Creating Illusions

8ce1b54Most people would be astonished to know the true potential of a human life, if it was unencumbered by the culture and educational training, which have served to disconnect us from our natural processes and alignments. As a result we live our lives in the narrowest possible way, striving for planetary rewards, when we are designed and meant to be connected to universal processes and knowledge. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So in my meditation dream there is a result that I see happening, that makes sense with the way I am perceiving. I then seem to look at things in a different energetic mannerism inside, and this different mannerism is not necessarily inside, it’s an outward expression, because the other was more deeply inside. And now I’m looking at it more in terms of how it is, and the result I see occurring, it’s an outcome that is not what I expected.

The first thing is really the deeper thing inside, and then the second thing is there’s some meddling or change or shift in my energy and, as a consequence, the outcome is affected and it’s not what I expected.

If I were to go back over the factors under consideration I would find support for this result, meaning a result that occurred because I had taken on a particular demeanor. I didn’t have the demeanor, and that’s why it worked out differently at a deeper level inside.

And so that’s what we do is we take on things and the energetics that we take on change the way something unfolds. That’s how we co-create, but on a deep, deep, deep level it could have been the opposite, because on a deep inner level it actually has this other intended flow.

So as I ponder how this could happen, the balance shifts and I am in a bedroom of a house late at night. So now what I’m doing is I’m using a scenario to try to portray this again. So I imagine that I am not alone. I mean this is just some tone that you take on, just like a horror show puts you into some imagination that something else is going on besides just what is apparent.

I have no proof that anyone is in the house who doesn’t belong. In other words, this is a house that just I’m in, and I’m in the bedroom, and I’m alone, and then there’s the rest of the house and it’s empty. Then I somehow take on a sensation that I’m not alone, and if I can actually carry the sensation to a reality it seems in my energetic imagination.

I pause. I pull my senses together. In doing so I confront what I am doing, but still I am not sure if I can rectify my imagination. So I open a backdoor to my bedroom just in case there is something in the house and I can escape. And then I yell out, “Bozos, get the hell out of my house.” I say it a couple of times as I listen intently. If this doesn’t draw a problem to the bedroom I will realize it all is in my imagination and my calm focus has prevailed, or in other words, my sense you know that I am just making all of this… I’m imagining this.

However, if I’m wrong and there is something there then I can effectuate my escape. I even considered getting a gun I have and going out to see what might be lurking around, if there is anything at all. The problem is, I don’t know how to use this gun. It is more ornamental than real, so this could backfire on me. It’s not like I can bluff my way if there actually is something that I’ve imagined that is actually so.

So I finally conclude that I need to just pull back my heebie jeebies and take on the house in a demeanor that is fitting to the occasion. In other words, I pull back my imagination and therefore in a state of being able to face what is meant to be, and not what is imagined.

Now we do this over and over again. Do you know why we do this? What happens is you have a soul, and the soul is infinite in nature, and then it’s trapped into the confines of a human body and so in the delirium of in the human body it has a sense of something more, but it can’t grasp that something more so it makes up all this imaginative in-between because it’s in the confusion of the dense human body. That’s why horror shows, the heebie jeebie, all of these paranoias and worries come about because deep down the soul doesn’t have that, yet it’s trapped in a human body so in a sense it has the simulation of it. It has to get beyond that.

The meaning is this dream is showing me that I have the capacity to create the world I choose to live in. I mean we do that. We create this upon ourselves then, the heebie jeebies. How I feel energetically in my inner being is powerfully creative. I seem to take responsibility for that, and most of what afflicts me will fall away.

In other words, if you take responsibility for the fact that what you perceive in an outward way is manufactured as a bifurcation of the inner energy, and if you can catch up with that it will fall away and you won’t be creating the imaginative, or the heebie jeebies, or the nuances, or the attitudes or mannerisms that comport with being in a confusion because of the fact that you have this infinite thing and you’re cramming it down into a density and then reacting according to the density.

In other words, if you aren’t able to get beyond it, then it is meant to happen and who am I to say no? In other words, you create the heebie jeebies, and that heebie jeebies can actually create something. You do that more than you realize.

So I am to simply surrender that in terms of what is intended from deep within. The key here is for it to be that way, and not some other way because I’m caught up in an energetic nuance mannerism I superimpose whimsically. Or to say it in a deeper meaning way, to keep from taking responsibility for who we are, which is the higher self, we manufacture heebie jeebies.

The world of stillness is not easy to sustain. In this loci we are in the game of manifestating our separate illusions and living them out as figments of our imagination. Such conduct seems to be a byproduct of a soul that is infinite suddenly confined to playing the human body association game. Isn’t that interesting?

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