A Catalyst

101287638Robbing a bank in a dream has the sense of being somewhere where one shouldn’t be, of having violated a space. And so it is in this dream, but the space that has been entered into is a greater energetic. And the difficulty the dreamer has, what turns the image from a potential paradise into a criminal enterprise, with life-threatening aspects, is the sense of the hugeness of the energetic expanse. When we cross over from our small planetary existence to a universal perspective, it may feel like we don’t belong, but that’s exactly where we’re meant to be. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my first dream it feels like I’ve robbed a bank with someone who’s kind of like a small-time town crook of some kind.

But my dilemma now is I have found out that he’s actually part of a larger syndicate, and so they’re either going to rob me in return, or do me in, one of the two. I hadn’t realized when I got involved with him that he was part of that, so I feel like I’m kind of in a dilemma now. That was the first dream.

John: When you awaken to a particular point… In other words, first of all you have kind of a catalytic energy. One’s nature is by design catalytic in that it causes certain things to unfold. And they come naturally to you, but you don’t notice that, or recognize that, because you’re in a physical density in which you look at things and you only see a small component of what is really going on.

And so, what your catalytic nature has done is, it has caused you to change or to grow into an environment that you went into based upon an energetic, and what resulted from the energetic was something that created an expansion of your sense of the outer, just in terms of that. And then that, in turn, that as well, is causing you to have to take into account a greater overallness.

And it’s this greater overallness that your attention is now placed in, because this actually is quite a few steps away, or removed, from what you had thought, or would have envisioned, from say that very first initial energetic step. You couldn’t have envisioned this other, and this other is a pretty big gulp. And it’s almost to the point of it being such an overallness that it has you a little bit overwhelmed.

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