The Natural

James Newell

We so often guide our decisions and actions according to outside, or external, pressures and events. But there is a way for us to remain natural within all of those situations, and it comes from operating in an inside-to-outside manner. It’s not a state we can switch on in a day, but we can begin to listen to the inner signals and, as we do, we will become more at ease in following our natural instincts. It is a type of consciousness, and it can become our ongoing process with some repetitive effort. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My earliest dream is harder for me to remember, but it seems to take place in a really kind of elegant older apartment that has that dark wood and everything in a number of rooms. And it feels like I’m entertaining and Joseph and Karen are there as well as some other people that are familiar to me, whether they’re family, or friends.

This dream is harder for me to remember, but I have the impression at some point that Joseph and Karen or some of the people that they’re with are going to move on to another place, because it feels like I don’t want to really entertain at a level they do, or something like that.

Instead I’ve gone into another room and I’m making my sister some tea, so I’m trying to look for the teapot and everything, and I come out and it feels like Karen and Joseph and the others are ready to move on. And I realize I’ll probably stay there and serve tea to my sister. I know there are more nuances to that dream, but I just can’t quite remember them.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with holding a natural balance that is core and innate to who you are, in the face of an ever-changing outer environment.

And so you have a way of being that you know, that feels right to you, that can bring about a melding together and a connection – but you have to stay in what is natural to how it is that you are. In other words, the serving of the tea and all of that is part of a process of familiarity and takes away the seriousness of an environment in which things hold you back, or have you struggling, or trying to find your place.

A tea type setting is a casualness in which you are able to find your own ease in terms of what is. In other words, everything is meant to be connective, and so your situation of working with your sister and serving tea and coming together in that capacity is a bonding. But what is going on with Joseph has to do with an aspect in which there is qualities and characteristics that reach outside of your naturalness.

Now there’s an importance to that, but not necessarily for you, or not necessarily at that point in time. There may come a time when all of that can be swept in, and taken in, and be part of an unfoldment. But when you place yourself into a setting, or even try to entertain, or be fascinatively connective in that regard, before you’re accepted, or before you have found the naturalness in something like that, you tear yourself down. You tear away your focus, you tear away your key energy, and you will even lose the naturalness that you had, that worked with regards to your sister, and that part that worked very fluidly and commodiously. You throw yourself off on an edge as a consequence of that.

So what triggers a dream like that? What triggers a dream like this, of course it was the theme of last night, what one could say triggers this in terms of your process is you’re constantly confronted with having to make a decision in relationship to whether or not you want to do this, that, or the other or not, like just going over and having a buffet or something. You weigh that in terms of how that relates to a perception in which you see yourself.

And what gets you in trouble is the projection that occurs in relationship to an inner sense versus an outer image, and you have to be careful how you do that. In other words, the key is to figure out how to find the natural. Now the feminine finds the natural by knowing how to be a container space, but doesn’t find the natural when it tries to define the container space. In other words, it can feel it, it can uphold it, and it can see it, but if it takes and looks at itself and then tries to say what the container space is, that’s when it’s apt to take the container energy into a projection. And that’s when it can tear itself down.

How do you do that? It’s a very fine line. You’re having to figure this one out. You’re weighing this. You’re looking at this in your dream. In other words, the general schematic of our dreaming has to do with being in a cadence of inner and outer normality, and we’re intended to be able to be in any space that there is. But because we’re not looking at this anymore from the standpoint of psychological, we’re looking at it from the standpoint of the whole, and from the perspective of the whole what creates the dilemma, more than anything else, is deep, deep, deep within you have a relatability, a connectivity, and a belongingness to every space that there is. But the question is, are you there in a complete sense yet?

The inflections are one thing, the actual residing is another, and so what happens is you can have these inflections, and then you can take and have the outer, and in the outer is like a projection. And unless the inflection is clearly developed, in other words, if it’s just a spark and then falls away, you can easily act on the spark, almost out of a state of ignorance, because the spark is not consistent and then demoralize yourself, fall back and get really, really hurt, really, really wounded.

Thus, in your image, if you catered to Joseph and his wife in a setting and in a scenario in which there are things going on that you aren’t meant yet to catch up with and deal, but you could innately do that because you do have that depth inside of you, but not necessarily fully flushed out yet.

So if you take and you grab a flicker spark that quickly veils, and lurch out there, that can be dangerous. And that can get you in trouble to where you tear yourself down and demoralize yourself because you’re reaching beyond your station.

Yet if you go to tea and you work with your sister and whatnot, everything that unfolds there is very, very extremely expansive and takes into account all kinds of things that are important in the spatiality of that, and even expands you energetically into a point that brings you even closer to relating with Karen and Joseph. However, if you substitute or try to do the Karen and Joseph until you do what is natural inside of yourself, if you get the order wrong, you tear yourself down.

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