Pitfalls Along the Way

ma-cIt’s easy to think that when we make a breakthrough in our development that “we’ve made it,” or “we’ve arrived.” But the truth of it is that we have entered a new territory, a bigger territory – which is excellent – but this new territory has different requirements. Every elevation in a spiritual journey has different criteria that has to be met for us to be able to maintain what has been gained. That’s where our growth comes in because the new criteria is generally in the area of letting go of the personal and embracing the universal. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream I’m with people that put on seminars that I know from my past; like personal growth seminars or whatever. And it feels like they’re going to be putting a large seminar on in some city, and I think I’m undecided about going, but I do try to get there with two other people that I’ve hooked up with, a man and a woman, and the truck that we’re taking breaks down in some way.

And we’re having trouble getting to someplace. I mean it’s like something even rolls down a hill. I’m trying to help them put it back together, and I finally, in a sense, send them on their way. And then I realize I have to try to get there on my own.

Well, somehow I get to where I think it is. I’m suddenly on an island like Jamaica, or something like that. I’ve found a car. I realize I don’t know where on the island the seminar is. I don’t have any written material that tells me anything, so I drive to this town. I go into a town. I go into a room. I’m sitting down at the table.

When a man comes on what’s like a computer screen, and I realize that he’s sort of a right wing talker, and I’m filling out some paperwork in front of me, or writing on something, trying to figure out myself where I’m going, or where everyone would be, because I realize even though it’s an island I don’t know. I remember in my mind I have a picture of the resort where the people will be. I can see it, but I don’t know how to find it from where I am right now.

And I never had a flier or anything. So I get out something, maybe I find a computer screen or something, or a magazine, and I find an ad for the seminar. And I realize that the problem is that it’s something like I’m in Bermuda and the workshop is in Jamaica, or vice versa. I’m actually at the wrong place, wrong island.

So I can go back home and then try to figure out my way from there. I mean that sometimes seems like the best idea to me because I feel like without contacting where I’m going now, that I wouldn’t even know if they had space, plus I have mixed feelings about going. It’s kind of a group I had mixed feelings about going from the beginning so, you know, I don’t know whether to try to contact someone.

And it feels like where I’ve gone back to now, I’ve left the one island, I’ve gone back to somewhere. I’ve gone into a room where there’s another lady that was going to the seminar and I realize she’s kind of infatuated with one of the trainers that I know, and I know that’s an old pattern.

And I’m also looking like if I go and it feels like someplace I go and I walk out on a stage and I have to suddenly sing a song with someone, which surprises everybody because they were thinking everybody was getting up and singing a song, and I get up and do a duet with someone. You know, and that’s really like all I remember about it.

John: So this dream has to do with expanding one’s overall presence, or consciousness, in the outer. In other words, taking on the overallness of one’s being.

In other words, you’re in all things. To begin with it’s like a matter of things just break down, but to begin with, though, the very beginning, is you’re given a glimpse of going from one place to another place, almost as if the note is set, as the tuning fork note, that you are to go from where you’re at to another overallness.

And then the theme of the dreaming is one of then looking at the issues that get in the way. And first of all you don’t have the… maybe you can say it’s because you don’t have the energy or something, or the means upon which, to make the journey. So that as you strike out, you’re continually breaking down. That would be one pitfall.

The second pitfall would be that you would be feeling that, as you see yourself on an expanded overallness, that you have certain rights, or the right to take something as a closeness that is special to yourself – as opposed to throwing even that behind your back and going into the entire overallness.

The third limitation is that you feel that you, then, have a positioning that is entitled to conduct itself with other likekinded, likeminded, similar in focus energetics. And that indulgence also keeps you from having the full perspective of the overallness.

Now, the very first image or glimpse that you have of something compelling you to go from a position that you’re at to somewhere else, that very first image, there’s nothing wrong with that image. It sets the note. It’s kind of like every person has inside of themselves a kind of calling to go home, and that note itself has nothing wrong with it.

But, then, as this proceeds to unfold in terms of the way the feminine experiences this, is exuding and expanding her container energy into an overallness in which she takes on a wholeness of it all. As this expands, then that’s when the aspects, the various shifts, in doing this, occur.

In other words, the first thing you contend with is the breaking down, where you just don’t have enough energy. The second thing you have to contend with is the quality where you feel you have a natural aligned entitlement, or right, that you can take in for yourself, that belongs to you uniquely or something. The third is where you now factor yourself into the unfolding action of things, thinking that this is part of the unfoldment, but it’s not part of the unfoldment. It’s another pitfall along the way.

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Responding in Matter

creating-matter-from-lightIt’s important for the universe that humans be born into physical bodies, because we are designed to act as agents of the purposes of creation. As part of that role, we are able to connect to higher energies and bring them through, from the energy worlds into the physical world. What that process can look like is when a new idea comes to someone and they create something never seen before. We know we are all capable of that. But what unites us with higher purpose is when we do such processes on behalf of creation, rather than for the betterment of ourselves. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In the next little dream, it’s like I’ve gone and I’ve taken an exam, and I’ve left, but we’re coming back to get our scores. And the teacher says something about the fact that there might have been something wrong with my exam. There was a question about it that the person who scored the exam had.

They send the exams off to be scored, and she wasn’t sure what the outcome was. So I have a little trepidation, and then she hands me my exam and I see that the problem with the exam was that I had shown that when I did the session, from which we answered the questions, that I have recorded it. So I had a recorder attached to the material and, apparently, that was not common.

So they weren’t sure if I was going to have to retake the exam or whatever, but whoever scored it on the other end decided that was okay and gave me an A+. It just wasn’t the usual way it’s done.

John: So now you created an image that responded, that’s in response, to what was awkward about the prior dream. In other words, in this dream, you have both parts again.

You have the part that has to take and go through the motions of things, that’s in the outer, that gets caught in whatever it observes in the outer and, you know, it is having to untwine, and take a test, and go through all of that.

And then you have the part that gets it, that recognizes that underneath this fabric of an outer is a vibration or something, a spirit energy force, that you cannot put down necessarily in words, that’s imbedded as if it’s recorded. And it permeates throughout the space as the innerness behind it all – and you have accessed that.

In other words, that’s what’s meant by the recording. And so when you have that, there’s no way you can be denied entrance. In other words, this is what it takes to go through the door, is you have to have access to this energetic. It’s a sensation of going through a corridor, or through a door. That’s the sensation way of saying it, you know, as if you’re coming from this state of perdition into a whole new world of spirit energy.

However, even though it can be said as having that kind of a directional effect, you can also relate it as having the opposite directional effect. It’s one and the same, it’s just another way of saying it because you have the in-breath and the out-breath, and it takes the two of them to make a whole. So you can do it with the in-breath or the out-breath way of portraying it.

You’re also bringing something through, in need of bringing something through. In other words, in terms of it working from top down instead of going through the door, which means you’ve gotten it, that’s almost like missing a beat there in terms of the top down. What awakens from the top down is the sight of what is meaningful, in other words, about the tax, about the way things are, they just are the way they are. You don’t have to explain it or make it into something. You can let it be as that.

In the consciousness is the awakened process, that fish represent a symbolism of consciousness, so within the flow is the consciousness. And so you’re second dream kind of takes and builds off of the first dream.

What was that final punch line in the second dream?

Jeane: Oh, I got an A+.

John: Yeah, you got an A+ because you recognize the spirit energy behind it all. And so how can they judge you in terms of appearances, because you went behind it all? You were in sync with the flow, the spirit energy flow coming into matter that changed the world.

So, to begin with, in the first dream you were taken in to an involvement and a shaping process of which at a real, real deep depth you’re shaping it, but you hadn’t awakened and caught up with it. And so everything was like a bit strange to you in terms of how do you compute the tax to this? There was some other little thing there that you were supposed to be able to understand and you couldn’t understand it. You couldn’t see.

The fish looked like piranha to you, as opposed to an awakened consciousness, and so it’s kind of like you’re out of place, but you don’t fit in manifestation per se, you know, in its dense way, because you recognize that there’s more to just the skin of things, or the reflection of things. You have seen something that goes beyond skin deep.

And so the first dream portrays the outer overall feminine characteristic as it exists in a state of connection, but not knowingness. And the next dream portrays how there is suddenly the access to the knowingness of the spirit energy, as it exists behind matter, so that when you are responding in matter you’re actually responding, you’re actually bringing through the spirit energy that is intended.

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The Skin of Things

510_Trying to make sense of things is a common process in dreams. Here, the dreamer is traveling back and forth between the inner and the outer, attempting to sort things out, but nothing is quite working as it should. As a metaphor, it points to the idea of the struggle to leave our comfort zone of viewing life as an outer experience, and seeking to find our balance and equilibrium on an inner level. Once there, what doesn’t quite work or fit will fall into place. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in this dream I’ve traveled to a mountain community, and it’s kind of odd because I have to go into almost an indoor area like almost like a cave area that goes up the mountain, past a home where a couple lives, go up some kind of strange chute, well then I come to the homes of the people I’m going to stay with.

Well, there’s some people that live at the bottom that kind of show me how to get up the chute the first time I do it, and when I go up there initially it feels like I’m helping set up how the houses are going to be, so there’s two or three houses near each other. And one of them, it feels like one of the rooms that I’m helping set up right now has a lot in it, so I’m getting busy trying to straighten and clean it up because it has duplicates on a lot of things, whether it’s a bed or a washing machine or other things.

So I’m kind of going back and forth from one room to the other trying to get it straightened up, and cleaned up, and the laundry done and out so that the room is more usable. And then I’ve gone over next door and looked at what was going on there, and when I come back it feels like what I’m doing in this space is I‘m also setting up a store of some kind. And a swimming area, and I’ve put fish in the swimming area, even though I was swimming in the area at one point.

I get pretty tired after I’ve got all this… and someone comes in. We don’t have a calculator yet, so people want to come to one little area and maybe buy a drink or do other things, and I kind of tell the person at the counter because I don’t have a calculator or anything yet we don’t have it all set up yet, they’ll just have to write it down as best they could whether we get people a sale or sometimes we’ll give people a discount or they’ll have to just figure out the taxes. We’ll have to do all that later because they’re coming in before we’re really ready for them.

Plus, some of the kids now have gone into the pool where I just was, and I’m watching them swim, and then I’m telling someone I’m not sure they can really swim there yet because I put these tiny piranha in the pool. And they seem like friendly little piranha; they haven’t bitten anybody, but I’m still not sure if anybody should be in the pool yet with all the fish I’ve got in there.

And then I leave because I’m pretty tired, and it feels like I’ve rested, but somehow I’ve gone back down outside and I’m with some other people, and I decide to go swimming in the river or whatever’s down below. I’m with two other people but I’m not really dressed.

John: So in this dream, what you’re doing is you are making it across or, in other words, this works in stages in terms of catching up with parts of yourself, because you’ve got other qualities that are along the way, so to speak. You can then go through the corridor, and it’s now where a whole bunch of… well, it’s a whole other existence there.

This inner quality, this inner state, is a realm in which you are meant to be at home there, but you haven’t caught up with. In other words, you are there, but what’s missing in terms of an acuity is the masculine aspect of spirit energy.

You have an effect in this place, in that it has a myriad way of complexities in which what is there can be a bit much because the memo, in terms of what to make out of this, has not come through. That’s what I mean by masculine spirit energy. The feminine spirit energy effuses everywhere in this place. You don’t have the meaningfulness of it understood as to why there are piranha in the pond.

In other words it’s got the whole general schematic, but what is it all about? In other words, you embody all of that, you’re in the presence of all of that, but then you need the… you’re taking all of that in, and you’re taking it in as a quality that is opened on the other side of yourself, so to speak, in other words at an inner depth of yourself. You’re taking all of this, in even though you’re not quite sure what to denote about it. You’re still in the scenario of it all, and then what happened in the next dream?

Jeane: Well it’s like I’ve left there, left some people in charge that can figure out the taxes and all that.

So I’ve gone out and gone down and there’s a river right before where you have the entrance to this whole place. I’m with two other people, and they’re going to go swimming. I feel like I’m not quite dressed for swimming, but I must take things off and just go swimming in my slip and underclothes.

So I get in the river, then I see something floating towards me and it’s a cow skin, you know like a cow hide with a head on it, and I kind of stop it for a minute just to see that that’s all it is. It’s not a cow. It’s just a cow’s skin. Then I fold it back up and let it continue to float down the river.

John: In other words, it’s like what you’re finding is you’re finding something that in terms of its spirit energy embodiment there is something missing. In other words, you haven’t caught up with that, and it floats in life, and it’s just like not knowing what tax to put on things, what to make out of the fish.

So you’re going back and forth between inner and outer, and in the outer you’re finding something that’s just the skin of things. In other words, just the reflection of things. The body of it is still missing, so now you go back in the inner.

Jeane: Well now I try to go back in the inner. When I start up the chute though I don’t… because the people that had helped me before aren’t there, and I just worry I might slip. I’m not sure at first how to get up the chute, but the couple that had helped me before come out even though I can tell they don’t maybe not approve… totally approved of how I’m dressed, but I’m just focused on getting up the chute. That seems irrelevant to me. That’s the end of that dream and then I have another just little dream.

John: So in this dream, it’s like by adding this other part to it, it points out that you were taken somewhere but you weren’t quite comfortable in this overallness of the place that you were taken. And in this place that you were taken you’re intertwined with all that exists because that’s the nature of how spirit energy is. It’s that there is no distinctive parts. You’re intertwined with all that exists there, but you aren’t ready to understand how everything in place is meant to be, in terms of the fish, and in terms of the tax, and in terms of all of that. You don’t understand that.

So you go back out into the outer, and it doesn’t work for you there either because you realize that what you perceive in the outer is just the skin of things. You know that there is so much more. You’re kind of caught in this in-between zone where you know that there is so much more, and in the outer you can’t immerse yourself into a consciousness/unconsciousness kind of thing there because what you find there, you’ve accessed something inside of yourself in such a way so that it has no meaningfulness.

So you try to go back to the inner, but you weren’t balanced in the inner because you were missing the vitalness of what it was about, on a masculine spirit energy way, so you can’t get back in there. But you have memories of it now, because you had a glimpse of that. And so on an energetic level you recognize how it is that you’re meant to be able to hear, listen, and function.

And it’s a way in which you have to drop a little bit of the observer quality for this because what is happening there happens as a oneness in which everything makes sense. And for it to make sense that’s where the spirit energy has to open up in terms of what is all meaningful in this depth of yourself.

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