeing in terms of what is looking good compared to what wasn’t, and all of this sort of stuff that I’m now seeing, and what was looking good in the old way is now looking terrible as something has changed.

It’s kind of a phoenix emerging from the ashes. It’s not in cohesion with what is. That which is in cohesion with what is is going to get smashed, but that which is rising from the ashes, that to the logical mind is something that should still be subordinate to all of that other, is not, and it’s exalting itself.

And where’s that going? I don’t know, but when the light is like that, and it looks good, and it feels good, and it resonates good, you know, it has got open country in front of it when it’s like that, energetically. And so what you’re kind of describing is kind of an aspect of where you’re at in a place inside of yourself that is coming out of the doldrums, but what is causing that to come out? How is it doing that?

In other words, the naturalness is there. The unconsciousness overrides it. The outer is something you have to step back from a little bit because it’s too dull, and then something in a deeper capacity, outside of your combination of how you put the two together, something more is giving something to you, or making something, doing something for you, this coming as a little old woman.

Now, you have to put this together with the first dream. In the first dream, there was a sense of having to step out in a way so that you would be outside of the blur of the overall process, that had a definition to it, and had a routine to it. And you had that sense, and then it turns out that that was a good sense because you had the qualities of something with the long hair already to work with, but in a state of unconsciousness.

And so the sense in the first dream enables you to start to do things that change the linearity of it all, and cause you start stepping out. In the second dream, the way you’re living that is still in a bit of a bewilderment with the suds and stuff and the unconsciousness. The sense is still there, because the long hair represents the sense, but it’s blurred now with the suds. And your approach to that is a little haphazard because it’s a combination of looking at the linearity and then looking at the suds and it’s not quite right. And so something has to sharpen that, something has to sharpen that.

And what’s sharpening that is what you describe as a little old lady’s energy, something to ponder because it shows something given to the feminine, or something that’s touching and reaching you that’s like a type of extraction, or a giving; what the feminine generally does for the masculine, and yet that’s what’s happening with you. And then you would be exalted, and then you will be able to hold the space in your first dream so that this other doesn’t continue to be a monotony of marching and blemish, in a straight line, and all of that. I mean you’ll have quickened all of that, quickened all of that out of a stupor.

So the little old lady speeds something up, brings out the consciousness anyway. Something very ancient. When it’s a young woman, it’s a freshness in something that is coming alive inside of yourself. When it’s an old lady it is signifying something kind of ancient, of another time.

The new energy is like something new coming through that one is able to handle, and so you could have a young woman assisting you on that, but if you have an old woman you’re talking about something that’,s very, very, very, very old coming back. Its effect is upon the new. Something very, very old coming back to have its effect upon what is anew or needing to be anew, adding its two bits into the sense of it all.

Something new is coming and now something old is meeting it, suddenly coming back to life as if preordained to awaken at this point in time, in you, the something new is coming through and then the something old is coming to help facilitate it. I guess it’s just another way of saying it, and maybe the other was too rigid. Maybe nothing’s that different, it’s just another way of saying how something of a depth inside of one’s self, as a deep, deep, deep innerness higher self, has to get quickened to come to the fore in support of, and in terms of, its contribution towards that which is destined to awaken.

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