Oil and Water

_880It makes good sense to use the clearest example possible to make a point. Here the subconscious uses the image of an intractable animosity to have an inner conversation about bringing seemingly opposing aspects together. Since we are all the characters in our dreams, the image should call the dreamer to attention regarding the current status of an inner struggle. And, ultimately, we see peace offerings made in the form of gifts as a means to begin the healing process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only dream I remember is my last one. In this dream I’m living almost like in a community where there’s both Arabs and Jews, or Muslims and Jews, and the people that are like the holy men or whatever are living kind of in a compound that’s near each other, or linked.

And I’m Jewish, initially, and I’m going to visit the Arabs. And when I go there first I’m given something that’s like a necklace, but it’s holy in some way, and then maybe a scarf when I go back again. And then I go back a third time and it feels like I go through a ceremony which is a conversion where I’m being… it’s like an initiation into becoming Arab or Muslim.

And I go through whatever that ceremony is, and there are some people that are upset about this, and other people that support it. And there’s a real back and forth movement with this, and then it feels like after this has happened that I start that back and forth movement between the two compounds in the area.

And I’m going down to this man who’s like a rabbi or a Jewish leader, and I’m taking him some of the same things like I was given, like a necklace or a scarf or something, that represents the fact that he’s also going to convert now, although there are some people that are bothered about this. They don’t feel like this conversion should be going on between the two sides, but that’s what he’s going to do also. There might be some people that just come and look and you can feel like they approve, where other people may disapprove, but it’s like we’re going forth with the ceremony. That was what that whole dream was about.

John: The theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the ability to take and let go and be able to merge into the quality of an inner essence. And the pattern of the dreaming causes one to be at a state of attention – in terms of where they are truly at in regards to such a process.

In my case I was assuming that I was more calm and quiet, and more at ease, and could more readily connect with something from within than is actually the case. In your particular dream, your little nuance is you are not sure, in terms of one aspect versus this other. In other words, you’re actually are in kind of a peculiar counterbalance, where neither side is necessarily right. There’s the outer which you don’t quite accept, and then there’s this inner unfoldment that isn’t quite conducive either. You’ve got the various parts of yourself that struggle in terms of how to pull it together or, in other words, cause you to have resistance in terms of pulling it together.

So when you have a resistance, and when you have questions, and when you have the peculiarity that is there as a kind of resonance, it means something even more. What it means is that you’re not able to be at ease, quietly, with yourself, as you would like. And so you are then, as a consequence of that, projecting images of Jewish and Muslim or Arab or whatever, the various water and oil elements that need to be brought into a balance and a cadence.

You’re portraying an image there that corresponds to the vibrational awkwardness of how it is that you are seeing yourself in this kind of pulling together of a state of attention. The key here is to understand that in order to draw one closer to what is real the theme is to get one to recognize how one actually truly is when seen from, you might say, a higher spiritual source within.

And so the dream is portraying how it is that you are contending yet with the way of pulling the features of oneness out of the scenario that you have dreamt, that corresponds with the energetic that you’re still embodying.

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