Honoring the Energetic

tIt is a truth that we connect to the energies of what we think about and focus on. It’s important to remember that when we are obsessing about current events, either in our personal life or on the world stage. We are in the world, yet we don’t have to be connected to the energies at play. We instead can consciously choose to connect to the higher-self energies and, thereby, have access to a guidance that is there for us when we are aligned to universal purposes. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What was different about my dream last night is it felt like my dream went on for a long time, and it was very detailed and very involved, but it all revolved around one theme.

And it’s like when I woke up I just remembered the theme, and the theme was a phrase I’d heard as I was walking past a television yesterday, about how the debt itself didn’t matter if you had something like global warming going on that nobody was doing anything about, which affected the reality of life.

And so it felt like in the dream I was going back and forth with someone that was in charge of the country, or in charge of whatever, and we were wrestling with examples of this so that, on one side, you might have like something that you do that’s conservative, I imagine it would save money. I can’t remember details at all.

I just remember the energy of going back and forth, and other times you’d go into the energy of what you needed to do to actually be doing something that affected the planet, or saved something on that level. And I was going back and forth between one side and the other. And it was like very detailed and very strong, but all I remembered out of it was the bottom line.

John: Well, what the dream is about is guidance. In other words, that was the theme last night of how you catch up with the guides, or the guidance, or essentially I mean that’s the way of putting it, but it’s the sense of a listening center that you hear inside yourself in which you’re able to make distinctions in terms of what is meant to be, where your attention is meant to be.

And it’s an intention that has to be oriented towards something that furthers, or is more in tune with, the whole. And so in the dream you have the outward nuances, you know the debt crisis or politics or whatever it is that you could be quibbling with, and those kinds of abstractions are like having to contend with your condition in the physical, in a lower-self way. And then you have an echo inside yourself that seems to take on something outside of the loudness of this other because it recognizes a bigger picture, or the higher self.

It is recognizing something that is connected to, and you are contained within, and are a container of a higher order of things, which is called the higher self, upon which you have a linkage that you also know, that you come to know, as who you really are. Now you can go along thinking that you’re dealing with the debt crisis and all of that, and have your attention thrown around in terms of the mundaneness of that sort of thing, in which your energetic then slows way down and gets very contracted, gets very dense, and those conditions throw you around. You get reactive towards what you hear. You have opinions this way and that way. You’re trying to find your better judgment as you carry on some sort of discussion that is, in terms of the greater schematic, actually pointless. And to the degree to which you irritate yourself in terms of carrying all of that on, your dream is trying to rescue you from that.

Like I said, it’s a guidance dream. It’s trying to point out that there is a much larger schematic and connection that you have to catch up with, that you have to be connected to, that you have to be aware of, that you are part of, not some little extricated deviation. And in your dream you call that the global warming, or the global effect, that is pervasive.

Or you could take that the next step. It’s the higher self and the linkage of the world’s soul. And your trite soul caught in the magnetism of the physical body that then takes and has to experience the ups and downs of things, if it is able to pause, that is why it’s about a listening, it’s about a guidance, it is able to see that this other is what is really the dynamic in which you are intended and meant to find yourself. Not finding yourself over the pros and cons of something that is sight specific to a lower-self nuance. To do this is to listen, to adhere to, the hints, the mannerisms of the heart, not get caught up in, not bite when it comes to something that is thrown around out there.

Everything that is thrown around in the outer has a common quality to it, in that it is attempting to establish the A’s, B’s, and C’s thinking that that leads to a solution or resolution. And in the old energy that seems to have been the vice grips that we were caught under and could function no other way, but that way, 90 some percent of the time, as if we were climbing a tower of Babel to find a missing link in the puzzle or something that would get us out of the conundrum. Under the new energy, it’s as if this other is an agitation.

This lower-self stuff looking at the debt crisis or however you characterize it is a distraction that takes one away from the bigger picture, in terms of the overall. And so, is it really a bigger picture in terms of the overall? Because the way the mind works is the mind is only able to sense that which is in the present, and it senses it as an aspect of physical. Instead when you orient to the higher self, you orient, and you make the shift that is the new energy, you orient to an energetic.

And when you’re oriented to the energetic, that energetic is pervasive through everything that there is. And so it is from this energetic that you’re capable of taking on and grasping the greater overallness of what you are, which is something that’s intertwined with the whole. And so you function in regards to a recognition of the energetic that is the whole, as opposed to the weakness and the fearfulness of one’s nature that thinks that it has to know the P’s and Q’s of some this, that, or the other and, in attempting to do that, it stomps on the heart of this greater inner guidance and listening center that is attuned to the whole.

See, a human being can’t help it. They have to try to make something understandable, and when they do they kill the mojo, they kill the guidance, they kill the listening center; every time they try to bring it down to where it is graspable.

It doesn’t work that way anymore. Instead you have to get to a particular point where you recognize how all of this stuff about yourself hurts the heart, clamors the heart down, keeps you from a greater freedom in the overall, which is an energetic. So you have to do those things that protects and honors the energetic. You have to be in flow with the energetic. You’re connected to that, not to that which has to understand and comprehend the this, that, and the other. The attempt to understand, the attempt to comprehend, kills the mojo, kills the beingness that operates in the whole.

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