Defying the Light

Swift_BurstStill_11-24How often do we say something, or take an action, or non-action, that overrides our better sense? And how often do we wish we had done what we knew inside was right? It’s a familiar scenario in daily life, yet it also applies to our spiritual journey, because it is the brain that can lead us astray, while the feeling in the heart is a truer guide. Here, three images make this point on an inner level, showing how we get away from our real center. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Now, the way I present it may seem a little different because it’s more of a masculine way of doing it, instead of an inner container way of catching up through the depth of one’s self. The masculine tends to run in oblong ways, and then has to realize that it’s creating veils, and that it is defying the light that is possible as well.

So in the meditation dream, I’m looking at what I consider an irrational effect. In other words, I’m looking at something in the outer, or I’m looking at something in terms of how things work in life, and a part of me considers that irrational in that I’m seeing it for what it is. In other words, in terms of how it is in the outer. It’s irrational or different from how it would be perceived in terms of the inner.

In the dream the effect has to do with the taking of a position that my higher-self awareness knows is counterproductive. My lower self, even with the hint within the heart that what I am doing is not true to who and what I am, does it anyway.

So the scenario is, in the outer what comes to mind is my indulgences in market action in which I go on tangents of personal indulgence, knowing this to be a blight upon the brightness of my heart – and lightness, as well. Lightness would probably be a better word. The activity is a blight because over and over again I’m confronted with the dilemma of having acted irrationally in terms of the higher-self inner consciousness.

This is made known to me when I inflect upon the condition of my heart and notice that it has taken a beating. It is good that I am able to recognize this effect. To recognize the effect means I can shift, and am shifting, to and fro in terms of heartfelt awareness. The awareness could be something in the outer vying for the heart, and then, of course, there is something of the inner, and they have this peculiar contrast, especially when you have your mind and your attention and you’re trying to make something more out of something with the mind and the senses, when the heart reflects something different.

And what would really be sad is when I am blurred, and numb, and kind of in a hopeless condition so deep in the problem that it destroys my consciousness in an unconscious way, then I don’t have even this to try to resurrect. So that’s the initial sequence of a three-part way that things are contended with in terms of the journey.

In the second dream, I’m a player in the outfield of a baseball game. I have moved up to be in a better position in case the ball is hit in kind of a shallow way. In other words, I’m misgauging the batter is what it really amounts to. I’m assuming that he is going to hit something that won’t be very well hit, or hard hit or something, and I’ll be able to cut it off by moving up.

Instead what the batter does is he hits a ball that goes by me. The further the ball rolls into the outfield the harder it is for me to see it. As I race out to try to catch up with it, the ball is like a particle of light. It gets less and less, and smaller and smaller, the further it rolls.

By the time I’m there to retrieve it, it’s all I can do to pick it up it’s so small. It’s almost like an atom. It’s almost invisible. My sense is that the batter has hit an inside the park home run. When I throw the flicker back it gets brighter and easier to see the closer it gets to home base. As I note this, my feeling is that the situation needs to be commended for its complexity. This is in response to what had been, you know, a moment before, an initial frustration when the ball went by me.

The meaning is the dream is portraying what it is like to be out of touch with the inner flow. The further away one gets, and the more twisted around that you are from home, the less and less heartfelt light there is. It can shrink to such a degree that it is nearly invisible. However, this nearly invisible spark gets brighter and brighter the closer it comes to its true home. Isn’t that an interesting image that portrays all that?

And this one’s not all that different, but again is making a very interesting point. There is what looks like a picture or mirror in front of me. I do not see the picture, or the mirror. I only see the outline of the frame. The reason for that is it’s like I have hung and there’s little clips that I’ve used that’s not part of the picture. I’ve hung a curtain or a veil of some sort over the picture or mirror.

I don’t know whether it’s a picture or a mirror you know, I’m not able to see it. I notice this curtain was clipped on at the top, you know so it hangs down, and this covers up what is there. And what I find to be intriguing, and fascinating, is that I can tell by the way it is, it’s not part of the picture. I must have put it on myself somehow – so it can be unclipped.

The meaning is, is that this is another image that contends with the awakening process. First, from the meditation dream, you have the actions which defy an inner common sense. Such actions may make sense to the mind, but not to the heart.

Second, I am shown that the further away I get from this inner connection, the harder and harder it is to recognize it. To be able to perceive the light, even when it is but a flicker – it’s challenging. And it’s commendable because I suppose, using the dream image as a reference, I would be in really dire condition if the light were to hit out of the ballpark. As it rolled out there it just go so small that I reached down a couple times and I had to cradle it in my fingers it was so small to make sure that I had it. To throw it back in, knowing that it wouldn’t be a problem when it got back towards home base, but it would be too late, too, because the person would have hit an inside the park home run.

And in the third dream, I am just shown that the veils were created by me and, therefore, are removable.

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