A True Light

esd.jpGold in a dream is an image of higher energy, and what better way to portray the awakening process than to dream of eating gold and changing it into something else? Because there is a double message here: humans can transform themselves from “lead” to gold through a spiritual process, but then they also can transform one energy into another, consciously, as a service into the universe. So the initial awakening is something that helps us reach our ultimate purpose. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The only thing I remember is the last part of my dream. And in this dream I seem to be the son of John McCain and his wife, who are actually in another room.

And whatever I do I’m in an adjoining room, and I have another sibling that I don’t really see clearly that’s right beside me. And there’s some other people in the room that I’m in, but I don’t see them clearly either.

And the problem that I have is that my sibling and I have a work that we’re doing that we’re not being able to get done. It’s being interfered with by the others around us, either the McCain’s or the other people in the room, I don’t know which. And the work that we’re doing is we seem to swallow these gold chains and, once we’ve swallowed the gold, because I can see it inside us, we do something that transmutes it into something else.

But it’s not working right now. It’s not either working because the people are talking to us, or because of something that’s being done in the adjoining room. I’m not sure which it is. There’s just something that’s being done by the people around us that’s interfering with us being able to get our work done right now.

John: What the dream signifies is, you’re using John McCain as an example of something that, in an outer expressive way, much of what he stands for, or represents, or does is a bit unrelatable, or indulgent, in terms of the outer. And that this blocks a process, or holds you back from a process of catching up and finding yourself.

In other words, you are having to adapt to the outer conditions being peculiarized, so to speak, because of just the nature in which the outer varies in terms of how it’s reflective, and comes to the senses, and is an area where you workout qualms and mannerisms. And you’re finding yourself, in terms of trying to sort this out, in a malaise, you know a John McCain kind of world type malaise.

But you’re also meant, even though you find yourself in this position, you’re meant to be able to transform the whole blood iron of something into gold. In other words, you have a distinction inside of yourself of what is pure; in other words what comes from an inner place. It’s within. You’ve taken it in.

The parts of yourself that you’re able to notice inflectively, all have a connection to this inner essence, and yet you have trouble reaching it, or aspiring to it, or finding it. You swallowed it, so to speak. It’s out of sight and out of mind almost, because your indulgence of your attention is so much so, in an outer collective motif, that is dominated by outward reflections that are of an orientation, a specific orientation, that is a little delusional because it is in the outer and out of touch with this inner essence.

This is the conundrum you find yourself in, but the image is such that you are to gather from this that you’re meant to be able to sort it out, because you have swallowed the gold. You are formed in the image of that which is beyond the John McCain quality that has everything in a delirium. So you’re born into this condition, the John McCain world. I mean whether you like it or not, this is how you find yourself, thrown into a chemistry that has been designed for you, that takes you into having to contend with things that don’t appear to have anything to do with the inner essence within. That you seem to be in the outer and devoid of any of that recognition, yet you do have that inner essence within and it little by little comes across, much in the manner in which, like an alchemy, where there’s the transformation of lead into gold, lead being the outer, gold being the inner, and this quality comes forth and is able to be accepted in this domain.

Because you have to think of it from the position of John McCain, and if you’re his son or daughter or whatever, you’ve been brought up to relate to how it is that he perceives the world. And yet you have this other inner quickening because you’ve ingested something. Something inside of you is a seed awakening. It’s the inner gold that’s been swallowed and, in that regard, you are not quite carrying that same indulged and ignorant echo blindly.

And so if you look at it from the perspective of John McCain, as you awaken, and you’re his son, and he has a certain caringness and purpose of life that has to do with you being able to grow up as he attempts to reconcile the distinctions, in other words in this outer sense, he comes to know as well what is important in life – inflectively.

So you have both processes going on, inner into outer, and then outer rising up to touch the inner. You have both processes attempting to go on. Both of them are geared though to something of an essence that has to make itself known in some capacity in order for there to be change – or otherwise it just all stays a John McCain world.

But it’s not meant to be a John McCain world because both you and your sibling, in other words his kids, have a spark inside of them, which means we all have the spark inside of us, some more so than others, to awaken to that which is the true light, the sun, the gold, the essence, and in doing so the world awakens.

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