Chasm of Ignorance

mex8There is the universe, and there is us. The whole of our life and development journey could be viewed as learning how we, as beings born separately into the whole, regain our access to the whole. We are designed to do exactly that, so it’s not a matter of being special, it’s a matter of letting go of the inner aspects that keep us separate, like personal ego. As we do that, we gain the keys to the kingdom, and are allowed entry. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the second dream it’s like I have this car. The car is going to have to be repaired, or something like that. So I have to take it to a car dealer on the edge of town, and I live further out of town. And I remember I have to think like, do I even roll it down the hill to get it there? Because there’s something a little wrong with it.

But first I have to get the key for it. Now in order to get the key, this car dealer has something set up where I had to actually swing across a road, like from one structure to another, and what I had to swing on it was almost like a sheet had been tied to something that had some green bands on it. You got your heel in that green band almost like a stirrup.

And so I’m up on something that’s elevated and I have to reach across to another thing that’s elevated, almost like leap across actually, get my foot in a stirrup that’s kind of a little green stirrup inside what looks almost like a sheet that’s tied to something.

Once I have done that and I’m over there I can reach wherever the key is. Once I’ve done that then I can get back and start my car and get it to the car dealer, although initially it feels like I push it down the road a little and get it rolling so I am sure…

John: So how come you have a car with no key?

Jeane: I don’t know. That’s just how it is in the dream. You know, it was one of those dreams that didn’t make a lot of sense because it had a lot of strange elements.

John: The dream makes sense; everything in the dream makes sense. And there you are with the car, and you don’t have a key.

Jeane: Yeah, right. There’s some key that I have to get before the car repair guy will repair it.

John: And so you have to then swing to some place or another to get the key?

Jeane: Yeah, I have to swing. I have to fit my foot in a stirrup and kind of climb up and get the key. Yeah, and then I can get my car repaired.

In the dream it’s almost like there are two cars, plus I have a friend that one of us is getting our car repaired, and the other car seems to work kind of okay. I remember at one point I was starting to roll the car, but then I realized I could run it, so once I get the car where it needs to be, and it’s being repaired, and I even have the sense the car has been repaired and I want to go home, I’m suddenly confused about whether the car is at the car dealer or home.

Part of this has to do with because I feel like there’s almost a shadow figure that’s getting their car repaired, too, or maybe just one of us is getting a car repaired, but it needs a ride with the other.

John: The whole shadow figure thing is just this additional element of an energetic, that sits off to one side, that hasn’t fully flushed itself through. The key just is the means by which you access the whole thing on an inner level.

In other words, yes, the key represents something that has to do with a car, per se, in a physical level as well, but that isn’t the kind of key we’re talking about. We’re talking about a key which means a means of access that you have to have established first in order to address, or deal, with something that is awry in the physical level.

That access is an access to something on an inner level that is able to come down through you, because you’re also the car, come through you, and this whole idea of how you’ve been working with the car before is a little bit bizarre because those conditions are doofus. You’ve got this car that rolls and this, that, and the other, and in order for it to be repaired – which means in order for something to deal with the state of illusion that it’s in – you have to have an access to something that goes beyond those conditions of manifestation of the physical.

And that turns out, as you’re told in the dream, to be a key. And until you have access to that then something cannot then happen to the vehicle to get it repaired. And this whole idea of swinging and whatnot is like going between the two worlds to pull them together, to bring it back into a wholeness. And the idea of there being a shadow vehicle has to do with the shadow now that is a shadow in terms of the dimensionality of the inner. That is like the shadow, or the waverings of something that still has the physical flicker of manifestation.

That little deceptive notionality is like the shadow. It’s not a shadow anymore of how it is that you are in relationship to some neurosis or part of yourself that you’re not completely able to fully own and whatnot, that has to do with going to a depth inside of yourself and working on yourself and getting yourself aligned and whatnot. Now it is dealing with the real McCoy of things, the inner and the outer, and you are carrying on a subject that has to do with that. You’re dealing with the only two components that there really is in the universe of things, and it’s that inner and that outer, and what separates them and how that works in terms of the key, as if there is a key or is a means of access or, in other words, to say that there is a veil that falls that you’re able to cross the chasm of ignorance and then bring about something that can take and make this happen. And then what did the car do?

Jeane: Well, the guy is getting the car fixed. I know the car at some point has been fixed, but then when I go out into the car yard all I see is a sea of cars that all look like mine stretching for who knows how far, maybe even all the way back to my house. So I’m trying to figure out how do I figure out which one’s my car now, so I have a key, but I press the key and I can hear a sound but I don’t know how far that key reaches so I’m not sure where the sound is coming from. I think just before I wake up I figure that maybe the guy that repaired the car would know where my car is because right now my problem is maybe I can use the sound to locate the car. I don’t know. It’s too many cars, as far as you can see, and they all look alike.

John: Yeah, yeah. It’s that way, I guess, when you have to identify. In other words, that last aspect is going back into the veil, because technically speaking when you’re working with all inner and all outer, and the key accesses and brings all of this through, and the car is you, which is everything. It’s the means that goes backwards and forwards.

You’ve gotten to the point where there’s the similitude, or the likeness, of every car looking the same and being the same, but somehow or another you’re still stuck in fully acknowledging and recognizing it in its full literacy as all pervasive, because that key that you have should open the doors to all of the cars – because there’s only one car.

And yet somehow there still is something that is affecting you, whereby you tend to still think that there is some sort of missing piece somewhere, a singular thing or something somewhere, even though you have an inner eye that tends to see and is closing in on the fact that all the cars look the same. Yet you’re somehow not quite catching up with the fact that your key, if it is a key of access between the inner and the outer, goes through all that exists, affects all of the cars.

A deeper meaning of this dream is that understanding of the vehicle itself, and the appearance of the vehicle itself, your ability to see this vehicle all being the same, indicates that you’re catching up with the understanding of some aspect of overall essence that permeates through all things.

And when it is like that any kind of change that occurs affects everything in the environment. In other words, things that are done on one level affect things on all levels. And so all of those cars are affected, but so far it isn’t completely through. There is a gap, because the appearance now of likeness is there, but the key seems to still have a particularity in relationship to some vehicle that is identical with all of the other vehicles, somewhere in this malaise of vehicles that stretches as far as the eye can see, that are all the same. That part is where the confusion yet lies, because that cannot be.

You can see where that does not make sense in relationship to the inner coming all the way into the outer, although you have a component of it, and you dreamt it in a big fall swoop. But then when you get to the living of it, which is the dealership of it, there is still some component that’s missing.

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