Taming the Beast

Luce di Ninfa

We all have fears about facing inner traumas, or defusing defense mechanisms, that we have used in our lives as survival strategies. Yet we also know that, at some point, they limit us more than they protect us. This dream shows the process of facing fears from the past and, not surprisingly, the only safe way to do this is from an inner place, an inner connection, rather than an external process. What begins as a scary beast is soothed and, ultimately, goes away. And while it may always sleep in the shadows, its power over a person is forever lessened. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: What I remember about my first dream is it feels like it’s nighttime, and I’m going back and forth from somewhere to where I live, through the snow, in a car to someplace where there’s a little store. And then it feels like I’ve parked the car, and at some point I’m not able to go back because of either the snow or where my car is.

And at that point the dream shifts, and I find myself in this whole other reality. And it’s a reality where there’s some other people and someone who’s like, I don’t know what you’d call her, she’s kind of like a witch doctor or something like that, and she has this strange beast in a way, or animal, that the other people that have come there to be there are almost intimidated by, or have to approach.

It’s something huge with wings, and there’s kind of an approach, following whatever she tells us to do and approaching and backing away from this creature, except at some point I realize that I’m actually familiar with the creature and that the other people might be intimidated by it, but I actually pick up these little, I have like four little pieces of stiffened paper or something. I actually pick up a couple of them and I go up and I start cleaning its teeth for it.

And I can tell that feels real good. Most people are afraid to touch its teeth, it’s a pretty big animal. After I’ve cleaned its teeth, I’ve dropped two of the pieces of paper and then I’d realize I need to leave them behind. And the woman who’s in charge is suddenly starting to shoo everybody away, and giving them the time when they need to come back.

But I realize that when they come back, she and the beast will no longer be there; that’s part of the training or whatever is going on. It’s like somehow I know this from before. So I go out into the other room and I’m putting on some shoes. At first I seem to have too many pairs of shoes there, but I have to sort myself out and not get confused and put on boots, because I realize that I’ll be going back out now to where the snow is, as opposed to like this jungle setting, and that my car may or may not be there.

I don’t know if I’m going to have to walk the ways home or if my car will be there and I’ll be able to drive home, so I have to be careful to put on some boots. That’s the whole dream.

John: The first part of the dream has you going kind of like through a purity, back to yourself, or your home, kind of like an in-breath. When you do that, you don’t necessarily remember how to go back to where you had been. You’ve kind of been swept into a type of unconsciousness, but it’s an inner consciousness, an outer unconsciousness and inner consciousness in terms of going to a depth of yourself.

You can’t take the car back into the outer in the way that you had before, because you’ve gone into this other space, and in this other space within a depth inside of yourself you awaken something that you have to contend with and, in facing that, in other words it kind of comes up from having reached an inner depth inside of yourself, this becomes something you have to now contend with. And in contending with that, you free yourself back up to where you are able to flow back and forth perhaps again.

So whatever it is that you confront is a little like a trauma, in that a trauma holds one, overwhelms a person, so that they cannot move or flow. And this is like something that you came into an awareness of from having gone to an inner depth inside yourself. And if you face this trauma properly, you’ll be able to then be more viable when you go back out into the outer. In other words, the trauma is creating a veil over your ability to free flow perceptively in the outer.

I couldn’t really remember the scenario of the dream. I just picked up on the energetic vibration in terms of what you were doing. First one had to catch the direction you were going in, and that was determined by the first part of the dream where you’re going back into an inner depth of yourself. And once that was recognized, then one was able to see that in doing that you were awakening, or coming to grips with, something that had been repressed.

And in coming to grips with that, it no longer had its hold on you like it normally does. And so it became something like familiar to you, in terms of something that you could absorb, or deal with, as an energy, instead of as a trauma. And as you developed a rapport, or balance, in terms of integrating that into yourself, as part of yourself, because now it was something that you were able to face, you’re then able to go back into the outer.

So, the theme of the dreaming last night had to do with the idea of functioning in ways that… first of all, there’s one component and that component is that you can be functioning in a way that does not necessarily make sense to how you perceive yourself. And yet that is important to be able to relate in that capacity.

And that’s what you’re doing in this dream, is you’re functioning in a way that you normally don’t relate to yourself, in that you are going into an inner depth inside of yourself and facing something that is a restriction to how it is that you’re able to be and, in overcoming that restriction, you’re able to then be able to function in the inner – as opposed to trying to function in the outer. If you function in the outer, you will be functioning in the outer in a way that, from the standpoint of the inner, isn’t quite right.

You’re finding the inner awareness that’s necessary so that you can then function without fear, or qualm, or stigma, or whatever with a certain kind of openness in your being, a connectiveness in your being, so that you can then go back into life with that. That’s one aspect of the theme of the dreaming.

The other aspect has to do with what one does to veil themselves, and the veiling of yourself is this kind of trauma thing that you hadn’t faced until you went through the snow into the home, went through the purity back to the inner part of yourself. Until you faced that, that was a veil, and what is that veil like? Well, when you go to a home, back to yourself, things get brighter and brighter. In other words, you develop a clarity that is necessary to then be able to go out into the outer in which that clarity will be, that light will become, to the point where if it’s out of the ballpark so to speak, if it’s still not within the realms of a certain innerness that you’re holding onto, it will get to a point where it will disappear. When it’s still within the ballpark of things, it can become very infinitesimal but still a teeny, teeny flicker.

So, the theme of the dreaming has to do with three component parts. The one part is functioning in a way that kind of defies the way you perceive and see yourself, and that’s what you’re doing where you’re functioning towards the inner to face something, as opposed to the way you tend to see yourself and function, which is in the outer.

So you have a contrast there going on according to outer versus inner. The second is then you come to realize that which you do that creates the veil which you can take down. You’re actually taking that veil down by facing yourself.

And the third is that if you were to have functioned without doing that, and continued in the outer, and didn’t face that, then the light would become less and less in terms of your clarity. So that’s the effect of the theme, and then you had the image of doing it, but you were doing it with an in-breath. And the reason why I say it was with an in-breath, as an in-breath kind of vibrational effect, is because you went to a home, you went to a place where you saw something, are able to face something, that you normally don’t face when you’re caught up in just the outer mannerism. But by not confronting, and not facing, that you don’t function very well in the outer.

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