Another Place Within

plate-higherselfWe don’t consciously think about our heart or cause it to beat, or cause our brain to think, they just do those processes all the days of our life. And it is the same with our higher self, which is always seeking to steer us to our human purpose, or trying to reach us through the imagery of our dreams. It won’t convince us to do anything, that’s our free choice, but it waits for us, always available for the moment we are ready to begin to connect. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream was a little hard to pull out again. The first part of it, I think, that I had more trouble pulling out, I seem to have been visiting a building that was like a museum. It had like an inner room with a lot of artifacts.

And I remember going into that room, and it’s almost like there are things that one could take, but I didn’t. It was more like I just wanted to see what was there. And then, when I come out, the part of the dream that’s more clear to me, the next dream that’s more clear to me, is I seem to be traveling.

John: This time we’re using the word “take” in a different sense. In other words, the theme of the dreaming is how to take and see, how to see, that which is outside of the lower self, but is part of the Book of Life, or the other side. How do you see that?

And so you went into a museum, and in the museum what is laid out before you is something that you normally don’t come across, or pay attention to, in the outer – and that’s why you go into a museum, to look at it, to see it, is because it is in another place within.

And so you don’t take it. You see it, and by seeing it it means that you are recognizing something in terms of how it manifests on the inner, or the other side. In other words, you’re living in the outer in manifestation, going about what you have to go about, and doing what you have to do, and applying certain focus and attention to doing that which you have to do, never knowing what is necessarily right and what is necessarily wrong, but having to trust a certain heartfulness of your focus and attention. And in doing so, something else is happening on the other side, in the higher self of your nature.

Now to begin with, you experience this as something that catches you up with the tool chest of a greater beingness. But if you take any of those tools on, you come closer to a dharma of beingness that still then lives itself out, and functions, and acts, in the outer, which is a step and a process.

However, an additional step is to not take on any, or take any, of the things that are in the museum because they’re not meant to be taken out of the museum. They’re meant to be noticed, they’re meant to be observed. And when you’re able to notice and observe those, that is when you see how it is that what you do here on this side, affects that, the museum, on the other side, how it stores up the artifacts.

And so that is made possible, jumping ahead in terms of how this works, that is made possible by a certain kind of observant listening center to the heart, on this side, that inflects, given that the soul is universal and in everything, that inflects into the essence of it all.

So as you adhere to what you have to pay attention to that feels right, on this side, in doing so you are shaping on the other side. You are working in what is seeing, how what is seeing the light that you don’t see on this side, hinting, or somehow perceptively catching up with that in the museum or in the book of life. Very simple, and right to the point.

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