A Certain Step

consci1)Part of what we can do as humans is to bring consciousness to the unconscious aspects of life. By being in a physical body, we have access to things that pure energies don’t, and we can use that opportunity as a way to add to the consciousness of the universe. That is a service we can perform for the universe. Yet it is not something we do automatically: we must actually be conscious about our consciousness, because having an experience is different than doing it with awareness and intention. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I couldn’t pull out the main part of my dream. The second part of it, I know it was like there was a warfare going on, and in this warfare it’s like you could be drugged by people, but if it killed you it didn’t count, like if they drugged you too much. But it counted if they drugged you and you just became unconscious.

And then there were states in between, and I seem to be going back and forth and trying to figure all this out, how it worked, but I don’t remember the part beforehand where everything was more conscious.

John: Yeah, you’re pointing out a conundrum in terms of how consciousness evolves, is that if it’s too much and you get obliterated, or killed, or you check out of the game or unfoldment, you… this actually isn’t a person’s fault, but when it happens it means that all is for naught. In other words, it was an aborted unfoldment.

The descending into a state in which you become unconscious is okay, but if the unconsciousness gets to the point where it leads to your own demise, that isn’t okay. The demise, in other words, of the species, or the quality of energy that needs to rise up out of manifestation and go home. But the unconscious step is okay. It’s part of the process. As long as it doesn’t become so overwhelming that nothing can manifest; in other words, that leads to a type of density in which everything caves in, where there is a destruction rather than an awakening.

So the part you don’t remember is you come from a kind of a consciousness, you choose to make the journey from a consciousness, you come into life. Initially you don’t have good barriers between the inner and the outer. This loci is very strange, and so without a very good sense of things you crack up – and that means a certain step then that could happen, is unable to happen.

And that has been done who knows how many times. Eventually you learn how to cope with what you can handle, and what you can’t handle. You know how to handle, or to be able to handle, what it is that you aren’t ready yet to know. To begin with, the contrast is too great and you just are obliterated, and then that means that the process does not get a chance to try to run its course.

Eventually you get to the point where you learn to take it in, and you know how to function when necessary in an unconsciousness. That’s a step, oddly enough. It’s better than completely getting torn to pieces, where everything collapses. And then from that unconsciousness you are able to awaken, and it is this state that is kind of an aspect of unconsciousness where one has learned how to cope without being destroyed: that is the state of the feminine in manifestation.

And it’s in charge of the changes in manifestation, and yet it’s unconscious. And the feminine also reveals things, even in its unconscious state, it reveals things about manifestation. However, that other part… what you’re describing is this whole feminine side. The other part you’re not talking about, the masculine side, the other half.

And in terms of the cycle of creation, that is the part in which something then is able to come back into a state of awareness, and rise back up to its wholeness, on an inner level, from having transcended into the depths of, and become intertwined and a part of manifestation, and adapted itself so as not to be readily obliterated by things being too much, having learned how to work with the unconscious principle in order to be able to bear the burden of things that would normally have been too much, which took who knows how many lifetimes to acquire an acuity to learn how to do that, only to get to a point where you are not so easily glass pot broken because you have the unconsciousness that serves a purpose.

But then comes the step of extrication. You didn’t dream that, of how it is that you rise up out of this condition and go back to the source, or reach the source. The actual going back is something that is not readily discussed but I was dreaming that part.

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