A Connected Aliveness

6636We are constantly processing energy, from our thoughts, emotions, ideas, intentions, and any number of external factors we encounter. Part of what a development path allows is for a person to consistently connect to higher energies, energies that can only reach us when we make our lives a suitable ecology (higher energies require cleaner, less coarse ecologies). With such higher energies also comes different intelligences, because all energies have their own evolution and progress, just as we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The dream I’m having the most trouble pulling out was a real early dream. What I remember in that dream is being at a group full of people, like an auditorium, except no chairs or anything, like everybody was doing something within the auditorium.

And it feels like at one point a woman is talking to me and I’m supposed to be looking in this bag that I have, and I think what I have in there are some Native American Indian chants, or something else, that I’m trying to locate, or maybe even a flute that you play. And I realize I don’t do it as well as people that have done it.

I’m a little reluctant because I feel like I don’t know as much about what I’m doing, or I’m rusty or something like that, but she’s telling me to do this anyway. That’s the dream that I just remember that little snatch of it. I don’t remember most of that dream.

John: So in this dream you have this bag, and in this bag are things that you do not really have a very good understanding about? So these items that are in there, you consider these items like Native American, and yet it’s deemed that you have some sort of knowledge about the workings of these items.

And if you do, to the degree to which you might even accept that you do, you don’t believe you are very good at it, which means that you don’t really consider those items as belonging to you. And yet you’re required to take and deal with something that is kind of hidden or, let’s say, removed from how it is that you see yourself to be.

But they’re Native American items. That’s kind of foreign, even though you have a vague familiarity of what they are, and now you’re told that you can use them. Isn’t there something strange about that?

Jeane: It didn’t seem strange to me. It just felt like I wished I were better at it.

John: So how is it that you are familiar with this stuff if it’s Native American? Well you had a memory of something back in time and you were familiar with this, that you can’t put your finger on, but you feel just in your bones. So this is really irrational, isn’t it?

It made perfect sense to you vibrationally, but mentally, rationally, in an outer world does not make any sense. So what you’re having is a dream in which, on an energetic level, it makes sense to you based upon a once upon a time part of yourself, whenever that was, however that was, because you have no memories of that, only vibrational features that seem to be bleeding through. No facts to back it up, however. And yet vibrationally you have a familiarity with them, and then you’re told that you are to play them, that you are to bring them out.

See the nature of what was going on last night is that there is meant to be a flushing through of energy, a coming through of a very powerful force energy from the inner into the outer, and that this is able to sweep into life.

Now, in order for this to happen, you have to have this vibrational realization awakened inside of you. And this vibrational realization can’t be awakened inside of a person if they are caught in the minutia of their mental goings on, in terms of how they see themselves.

So, in other words, if you just had a physical orientation, and that was the perspective you were coming from, you wouldn’t know what to make out of this bag or the objects that were in it. But because you have a connection to something that goes beyond the physical, you are finding yourself located somewhere that you don’t know, which means you only know it vibrationally.

And because this part of yourself, this domain or world of yourself, has been hidden and, technically speaking, is densed down or veiled in the physical world, but is still an aliveness that is connected and sweeps through everything that there is, and has a knowledge of everything that there is, based upon a vibrational level. That is what is coming through.

There are no secrets in that level, because on that level energy is just pure energy, and it sweeps through everything. And the thing that keeps you from knowing this is the fact that physical existence has dumbed it down. I mean it’s kind of a problem for the soul, which is infinite, that is omniscient and omnipotent, to have to be housed in something which is finite.

In fact, it doesn’t even make sense, and yet that is the peculiar circumstances. And in order for things to be dealt with in this loci, that which is omniscient has to get fully grounded into that which is finite, and it has to go into an unconsciousness and all of that. But the vibrational qualities can be caught up with.

And those vibrational qualities, vibration being an energy, is all that there really is in terms of what is omniscient and omnipotent. And you’re able to touch, and experience, and work with that and you can do it when you go on that level. It makes sense to you even. You’re told that you can do this, and you have a familiarity in terms of being able to work with this energetic, but if you were talking about it strictly in a physical sense, this would be goofy talk. But in your dream, this whole other area is completely totally alive. And so you have this really peculiar dichotomy, or so it would seem.

But the dichotomy is happening there for a reason. This is happening because the theme of the dreaming, the theme of what was to be observed and noted, had to do with something coming through in a kind of way that doesn’t ordinarily come through. A vibration came through in your dreamworld louder than before. You got a huge dose of the other side. That’s why it’s humorous to take and pretty much stack it up on one side against reality in the physical on the other, and notice the peculiarity of the whole thing. I mean it literally does not make sense: you should not know what’s inside of the bag that you’re carrying. You can’t provide any mental evidence of how it is that you have a familiarity with it. It’s Native American; you’re not Native American.

I mean like all the questions we asked, this whole thing is bizarre, and yet you have to pull the two of them together, the inner into the outer, and that’s what you seek to do. I mean that’s why you were willing to argue that this did make sense in your sleep, because it pulled the two together. But if you wake up and separate them, it doesn’t make any sense.

And yet if it does, then that means the access of what you have vibrationally has come right down into the physical, and can be used in some capacity now to effectuate something that is meant to happen at this particular state of time. Well, I believe that that has happened, whether that will be something that stays with us, or whether this is just a glimpse and we’re getting steadier and steadier glimpses.

This is almost a type of kundalini craziness that can drive you insane you know if you were to try to look at it and make sense out of it, but it is what is happening in terms of an innerness, that is alive, that we are having to contend with, which had been veiled, and is ordinarily veiled in terms of the outer – and that is not what you are reporting in your dream.

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