A New Schematic

img_4602As we progress on our spiritual journey, we enter into new energetic territories – inside of us. When this happens, there is often a great urge, because of the discomfort of unfamiliar situations, to pull up old patterns and ways of going on. But, as this dream points out, in the new energy of these times, the familiar can no longer help us, or even be relied upon. We need to find our footing in the new place and keep moving forward. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My dream last night it’s, like I said, I didn’t like it. I’m part of a gang, and it’s a little bit different era because sometimes the women are wearing long dresses, but other than that it’s modern with cars and stuff.

But I’m part of a gang and we’re planning on this robbery, so we’ve been living in this town incognito. And the leader of the gang has disguised himself as a woman, and when the day comes that we’re planning the robbery, I’m having some mixed feelings about it because I find out that we’re robbing some people that are actually military that are on some kind of an exercise. But they must be carrying gold or something that we want, gold or money; I don’t know what it is.

They’re out there on these maneuvers, and we kind of infiltrate and shoot a bunch of them, and take whatever it is they have. And it’s strange because when we start the maneuvers, it feels like we actually go inside a tree; we actually enter to wherever they are through a tree and go down steps, and are kind of half underground and then out in the wild because some of them even have boats.

However it is we set up the robbery and kill a bunch of them off I guess, and then we have to get out of town. Well, when I first go out of town it’s like I suddenly have second thoughts and I want to go back and make sure that the guy who’s in charge of all of us gets out. But I find out that the road that I’m on they’re doing some construction and I can’t turn where I want to turn to get back rapidly. I have to go around another bend, and then I don’t even think I can turn then, but then somebody comes along and waves me over and shows me how I can get back.

In the meantime, he and one other person he’s still with that were kind of holding the fort back there, and they’re disguised as women that run a boarding house or something like that, they are having their house searched. And initially the police don’t discover who they are, but then the police leave.

Instead of continuing to get out of town, it’s like the leader decides to go take a bath. While he’s in the bathtub, the police decide to go back to the house so, of course, because he likes to sit in the bathtub and smoke a cigar or something like that, and of course then you know that the police are going to discover that he’s a man and not a woman, you know, so he’ll get busted. That was all I remember of the dream. I didn’t like the dream at all.

John: The first part indicates that how it is that you are functioning, as far as your patterns, your rituals, your mannerisms and all of that, is on the verge of coming under change – based upon the awakening of something anew, that just by the way that this wakes up is going to obliterate those previous habituations. You’re not ready for those habituations to be obliterated, and thus you’re going to suffer some consequences when you try to act as if you still have options available.

The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the schematic of how we are, in terms of our familiarity to things, is coming to a point where it can be flipped. By flipped I mean that we have proceeded with impressions and ideas of what the process is about, and those impressions and ideas, in terms of what the process is about, may have been important to take us up to a particular point, in other words, in terms of how we’ve maneuvered about in life. And what is about to happen, however, turns all of that upside down, as well.

The difference in your dream versus my dream is that when all of this is turned upside down, you still have this image of trying to take a step back, which isn’t going to be possible. You have to somehow cope and be okay with, maybe not familiar, but be okay with the whole new space that is coming.

What is striking about the dream, is that prior to a dream like this, you could say that you had a sense of direction, maneuvers, that were possible, in terms of your general overall being. But after a dream like this, there is a kind of obliteration in which you don’t have any sense in the dream of a familiarity to connect with naturally, or at least it hasn’t opened up that way for you because you’re inclined to try to hide yourself in some fashion by taking a step back into what had been – that is meant to be let go of completely. The familiar is not going to help you.

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