The Picture of Things

para-shiftIt can’t be stated too often: humans are the merging point between matter and spirit, between the physical and the divine. It is exactly what we are designed for in our role of service to the universe, and only humans have this capability (leaving open the possibility that beings elsewhere who have freedom of choice, but may look different, are also human beings). It is this role as liaison which makes us so valuable to the purposes and evolution of the universe itself.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I’m having trouble pulling out my dreams right now. So I remember the dream was rather elaborate, but all I remember in this last part of it is going back and forth. And again it feels like I’m going back and forth in an indoor area – I mean it’s not outside.

But what I’m going back and forth about is between one space where I am, and then when I go to the other space it’s like there are these birds that we’re going to use with whatever we’re doing, and sometimes the birds are completely mechanical, and sometimes there like part alive and part mechanical.

And you may take the bird from one side to the other, too, and I seem to be evaluating what kind of bird is best to use, whether it’s a totally alive bird, or a partly mechanical and partly alive bird, or a totally mechanical bird. It feels like it’s either the bird that’s alive, or I think it’s the bird that’s part mechanical and part alive that works better to be using for whatever we’re doing.

But I just didn’t pull out anymore detail than that because it seemed to be like such a focus on which bird you were going to use.

John: Well, what you’re doing is you’re creating an imagery to portray this process in which you are trying to combine the inner and the outer, and you’re likening the endeavor as being an inner process in which there is a bringing together of that which is not alive, or mechanical, or man-made, with that which is alive, or connected to the will of God, or the real light.

And you are confronted with this challenge of where you draw the line, how is it that you see this happening, that is in balance with how you are? And the conclusion you reach is that the resulting energetic effect has to be a composite of that which is manifestation, which is dense in its nature, very contracted, and that which is of the divine essence, which is very expansive and all-encompassing – that you have to take into account both principles simultaneously, that you can’t be one way or the other.

An example of how that currently exists in the outer is, in terms of just expansive and contractive used as an example, because it’s kind of like the divine Will comes and effectuates itself in a noticeable way through an expansive quality for most people, although it can open up from others from a contractive quality. So whichever way that it is, it has to be counterbalanced.

In other words, if you’re in an expansive mode, you have to be able to take on the contractive qualities, which is a type of magnetism to hold it. And if you’re caught in an overindulged way in which you’re very linear and overly magnetized in terms of just looking at your current state of affairs, the little mud puddle you’re in, and can’t see more than that, then you need to break out of that conclusion and realize that there is something more going on. And that something more is a greater side, or part, of your beingness that isn’t limited by the confines of manifestation, and you need to aspire, and you need to reach, and you need to touch that.

Well, this is the state of man, this is the condition of man in the physical, where the dense aspect of manifestation is something slowed down that hides the inner essence, in that the inner essence is there as well. It’s just covered over, it’s layered by illusion. And then there’s the expansive side where there’s the imagery and the vision of that which is way more than you are allowing yourself to take in, and experience, in the contracted mode, and when you do take that in, you come to know that there is something so much more that expands your periphery, your horizons.

And in the dream what you’re doing is you are trying to correlate with both. And the image you have is that of trying to pull together a bit of the mechanical with that which is alive, and you’re telling yourself in the dream that this is what is more real – and in a way that is true.

Apparently it seems to be the play that we under, that we have to have our feet on the ground, which means in the physical and in the illusion, give unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s, the expression you go to in terms of how we have to correspond to that which is part of the reflective of manifestation.

And yet, at the same time, be in some sort of other divine place from which the emanation of all that there is, that comes into life, flows, and we have to handle both. Both vie for the heart. The density holds us in kind of a choked capacity. The expressiveness makes the heart dance. When the heart gets real expansive it tends to get over the toppish and is cruising for a bruising. When the heart is too dense it chokes out the quality of joy, and peace, and free flow.

And so we take and we try to sort these two states out, these two states both vying for the heart. They are coming from two separate energetic flow octaves that are one and the same. One is slowed down density of manifestation, in which those images go much slower but are affected by the speeded up images of the inner which seem to be at a different cadence.

And so, as a human being, we seem to be an octave, a crown of some sort, that lies in between those two conditions. And we are meant to be able to hold a presence in that capacity. And, as your dream is saying, you need to be able to be a little mechanical, and yet at the same time alive. It seems like a conundrum of a statement, but that seems to be the picture of things that we live under.

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